Wednesday, May 31, 2006

was slping peacefully when jiamin called. about to answer den she hang. when to wash face n brush teeth. :] ate ba zhang. den. she called my house. asked to look for part time job. den. jiamin n shien came to my house n we set off to west coast. shity far la. de cab is around. 18. each of us paid 6. -.-

denns found out there. weird weird one. shopping centre. dont look like one. so creepy. decided not to go. :] den when to take cab to clemeti mrt station. den sit to city hall. when to eat at food junction. denn went to marks and spencer. so wonderful there. :] chocolates. bought chocolate biscut and shared gingerbread man. erms. de gingerbread man has giner smell. n i hate ginger. but i still eat it. since its not strong. :]

owed jiamin money. xD went back to tampines. went to take neo. and de machine is faulty n we retake. xD went to library n borrowed quite alot of books. den we went home. n here i m. :] shall stae at home tml. :]]

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hmms. hmms. hmms. hmms. went out with marissa today. bought a lil stuffs. i wan to buy the zinc bag. :] ahhs. marissa is so wonderful. she loves rosemary. n i cant pronounce therepy properly. wonder why i m so tired. sudden tiredneess. maybe its becus my legs are tired. n it makes my hart tired. n my eyes tired. my whole body is tired. n i began to think n type tiredly. when i think tiredly. all the stuffs began to look freaking dumb.

tired to bother about those useless stuffs. she shall ignore. n ignore. n ignore. dis is how a tired person update her blog. she starts to think tiredly. n. dont feel like updating. n of cus. she thinks tat she is in a bad mood all of the sudden. but it is jus tiredness. dont bother her.

Monday, May 29, 2006

WOOOHOOOS. the camp was quite fun ya. xD at first i was upset bout de grping la.. cus. i was de onli 1 inside. as in. gort sharifah n afiq. but. i m not close to them. they gort their own frens.? blah blah blah. den i wanted tuu go home. xD ya la. cute instrutor la. jeremy. enter tat grp gort happy a lil bit la. budden after tat still unhappy. :[

hmms. reached de campsite. first thing tat caught my eye was de sea. i love it larhhs. xD denns. made 1 fren. :] hui jing. xD wonderful. den i was quite calm after tat. didnt feel like going home tat much. even better after khim came tuu maii grp. xD

first dae.
hmms. gort rock wall climbing. i cant. cus gort nails. :[ another instructor was scaring mii. ORH GORT NAILS. SURELY BREAK ONE. DIE LIAO LA. >:[ den i gort freak off. den i didnt climb till the top. xD hmms. den. abseiling. xD i was trembling below. palms sweating. xD booboo. den gort up. de instructor sky talked tuu mii. den i slowly went down n down. xD i swinged tuu de rock climbing part i think.xD den zipline. i didnt managed tuu do la. no time. :[

denn went furr dinner. de washing of plates n stuffs was a lil disgusting. xD food ishh average.? hmms. denn. straw building. yea. de second thing i like ishh. de STARS at nite. sho nice la. its alot n alot n alot. xD gortshower after tat. onli gort a lil time. >:[ denn gort supper den slp. de dorm was not bad. berii cold. shuang.

de bad things of DAE 1.
1. late furr schh
2. differnet grp.
3. lining shed.

gort breadfast. denns. went tuu de challange rope thingy. it freaks mii out la. de log thingy. maii leg was trembing on top there. sho paiseh. denn. de string 1. funns. xD gort cute instructor there. xD gort lunch. denns. pitch tent. den de raft building. tat was fun. went into de sea. xD but extreamly uncomfortable during dinner n de nite walk. inside 1 wet short pants. den wear long pants. denns. wet t-shirt. soaked in sea waater. sticky. >:[ gort our nite walk. went into de middle of de jungle. *shivers* i was scared. xD grped wif khim hui jing n khari. actually onli 3 people. budden instructor sae. not good. xD i scremed every part la. instructor scared us. xD but walked out. xD den gort grp debrief. talk n talk. denns.. hmms. shower. :]

bad things.
1. cut at de leg.
2. 7 mosquito bites.
3. fall down in de sea.
4. found 1 bruise n have no idea how i get it.

kayaking. stoopid parnter. gary. gort sea sick la. >:[ about tuu puke. den tell him. he go shake de boat. lalalas. iwas rowing furr de most of de time. when i think tat he ishh rowing. but he didnt. >:[ when i realli feel like vomiting. den. he start rowing. it rained. when we haven even changed. stae at de shelter. freaking cold. de rain water splashedd in. den gort wind. was ren-ing. den in de end run back tuu de dorm den. changed. was much more better dis time cus we get tuu take a shower. xD lallas. camp fire preparation. denns. denns. game thingy. denns... had dinner. den gort shower. den de camfire nite. blahs. our grp de performance berii dumb. xD but its fun. jeremy dancing alone in front. lols. xD gort supper. den grp debrief. sighs. cried la. cus. mr lai leaving. mr mazli leaving. den de camp going tuuover. no jeremy. no mr lai. no mr mazli. :[ den cried.

LAST DAE. was sad la.. over le. :[ can go home happy la. buddenns. everthing gort de ending. dens. nvm. jus left. :[ washed de instructor toilet before leaving. :[ sho mnay bugs inside. went back tuu sch. gort report book. denns. go eat mac. denns. went home.

the jeremy was quite good la. gort alot of life experience. xD i love stories. somemore he quite cute. xD denns. grp de people oso good. only furr some la. :x overall everything was good. i learnt alot of things. n i strived till the end. :] let mii get some rest. xD

how i wish tat everything dunch come tuu a end.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

HELLO EVERYBODY. i will be going tuu camp TML. oh maii. i m sho excited. AHHHHHHHHS. *jumps* maii bag ishh fat. freaking fat. looks sho. kua zhang. x( yanshan ish eating a whole tub of icee creamm. -.- freakk. lalalas. todaee. went tuubuy camp de things. wahhahas. bought alot of stuffs. wonderful. :] i nid tuu rest. xDD


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

YAYYYYYYYYY. i m going tuu de camp. oh maii. i m sho excited. *think positively* denns. tml going tuu buy de camp stuffs. bye bye wonderful bed. wonderful computer. wonderful handphone.? wonderful people. n hello sleeping bag. awful food and exciting games. :]

lalalaas. hope it will be a wonderful camp. :]

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NORMAL DAE. but unusual slpyness. :[ was extreamly tired during history. i was forcing maiiself tuu open maii eye. denn. schh ended. history was last period. :] den while walking tuu tmart tuu eat. i felt like i can slp while walking. :[

BUT. when food comes. i m awake. :] muahhahaas. denn yanshan jiamin shien came tuu maii house. dens. o2jamed. dennns. played de sims 2. forget de time. n yanshan was slping. she slp while carrying de camping bag. -.- she ish cute. :]

went downn tuu buy some food. xD den came HOMMMMEEEEeee. AHHHHHHS. why m i still bothering if i should go tuu de camp or not. :[ when i told mama i wan tuu go tuu de camp. she saeeee. zi tao ku chi. -.- papa sae anithing. :] nooowwwwww. the decision ish made by maiiself. sighhs.

to go or not to go. thats a problem.

Monday, May 22, 2006

sighs. todae was a tired dae. i woke up wif a BAD mood. bad bad. but felt better after raeching sch. :] hmms. had normal lesoons. denn. after schh went home tuu put things. denns. went tuu find chiamin n shien. :] went tuu de optical shop. marissa bought contact lense. denn chiamin look furr specs. :] i wann one month colour contacts. :]

sometimes things get out of handd. :[ its sad. life looks sho pathetic sometimes. sometimes i would stop n ask maiiself wad m i doing. but i realise tat its too late. :[ i guess i m one of de fortunate ones. i can get wad i wan. its time tuu be contented. but i dunch believe tat there ish ani single person in dis world ish contented. everybody wans de best. i have wonderful frens which i treat them like soul mates. not so wonderful family. but i have wonderful computer n handphone. :]

maybe some parts of life is wonderful. but some are not. tats called life. yes. :]

Sunday, May 21, 2006

CHIAMIN says:belinda
CHIAMIN says:monday lend me dhe
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:yyyyyyes
CHIAMIN says:errrrr
CHIAMIN says:dong ji lian ge
CHIAMIN says:sonata
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:i think i lend maii tuition teacher le
CHIAMIN says:isit
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:i lent
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says::]
CHIAMIN says:walau ehhhhhh
CHIAMIN says:take itback ah
CHIAMIN says:i nid it
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:kkaes
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:why
CHIAMIN says:i nid to watch it b4 i go korea
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:LOLS
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:why
CHIAMIN says:cause we going to visit dhe places
CHIAMIN says:in dhe show
CHIAMIN says:budden i din watch b4444
CHIAMIN says:let me go toilet first
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
// starxSHIINES_*...... says:euu going wif hu
CHIAMIN says:go with myself lah
CHIAMIN says:yuwant go with me ah
// starxSHIINES_* ......。 says:HUH
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:EUU GO URSELF
CHIAMIN says:duh
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:LATER KENA KIDNAP HOW
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:LATER LOST HOW
CHIAMIN says:when did yu go dhat place with other people
CHIAMIN says:lol
CHIAMIN says:such a small place how to get lose?
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:ur mama nehhs
CHIAMIN says:*lost
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:euu noe how tuu sae korean mehhs
CHIAMIN says:why mus i say korean?
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:euu onli noe how tuu sae. PABU PABU
CHIAMIN says:i tot yu sae go toilet -.-
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:euu going korea hors
// starxSHIINES_* ...... says:...................................................


Saturday, May 20, 2006

yays. went tuu malaysia AGAIN. but. wif different people. another aunt of mine. whom i hab no words to describe. i dislike her since i was 5. when i sat on her lap. she burp. n she continued chit chatting. i can smell all her bad breath. wonder wad she ate de night before. xD

another point i dunch liek ish. she ishh berii AUNTY. does hu repeats de thing which they hab say before. n nag nag nag. i HATE naggy people. seriously. i hate them. and de whole 2hours journey. she placed her elbow on ME. i used de pillow tuu block it. n she put it on de pillow. i move n move n move. can i sae tat she follow n follow n follow.? i was feeling sho uncomfortable furr de whole journey n gort a car sick. -.-

sae i m being rude. but i cant stand all dis. i simply show a black face in de car n everywhere. till she goes. i was feeling having headache n felt like i m going tuu vomit anitime. i told mama about it. she jus sae. OH I SEE. boohoos. i stlil feel like puking. :[

Friday, May 19, 2006

wahahahas. i slpt. frm 3 tuu 7.30. SHUANG. xD yays. later maybe going out furr supper. maybe not. :[

Thursday, May 18, 2006

booboobaba. todae was a TIRED dae. its a long time since i hab taste dis type of tiredness. de feeling when euu can slp even euu are standing. xD lalalas. had pccg. den art.den dnt watchedd finding nemo. farni show. xD denns. chinese. denn after schh. unhappy. of. a thing.? i dunch noe. maybe tiredness. xD went tuu tmart den came tuu maii house. den marissa came. den we went tuu polyclinic togetherrrrrrrrrrrrr. i m still tired. xD

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WOOS. gort back results todae. :] didnt do tat well. but. I PASS EVERYTHING. i m onli happy about math. i think i spent too much time on math. n. i didnt pay sho much attention in class. i PAID attention. jus. not enough. :] i shall listen in class frm now onwards.? nonono. when lessons are realli going tuu start. :]

lalalas. woke up late todae. was thinking. since exams ish over. i shall not go. but. after 5 seconds. i remembered tat we are going tuu noe de results todae. n i jumped up. n prepare. xD went down n realise i didnt bring maii ez link card. den left wif 35cennts. sad. i jus gave liddat. :] in de bus. 1 idiotic sec 1 boi's bag kip hitting mii. >:[ i turn n look at him. den he hold his bag n continue toking. but. after 1 stop. it start hitting mii again. blah blah blahs. i was telling maiiself. ITS GOING TUU REACH SOON. xD

hmms. no cca todae. went tuu chiamin house. n learn how tuu plae majongg. xD i learnt at least de basic.? dunch noe. xD i onli remember i plaed 2 da xiang gong. :[ lalalas. i shall ask mama tuu teach mii. :] it looks fun. xD

shall end here. :]

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

AHHS. wonderful dae. :] wanted tuu miit jorene at 11am. but. end up mitting aat 1++ . nvmms. denn went tuu mit her. went tuu BUGIS. saw de bag i wanted. :] it shall be mine on fridae. going there wif jorene. :]] oh yeah. saw marissa n shien. MARISSA. WE HAVE FATE. FATE BROUGHT US TOGETHER. :] lalalas.

after walking around. i remembered. i didnt off maii com. lols. nvmm den. xD hmms.. went tuu eat mos burger. dennnnnns. went back tuu tampines. de mrt was shiity full. :[ i was like. AHHS. JORENE. den jornee pulled mii inside. -,- denn came back home. wanted tuu go later. BUT. i remembered tml ish WEDNESDAEEEE. getting back de results narhhs. xD excited. happy. HOPE. there ishh no cca tml. hope narhhs. budden. confimr have.? lallaas. we shall c. xD

jorene maii lovable. xD
marissa. maii fateful darling.

Monday, May 15, 2006

woooooooos. 2dae art paper. counted as last paper.? FREEED. after paper. wanted tuu find jorenee at east poiint. budden lazy tu go. xD sho i went home. :] lalalas. bad bad dae. shall update more later. xD

Sunday, May 14, 2006

sorry for accusing euu for de things euu hab not done. sincerely sorry.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i have a blardie asshole family. >:[ aiint in good mood.
YAYS. watchedd aquamarine todae. wonderful show. :] love de dophines. xD n de starfish. LOVE EVERYTHING. tat raymond in de show ishh cute. :] lallaas. in conclusion. its quite a nice show. xD

den walked n walked. yanshan went home. :[ booboos. denn. we went tuu take NEOPRINTS. it seems a thousand years ago when i took 1. de feeling ish back. xD denn went home wif shien. we talked n talked n talked thruout de whole journey.

YANSHANN. i m here. HERE. *WAVES* can euu c mii. yes euu can. dunch force mii tuu sing de song. you arenot alone~i am here wif euu~ though we're far apart~ ur alwaes in maii hart~ can euu hear maii voice.? i noe euu can. :]

Friday, May 12, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. jus came back frm MALAYSIA. lallaas. bought stuffs n stuffs. xD such a wonderful place tuu shop at. but. its a dangerous place. :] lalalas. shopped furr 5 hours. i can go longer euu noe. but. maii mama ishh tired. :[ nvms. she promised mii tuu bring mii there next time. although she seldom do it. she makes alot of emtpy promises. >:[

lallaas. morning. woke up. ate breadfast kopitiam. denn. headed tuu jb. TRAFFIC JAM FURR 1 HOUR. denn walk n walk n walk. bough jacket. shirt. shoooess. i noe shien ish tempted. :]] denn. went tuu eat lunch. went tuu a cute lil place. the seats are actually swings. sho wonderful. how nice if singapore has such places. den went tuu buy a horoscope magazine. denn. hmms. bought a strawberry necklace. xD lalalas. walk n walk n walk. wanted tuu buy a bag. stingy mama pulled mii off. >:[ den we walk n walk n walk.den went home. TRAFFIC JAM AGAAAAAAAIN. >:[

nvms. since its a public holidae. there will be alllloooooooooooooot of people. xD SUCH A WONDERFUL DAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. lallalas. mother's dae ishh coming. YUMMY FOODS are waiting furr mii. life ishh sho wonderful now. isnt it.? xDD

dinner time. xD

Thursday, May 11, 2006

YAYS. ITS THE END OF MAII MATH PAPER. yays. lalalas. i feel sho relax. but. berii siiann. after a few daes of busying. gort de sudden feeling of relax. sho nehs. berii unuse tuu it. xD math paper wasnt as difficult as i imaginedd. :] lalalas.

after paper went tuu eat. denn. went tuu peuu marissa cut hair. den. walk walk. den went tuu maii ohuse n plae n plae n plae. xD took photos. xD den they went home. dne i plaed gb. xDD


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AHHS. ITS MATH PAPER TML. yays. last impt paper. followed by art next wweek. lallas .not realli confident. xDD let mii study a llil later. xD had tuition jus now. nothing much todae narhhs. xDD i shall change skin tml. :]]

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

let mii repost. xD

same thing. maii hair ishh sarky. marissa sae it looks like a retard. x(( i m sad. berii sad. i was happily thinking tat. YAYS. I CAN CUT MAII HAIR AT LAST. but. now i wish i didnt touch it at all. x(( criies. ALTHOUGH tml no sch. BUT there ishh sch on thursdae. surely kena laugh 1 larhhs. x((

lalalaas. i m going tuu rest todae. n study tml. :]

Monday, May 08, 2006

woooooooos. its math paper 1 n science paper todae. =D lallaas. both are NORMAL. onli math forget some stuffs. xD after paper went tuu EAT. lalalas. den yanshan. jiamin. gillian came maii house. plaed a while. den lauwu yu han n kelvin came. BO. maii room stinks like hell. x((

after a while. all of them left. studied a lil of geog. sighs. i mus AT LEAST pass. :] didnt understand at all. remember toking wif marissa. n playing SHADOWS. during lessons. xD let mii go study some more. =D


Sunday, May 07, 2006

YAYS. I BROUGHT AN UMBREALLLLAAAAAAA. xD ok. jus now went down wif mummy. xD denn came back. wad m i going tuu study todae. WONDERS. hmms. geography. =D lalallaas. JIAYOU. xD

thankeww MARISSA. YANSHAN. JIAMIN. SHIEN. furr peii-ing mii thru dis period of time.? I LOVEEEEEE EUUUUUU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. ALLLLL... ALLL... n i believe tat things can get back like da past. i believeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. we cannnnn. if we want tuu. RIGHT. nothing ishh impossible.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


woooooos. its polling dae. heard frm maii dad tat maii mum quarreled wif da person in charge. wonder if its true or not. -.- heng i didnt go. :] maii mum ishh a 100% aunty. da smallest thing on earth can be MAGNIFIED by her. :]

yays. study until quite late ytd nite.? xD denn. it was raining dis morning. da thunder woke mii up. denn studied science. again. decided tuu memorise those memorise-able ones. xD dengort tuition. revised some stuffs. later going tuu study science n math. xD


Friday, May 05, 2006




lalalas. had history n english paper 2. sighhs. history. i didnt realli did well. nvmms. its over. concentrate on others. :] lalalas. after paper. wan go study ders. daa library was close. fur tml polling thingy. :[ denn. yanshan. yuhan. lauwu came maii house. wanted tuu study. in the end didnt narhhs. xD

after tat went tuu eat prataa. xD JORENE came n find us. miss her narhhs. xD den sit at there till 6++. frm 4++.? black magic. xD denn went tuu walk walk. cute lil shop. xD den went home. maii roomwas in a MESS. den clean up. :( later going tuu study SCIENCE. x(( JIAYOU! xD

marissa ishh a wonderful person. isnt she.? xD

Thursday, May 04, 2006


i finished memorising history. :( scared tml will forget. NO. i wont. i wont. I WONTTTT. lols. i started memorising since 2++ euu noe. but i fall asleep at 3. n woke up at 4. :] isnt tat WONDERFUL.? i slpt on da floor. i was trying tuu memorise on da floor sho i can concentrate better. :)

sighhs. i think maii english paper 1. ishh badly done. gort a feeling. i wrote 1 page. den i started tuu wonder how tuu continue da story. its a boring story. :( abit of twist.:] chinese paper 1 was normal. xD

AHHHS. tml. english paper 2. n history. omg. sighhs. x( i m going tuu slp early again. xD not sho wonderful dae. :(


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


its english paper 1 tml. :[ saddie. followed by chinese paper 1. sighhs. fridae hab engllish paper 2 n HISTORY. :[[ double saddie.

2dae was a usual dae. wif usual lessons. but unusually. I M TIRED N SLEEPYY. *tears* i m going tuu slp early todae. early early. nothing can stop mii. after dinner n some rest. i will go straight tuu bed. yays. plannedd. :]]

wonderrrs. xD

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


lalas. went tuu schh. hadd dramaa. :[ denn. mathh enrichment. den went home. den slp. :] slp le. studiied. ate. watch tv. plae com. studied. n here i m. :]

i dunchh noee wad m i doing. :((

Monday, May 01, 2006


AHHS. gort a new key board. but theree ishh somehting wrong wif da space bar. sho hard tuu press. :[ let mii get use tuu it.xD

weex. gort tuition 2dae. :[[3 blardie hours. denn rest. n blah n blah n blahhs. cries. tml niid go back schh le. siianns. x(( lalalllas. den girt drama. sighhs... nothing muchh2dae. xDDDDD freaking key board. :((