Tuesday, May 31, 2005

fan fan fan..

juz now give maii papa maii report bk.. den he saee try harder.. wah.. juz now maii internet cannot work sia.. den i sho sian.. nothinz tuu do.. den i go sleep.. sleep until 7.. den eat.. watch tb.. den at heree updatee lor.. i gort 10th in class sia.. top 10th den last 1.. i willll work harderr de..haiz.. berii scared next yearr drop tuu na.. tat time mdm norsham told us.. if 1 subject fail den drop le.. but maii no teacher saee english onli lehz.. dunch noee la.. all pass can liao.. sian.. afiq call mii go his bbq.. den i dunch noee wan tuu go anot.. maybe not ba.. haiz.. boring holidaee..

[[hopee hopee``must must]]
work harderr during holidaees.. improvee maii marks or gradee or wadeba..

Monday, May 30, 2005

crazy little thingy called lurbb

i wan look furr part timee jobb.. haiz.. but cannot find.. i wan tat type can at homee do de.. no need go heree go theree.. but go heree go theree can la.. dunch sho far.. haiz.. cannot find... nvm.. slowly find.. surely hav 1... but dunch noee they 1 sec 1 de peepz anot.. i too young liao.. hahaz.. but human will old de ma.. sho it dun matterr ma.. juz bought a bag.. cool.. dis holidaee keep on spenind money... sho i need a jobb.. soobb.. haiz... dunch wan tuu write le.. byeee..

crazy little thingy call lurbb.. hu i lurbb.. i dunch lurbb any1.. i lurbb maiiself..

Sunday, May 29, 2005


2daee i bought da necklacee n da riingg.. maii mama buy furr mii.. sho happyy.. hehez.. laterr show euu all da picturee.. haiz.. dunch noee y suddenly sho sad.. maybe ish after readiin her blogg ba.. maii fatherr ish oso samee as her... haiz... sho sian nehz.. 2molo maybe goiin shoppiin wiif renee.. if not ah.. at homee berii sian..i wan tuu go out everydaee.. like tat den not sian.. but den alwaes shoppin oso will sian de.. haiz.. siiian.. dunch wsan tuuu writee le.. byeeee..

hopee euu will not mess up maii family again.. plz.. leavee us.... alone..

Saturday, May 28, 2005

in lurbb..

sob.. maii mama open new thingy.. she dunch let mii go.. sho bad.. she sae muz stable le den let mii go.. wonderr wheree she gort da money.. haiz.. cannot go thailand le.. she hab tuu do her thingy..sho bad.. how m i goin tuu spend dis holidaee lehz.. i oso dunch noee.. wah.. i m suree i m in lurbb wif da necklace n ring.. i sleep oso dream of it lor.. hoho.. i m goin tuu buy it.. furr suree.. hehe.. next timee call rene go wiif mii.. sho sian.. dunch wan tuu write le.. byeee..

da best or most beautiful things cannot be seen oe even touched.. they muz be felt with da heart..

Thursday, May 26, 2005

june holidaee job?

dunch noee wan june holiidaee part time job anot.. maybe not ba.. i berii lazy.. giv out flyers at peepz outsidee de house still can la.. but i onli sec 1 lehz.. dunch noee peepz wan tuu hiree mii anot.. i realli wan a 'job'.. cuz holidaee berii sian..den can earn sum money ma..go find again.. byeeee..

its over!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i wonderrr...

2dae gort computer club.. den i go homee bath.. all tat.. den i go sch again.. i go da busstop tat timee.. sho many dunman de.. sho scary.. den onli i esss lor.. sho... weird.. den reach le.. go join gillian.. den sit down there till 3.30 den 4 sumthingy go homee le.. go there juz furr da attendence.. haiz.. dunch 1 tuu write le.. byeee

i wonderrrr... alot of thingy

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


2dae hav no lessons.. whole daee at da computer lab.. do da flash thingy.. quite siian la.. but can blow air con.. sho berii shuang.. den i help xiao dan makee her fwenster.. den later need tuu find furr her blog skin.. i berii free.. nothinz betta tuu do.. help peepz ma..^^ den 2dae quite blur.. at da computer lab.. type berii slow.. cuz cold ma.. den wan tuu sleep.. haiz.. 2molo need retest furr nafa.. sian neh.. i onli fail 1 lehz.. haiz.. sho unlucky.. goin tuu rain le.. i lurbb rain.. i hate thunder.. haiz.. now everydaee.. i tell maiiself tuu ignoree.. hehez.. i m ignoriin.. write until heree le.. byeee..


Monday, May 23, 2005


yester cannot sleep.. sho many thingy botheriin mii.. den think furr da whole night.. 3 like tat den sleep ba.. haiz.. den think alot of thing lor.. decided tuu ignore them ba.. i still gort other fwens ma.. not onli them.. haiz.. juz ignoree wad they sae ba.. 1 daee they will stop.. juz be maiiself lor.. lalala.. 2molo morning meetiin liyan.. hahaz.. i gort 1 mummy.. maii mummy ish yiling..maii papa ish claree.. maii ah gong ish hendrik..ah ma ish glenn.. 2 uncles ish shao n kenneth.. den maii daughter ish xue.. *sob* no one be maii husband.. hahaz.. muz be berii lamee.. cuz tat time we at library there tok n eat..=P cuz gort air con ma.. den we sit at da corner there.. den yiling sae wan tuu be maii mummy.. den xue wan be maii daughter.. hahaz... sho we plae lor.. den glenn ish da onli guy down there ma.. den we at there chit chat.. sho fun.. next time oso will like tat ba.. den tat time glenn ish da onli guy.. alwaes like tat de la.. last time oso.. alwaes wif gals de.. i juz makee maii tag board.. berii ugly lehz.. nvm.. next time den changeee.. byeeeee...
love ish da master key tat opens da gate of happiness..

Sunday, May 22, 2005

i lurbb jelly..

wah.. 2dae i berii tired.. cuz berii early wake up.. haiz.. wake up le cannot sleep back.. sho plae com lor.. den juz now i lie on da sofa wan tuu sleep liao.. maii parents go bluff mii sae gort 1 insect on da chair.. den jump up up.. wah.. they bluff mii sob sob.. den i go eat lunch.. yeah.. later makin jelly.. yum yum.. den 1 person 1 cup.. i lurbb jelly.. dne can eat lollipop.. i still gort alot of snacks at home lor.. later tuesdae go back tuu sch.. den becum fat... ooo.. scary.. dunch wanna become fat.. lalala~ jolene weird weird.. ask mii maii eye degree how much.. maii eye degree quite high lehz.. haiz.. blame maii self.. nv take caree when i m young.. wakaka.. i wan change blog skin.. hehez.. sho fun.. byeee.. i go find furr skiin..

love ish like magic..da more euu hide..da moree it grows.. da moree euu supress,da moree it shows..

Saturday, May 21, 2005


yipee..later i goin out.. hehez.. sho i update le den go lor..2dae wake up no one at home.. den i berii hungry.. sho i go n find food.. haiz.. den realise no food.. maii mother haben go market.. den i at there drink water.. den wait till maii mama cum back.. yummy.. she cook curry chicken furr mii.. den i eat eat.. den c vcd.. sho gd tuu c lehz.. c until cry.. *sob sob* tat gal diee.. haiz.. goin out le worz.. byeee..

Love ish a four letter word wiif many meaniings behind it..

Friday, May 20, 2005

bad mood..

2dae realli in bad mood.. haiz.. dunch noe y.. maybe tired ba.. den those lamerz keep doin lame things tat they think they will makee mii unhappy.. tat ish lame.. realli berii lamee.. haiz.. den 2dae nafa test.. sian.. den those lamers berii lame de lor.. wan tuu win mii.. as in i dun even think of winning them lor.. den at there like berii wad.. haiz.. but i ignore.. den after tat go mr lai call us go hall.. den i lie on da floor.. den chit chat wiif them.. den we tok hu dunch like in da class.. den gossip alot la.. den tok bout most of da class ba.. sho fun.. den siying suddenly cum tuu us den ask us can she join anot.. dne we sae anythingy.. den i go tell her tuu change lor.. czu she hab bad attitude lor.. realli berii bad.. den we 1 by 1 sae we dunch like her wad lor.. i didnt mean tuu hurt her la.. juz wan her tuu change.. i think i goin tuu be another her ba.. haiz.. hers ish worse lor.. mine ish goin tuu be like her.. da thing ish i live furr maii self ma.. not furr all those peepz rite.. den whenever they ask mii tuu change or any rubbish.. i onli feel tat they r treatin mii as thier *******.. i think siying oso think like tat ba.. i put those '*' cuz later those peepzz cum.. den at there pek chek.. den moree troubles.. i realli hate troubles lor.. den i dunch noe y peepz wan tuu cre8 troubles.. tat ish realli stoopid.. cuz euu will end up losin.. believe mii.. da moree euu wan tuu find troubles.. in da end euu will get da troubles.. maybe sumtimes.. euu dun even noe euu r creatin troubles.. all euu think ish fun.. happy.. haiz.. humanx r like tat.. they will nv change..

Thursday, May 19, 2005

maybe euu will feel unhappy after readin

i feel like closiing dis blog.. haiz.. people.. plz giv useful comments la.. those lame thingy dun tag at maii here.. i m not intrested.. i noe ish maii blog.. sho i hav da rite tuu sae.. plz dun tag all those thingy at maii here!! euu wan go try ways tuu find tat person or wadeva.. dun tok crap at maii blog.. euu wan tuu tok crap put ur name la.. later peepz think euu coward dun wan tuu put ur name.. or maybe they think euu feel shameless bout ur name.. berii fan de lor.. eat liao nothinz tuu do.. maybe euu will feel unhappy after readin.. but i cannot stand it any more.. nv sae in front of euu coz i dun wan tuu make trouble.. juz hope euu will read dis..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


wah.. 2dae berii tired lehz... morning wake up sho tired.. at nite i oso dream until maii mama nag mii becuz of exams.. haiz.. unlucky.. den 11 like tat go chinatown.. sian lor.. sho hot lehz.. after tat go little india.. at 1st not sho hot de lor.. den becum hotter n hotter.. den those euu noe hu keep on at there.. dunno how tuu sae.. haiz.. sian ah.. come home berii hot.. den nv go cca.. surely kana scold de.. but den realli cannot go lor.. cannot help de ma.. haiz.. dunch wan tuu write le... byeee

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


yawn.. 2dae berii tired.. den everytime wan tuu sleep.. i think i sleep furr 4 hours onli.. i 11 like tat sleep until 3.3o.. den maii head berii pain den cannot sleep le.. den juz at there turn here turn there.. den round 5 go bath all tat.. den go sch realli at there wan tuu sleep.. haiz.. den i think sho gd lor.. no need tuu sit wif tat stoopid.. but den ah... haiz.. den maii overall percentage ish 50 sumthingy.. mr lai go write 44 on da board lor.. den whole class tot i fail.. i nv fail lor.. ish mr lai hear wrongly.. den wan tuu tell him de.. he nv c until.. den every1 thik i fail.. but i dun caree.. haiz.. dun wan tuu write le.. byeeee

Monday, May 16, 2005

wakaka.. diao(stare stare) dae

2dae leg sour.. frm round 1pm.. den go out meet jorene.. she suddenly sae can go.. den we meet at this fashion.. den see clothes liao.. den go orchard.. orchard take neoprint all tat.. den walk here walk there.. den go bugis.. den walk here walk there.. den go back tm..go back tat time.. gort 1 india guy keep starin at mii n rene.. sho scary.. den at kallang he go down.. den rene at there sae he berii weird.. keep lookin at we two.. den gort alot other sch de keep on lookin at us lor.. den jorene diao dem..hahaz.. den she oso diao da indian guy.. den i n jorene keep walkin rong way.. den gort two guy sittiing there.. den keep lookin at us lor.. scary sia.. we walk awae..reach tm le.. den shoppiin again.. den eat dinner at long johns.. rest.. den go home.. now leg beri sour.. dun wan write le.. BYEEEE..

*sob sob*

wakaka.. 2dae jorene suddenly sae dun wan go out.. sianxx.. dunno wwan tuu do wad lor.. haiz.. SIAN AH.. nobody pei wo.. *.* sum1 wan go out call mii... i oso wan tuu go.. if not i realli at home berii sian!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


wah... berii sian ah... sum1 call mii go out lehz.. i berii sian sia.. at home look at maii precious computer.. den walk here walk there dunno wad tuu do.. SIAN!! dunno wad tuu do.. den i eat eat eat.. surely fat de.. yummy.. juz bought sum chocolates.. yummy.. dun wan tuu write le.. byeee..

Saturday, May 14, 2005

lalala.. i decorate de worz.. make it like it is kept berii long..


2dae sho tired.... yesterdae berii late den sleep.. den round 11 den wake up.. actually wan tuu go out wif maii mama de.. den wake up too late.. sho nv go.. now drink milo plae computer shoo fun.. no need study.. den plae gb wif ben.. maii rank higher den his.. but i lose to him.. haiz.. i play berii lan.. i wan go watch movie.. but xue dun let.. sho bad.. hehe.. but ben let ba.. think sho.. he betta den xue.. ahem.. dun let her see.. *cover* but i dun even caree.. cuz ehr photos still at maii here..*evil smile* byeeee.. i noe go do sumtime.. *evil smile*

Friday, May 13, 2005

sho happy..

lalala~ 2dae i go back tuu maii primary school... sho happy... den we chit chat.. frm 9 tuu 4.. den we go home.. dunno y sho many thingy tuu chat.. den we sae bout how ish our sch.. den gossip.. hahaz.. shoppiin.. sho much fun sia.. they betta den them.. although pri sch peepz sumtimes berii wad.. but den now i prefer pri sch.. teachers.. facilities.. people.. haiz.. everything ish betta lor.. den june holidae hor.. gort class gatheriin.. will inform euu all when ba.. i think da 2nd week of june holidae.. byeeeeeeee...... dun wan tuu write le...

Thursday, May 12, 2005


exams finally over liao.. 2molo art.. but i dun care.. fail den fail lor.. but i no need tuu draw sketches.. hehez..2molo go there den draw.. lazy... haiz.. 2dae ah.. i wiif da malaies.. they berii farni.. sum times i dunno wad they tokiin.. but nvm.. euu all maybe laughiin tat i dunno wad they tokin.. but sumtimes i understand ba... they betta den euu all alotxx.. i feel happier wiif them lor.. dunno y... haiz.. sho sian... juz now i plae qq.. den tat guy sae he dunno wad i tokin.. sho sian.. now go find game plae ba.. byeeee

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


i juz now i go wiif maii mama.. go eat ya kun... eat le go shoppiin... shoppiin liao eat lunch.. sho full.. den i go converse buy 1 bag.. actually berii long ago i wan tuu buy le.. money alrdy save liao.. den 2dae tell maii mama.. den she buy furr mii.. actually ish use maii papa de money.. after tat oso buy sum thingy.. sho tired.. but berii happy.. i dunno 3 weeks nv go shoppin lehz.. saturdaee call jorene go wiif mii.. ask xue.. den she sae she not free.. i think jorene free ba.. 2dae no sch.. but i c until alot senior.. alot ish malay de.. 2molo ish history n hm test..haiz.. later muz study.. but history berii boriing lehz.. haiz... i lubbb maii bag.. but i scared later dirty.. cuz ish yellowish white.. gort another 1.. den quite nice.. but smaller.. haiz.. dun wna tuu write le..byeee

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


wah.. 2dae sci.. difficult sia.. i do until at there yawn.. den do finish le sleep.. wake up tat time hor.. ms goh suddenly sae each question on a fresh piece of foolscape.. den mr lai tat time gort sae can write behind ma.. den i do copy tuu another paper.. left 5 min.. den i at there wan tuu untie tat thingy.. cannot!! haiz.. den teacher cum tat time den i untie.. den hurry up pass up.. haiz.. den recess i wiif malay.. actually i wont feel odd la.. cuz they berii fwenly.. betta ma.. den chi i duno how tuu write.. den anyhow write 1 word.. den rain.. den i sleep.. sho comfortable.. den those sec 3 malay guyz sho noisy.. wake mii up.. den i cannot sleep le.. den juz lie down there.. think of thingy..but hor.. i still end up sleepiin..haiz.. i think whole classs sleep ba.. den berii cold.. i sit at da door theree.. den ms goh close da door..den gort thunder,, scare mii lehz.. i berii scared thunder.. last time at pri sch hor.. gort thunder.. den i n xue sho scared.. onli clare not scared.. jorene i think oso not scared ba..i n xue dam scared de..gort da lightning at there cover ears liao.. after exams i walk in da rain.. sho fun.. hehez.. maii wallet drop in da grass there.. haiz.. lucky not in da mud.. wah..sho heart pain.. 2dae quite in gd mood ba.. hehez.. byeeee.. h0pe 2m0lo ish a betta daeee

Monday, May 09, 2005

thiink straightly le

i juz change skinny.. berii fun.. 2dae cry.. sho pai seh.. i swear tat i will not cry anymore!! be strong!! next time when maii liife ish betta.. change da name of da blog tuu i lubbb maii liife.. hehez.. stae happy... dun cry.. muz be strong.. sho many peepz tell mii dis... concentrate on exams ba.. 2dae da english paper cannot concentrate.. haiz.. den at there sleep.. yawn.. den sumtime berii paiseh happened.. hope miss goh wont tell da class.. hehez.. now feeliing betta le.. =) juz ignore those peepz.. n everythingy will turn betta.. hehez.. in berii gd mood.. *wiink* cuz i realised tat i have lotsa fwens... hehez.. sum1 tell mii de.. hehez.. byeeee.. go study.. furr sci.. *scared*

maii 1st tear in esss..

haiz.. 2dae realli berii sad.. haiz.. can sum1 plz think bout mii.. i m alive.. haiz.. i realli feel like changin sch sia.. da peepz of esss sux tuu da core.. but sum can la.. haiz.. they surely sae mii act kelian all tat lame stuff.. if euu are sad.. will euu cry?? haiz.. i m realli tryin berii hard not tuu.. but.. haiz.. plz la.. realli berii depress.. can i die at dis berii min..go accompany maii grandmama.. haiz.. nobody think bout mii.. maii family all busy.. haiz.. now onli gort jorene.. haiz.. she ish da best ba.. when i tot i found maii best fren.. maybe i didnt cherish.. den it is gone.. haiz.. now sho boring in class.. wan tuu skip sch.. after exam ba.. skip liao oso no one notice.. die liao oso no one notice de.. notice liao.. happy until jump.. da world ish full of evil.. cannot believe any1..there ish oso no true fwens.. i was dam stoopid when those peepz told mii tat they will be maii true fwens.. i juz believed them.. haiz.. i alrdy apologise le euu wan mii tuu how.. kneel down n beg euu ar.. den euu happy.. haiz.. i wont stae in a place which ish full of sadness... i will try all maii ways tuu leave tat place.. i find a place which i will be happy.. wad ish da use of stayin in a place when euu r not happy.. rite..