Thursday, May 24, 2007

yes. another super super loooong day la. :[[

school is normal. but during sfl we had to watch other classes play basketball. such a hot day. :/ i prefer staying in the classroom and have some boring enrichment stuffs.

after schoool, went to look for mr leong. -o- BUT I CANT FIND HIM. in the end i had to call him. he told me to go back to school at 5pm to get that china booklet. but i cant make it. xD tml den..

went home baath change and ate kaya bread. :] den went out to look for my dearest camera battery. cant find it anywhere. :[ they say must go the kyocera shop. ahhhs. why.. china trip is on MONDAY. nevermind, i have super mummy. :]

went to changi hospital to visit yanshanny. she is discharged today. :] happy recovery of that contagious dengue fever. :] its meant to be a secret that shes in hospital you know. xD so, past few days. i have been going to the hospital after school. but no matter what. wen xian 的功劳永远最大。


yanshan discharged and we went eastpoint. :] ate some jap food. :] hehehes. and ya. i was a lightbulb. :[ big one. but both of them are BAD. :[ i was walking in front of them and den went i turn, both of them disappeared. :[[ and came back. laughing. :[

never mind. never mind.

and yes. i have a pic. but yanshan dont let me post. :[ so no pics today. :]

tml will be PIZZA DAY. :] YAY. last day of school!!!!!!! YAY. china on monday!!!!!!!!! YAY(?).

hohoho. byebye.

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