Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sighs. It's 31st of December already.

Hmms. I'm feeling rather... ^%$#@%$. HAHAHAS. Must be because of the chalet thing tomorrow. I have this very strong feeling I will suffer a loss(i paid for everything). Since we booked everything according to the response people gave intially... Sighs. ;[

Never mindie hehes. I AM GOING TO PUT ON BRACES... later...? Around 10am. Shit. I really hope I won't look weird in it? Well. Maybe it will intially. Not use to it and stuffs like that. Ya. ;/ Ahhh. I think it's too late to hesistate now HAHAHS. After plucking 5 teeth, going through some surgery and paying half the sum of money needed... Hmms. ;[

Another thing is about my job. Thinking if I should just give it to Shiyun. Since she sort of gave up her another job and there is no vacancy here. All the weird things happening recently is freaking me off. Ahh. Shall re-consider. ;/

There are still other stuffs on my mind. I hope things will turn out good tomorrow. ;D Chalet, braces... Everything.

What a way to bid 2008 goodbye.

Monday, December 29, 2008



I woke up at 7am... Mummy refused to drive me there. Arghs. Is your mummy like that? ;[ Took of my stiches. Fugly. Look like I've got food stuck in my teeeeth. But that's the only colour that they have. ITS GONE NOW. Hahahhaas. ;D

Couldn't get to sleep last night. M called me and told me about her horrifying experience. Don't be scared baby, it's all over. ;D Work later. -o- I don't care. I am going to take 3 days off. HEHEHES. ;D

Eh, I don't know what I am updating. I just felt like updating.

Hmms. Ok. Byebye. HEHEHES. ;D
Sometimes the hardest thing to say
are the things that really matter.
-Dawson s Creek

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yay. It's my off day today. ;D

I slept till 1++ HEHEHES. Long time since I did that ok. Hmms. Should be. Then I hid under my blankie and... daydream. ;D Jenny told me to rest because there is another part timer. That part timer is a aunty. I was quite disappointed. Will I be auntified when this job ends? ;[

Having lunch alone is fun ok. Strangers will talk to you. HHAHAHAS. ;D Those strangers are usually foreigners, Singaporeans are not that friendly. -o- Shopping alone is not very ok, lots and lots of impluse buy. Alot of... Wah sales, so cheap can just buy. When those so cheap(s) add up together... It becomes... ;[ Marissa will stop me if she was there... Maybe not. HAHAHAS. ;D

Ya, I went to Borders yesterday. Bought a book to accompany me through boring busrides. Read around... 1/2 a chapter and I fell asleep. All the way back to Tampines. Great. ;[ I think I look ugly when I'm sleeping HAHAHAS. ;D

Wah I need to pack my room. Really. Horrible terrible mess. Especially my dressing table. Writing table... Wardrobe. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Room packing time! Byebye. ;D

Everyone's afraid of something, that's how you know you

care about things, when you're afraid you'll lose them

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Erm. Merry Christmas. HAHAHAS. ;DD

Christmas was quite ok this year. Quite well spent with the right people hehehes. Though I worked half shift for both Christmas eve and Christmas day, it's still nice. ;D Lunch at Marche with the girls for Christmas Eve. Very unique hehehes. For Christmas Day, watched Bedtime Stories with my favouuuuurite one. HEHEHES. ;D






Mini logcake.





Christmas=must take with tree.



Hmms... Marissa's mini?

I am getting a little sick of my job already. Hehehes... ;D Jenny(my supervisor) left Shiyun(another part-timer) and I alone in the shop today. And I had to do the settlement! Closing of the cash register/Visa/Nets etc. AND THE AMOUNT DIDN'T MATCH. >;[ It's like the balance sheet you know. I panicked. ;D Shiyin didn't know how to do settlement so I was on my own... ;[ Jenny guided me for the past few days and without her, I am like a lost sheep...? ;[

Ya, Jenny is very nice. Hehehes. ;D Shiyun is leaving soon. The only 16 year old... ;[ Nobody to inform me about Cotton On/Mango/Dorothy Perkins/Topshop/Esprit sales... ;[ SIGHS... But there is another new girl tomorrow. I hope she is nice. ;D

Ok... I have morning shift tomorrow.
Good night!!!
No one falls in love by choice, it’s by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, it’s by work.
No one falls out of love by work, it’s by choice

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Surgery today.

Hurrrrrrrrts when they injected the anaesthsia. I had more than 6 jabs ok. Lost count after that. Then they blindfolded me hehehes. So...I can't see anything. Ya. Duh. -o- They extracted 2 teeth first, slice my gum, extract the hidden tooth and sew it back. I felt the thread sliding across my face hahahaas! I can even see it now. ;[

It hurts like shit when the anaesthsia thing is gone. I was clenching my fist. Had to skip Brenda's ehub thing. Sorry. ;[ Took a nap. Long time since I last took a satisfying nap HEHEHES. Woke up and daayyydreamed. Hearrrrrrrts.

Had porridge for dinner. Then met my faaaaaaave<3333 Christmas eve tomorrow! Lunch with the girls. Yay. What should I eat...? ;[ Yawnnns, I need to do some thinking. Hmms...

Goodnight sugar. ;D
sometimes all a person needs
is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arghs. I feel kind of terrible.

May tomorrow be a better day.............

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hehehes. It's the day where new stocks come in. I'm working full shift so I can see those new stuffs and... RESERVE. >;D Hehehes. I was very happy just now. HAHAHAS. Quite a number of customers asked where I get my stuffs from. Quite... weird because I didn't get them from the shop. -o- Great excuse for buying stuffs from the shop. ^^

Sales wasn't bad today. $13xx. The boss gave $2000 sales target LEH. Almost impossible for a weekday...? ;D Find this job ok. The workload is just right. Not too much and not too little. Time passes quickly. Just the distance I guess. I spend 2 hours a day on bus rides.

I like to go shopping during lunch time HEHEHE. Cotton on, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Diva, Giant , Cold storage etc... HEHEHEs. ;D I am not very use to having lunch and dinner all alone. ;[ Lonely bus rides are ok as long as I get a comfy seat. ;D Never mindie. Just for a few months. ;D

Oh ya! I made new friends! ;D I love the feeling of accomplishment too. Especially after psycho-ing a customer to buy many many many things. HAHAHHAS. ;D Ok. Worked full yesterday too. Tomorrow and Thursday... 10.30am to 4.30pm. Hehehes. Early mornings... Hmms. ;D

Long naggy post for you.
Good night!

Sometimes we expect more from others
because we would be willing to do that much for them.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Braces appointment... 2 days ago? 2 teeth gone. ;[ Doesn't hurt that much I guess. Since I went for work after the extraction. It's the rubber thing they inserted in between my teeth that hurts like shittttttttt. ;[ Ya, been eating porridge... Except for dinner with Charmaine last night. ;D

Oh ya. The doctor asked if I want to extract 9 teeth instead of 5 teeth. Freaked out. There is a hidden tooth somewhere in my gum and they have to do a minor operation to remove it. So they wanted to put me into sleep and extract 9 teeth TOGETHER. 4 extra wisdom tooth which may not affect me at all.

Violently against it. Rather extract 4 teeth and dig out that hidden one when I am conscious than wake up with 9 missing teeth... Eww. ;[

Hehehes. Had my long awaited dinner with Charmaine. Supposed to be before my dental appointment so I can enjoy good food. But I have work. ;[ Suffering while eating. ;[ Still taste good though, ignoring the pain.

Pepper dinner.



Ali baba.






This is niceeeeeeee.

Christmas carols.

Hehehes. Marissa is BACCCCCK. Going her housey before Weiler's party. Hehehes. ;D I don't think I can eat bbq food. -o- Never mindie. ;D

Update tomorrow...?

Byebye bumble beees.
Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008



Hehehes. I'm going to rest my feet today. Tomorrow will be a long day... Standing for long hours. This time round at Parkway! Ahhh. Not really sure how to get there... So I'm going to leave house super early, putting 1 hour for getting lost there. ;[

Need to get more black stuffs too... ;[ Should be happy that I've got a job though. There's another job at Tampines Mall but the pay is much lower. No standard 'uniform'. So I can see myself fussing over what to wear. Parkway is much better. No? ;D

Wooooo. Dinner with Charmaine tomorrow. My last nice meal. The poor girl is working in a office now. She called me and said that she was at... Kim Seng Road. HAHAHAS. HAVE FUN MY SUNFLOWERRRR. Things are not that bad. ;D At least you can go online and decorate your berry empty table... Hehehes. ;D

Ok. I miss... my favourite. HEHEHES. ;D
What belongs to you will always come back to you.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tired. ;[

Promoted Sunplay's sunblock lotion at the Standard Chartered marathon today. Padang. The job was quite simple I guess. Ask if they like to try the lotion with a smile plastered across your face. ;D Met some weird and funny people. -o-

Hehehes. Headed to Whitesands to work after that. The cash register is fun. Hehehes. The whole visa and nets thing is abit confusing though. Practice practice practice. ;D Yvonne was quite patient with me. Teaching me stuffs over and over again when I forget. -o-

I panicked quite a number of times today. When I am alone in the shop(Yvonne went to pee), gave the wrong change(once), cannot find the barcode(ALWAYS) etc. x.x And ya. Yvonne thought I was 20 years old. -o- She reminds me of mummy. Hehehes. I think she likes Abba alot. Dancing queen~

Dawn Yeoh.



Would you like to try our sunblock lotion? ;D





Hehehes. I need to get more black tops! I don't have any hahahas. Borrowed from Jorene in the middle of night. ;[That's the 'uniform'. -o- I prefer white as compared to black. I believe that colours can change one's mood. HEHEHEs.

marissa- MAYBE HE WILL. ;[
yaya- HEHEHES. ;D
marcus- not nice at all. pooor kidddds.
hi!- you mean who?
sheila- nopes. ;D
passerbyyyyyyyyy- hehehes. yea. going in jan instead. ;D SAFEST. -o- ya, try. ;D
weiler- not kidnap. is adopt hahahas.
wencheng- HEHEHES. ;D ikea box also belinda's hardwork.
marcus- no more cat. ;[ (you got pig HEHEHS)
bem- nopes. ;D marcus's? ;D
ys- HEHEHHES. SORRY BABY. more stuffs for you when im back. ;D
jorene- yay. we will meet soon. SOOON. ;D

Done, done and done. ;D

Good night!
You can't control who you love.
You can't control when you lose your heart.
The only thing you can do is trust.
Trust that the person who has your heart,
realizes its value.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Quick update before I head out. ;D

Been hanging around with Jorene the past few days. 'Cover-up' those days I missed out with her. O levels... ;D I guess she is 3/4 updated about me. HAHAHAS. Hearts her manymanymanymany. Aww.

Eh, I have been eating alot. Really alot. I have a whole list of must-eat things. -o- MY BRACES START NEXT WEEEK! Ya. So I must enjoy all the good food. I will lose my appetite after the braces for sure. Hehehehes. I haven get to eat my pontian wanton mee... ;[






Hmms. Work tomorrow. In the morning. Early morning. ;[ M is leaving tomorrow. ;[

To the world, you may be just one person.
But to one person, you may be the world.

Monday, December 01, 2008


I think I really lost the blogging bug... ;[

Ok... Went town for shopping with Jorene a few days ago. Hehehes. Shopping+abit/alot of catching up. Hearts. ;D Haji Lane with Marissa yesterday. Flea market! Managed to clinch some good buys HEHEHHES. ;D




The day before yesterday...








Gym-ed with Jorene today. Hehehes. My life is quite aimless.... I should be in Thailand shopping like crazy lor.... Damn those riots and protesters. >;[ Sighs... I hate my aimless life........ Ok la. Not really hate. Love some parts of it HAHAHHAS. ;D


its not so important to be happy ever after
just that its happy right now.