Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1am thoughts

Hiiiii *waves guiltily*

And I'm here mainly due to my grumbling tummy. Trying really hard to sleep it off but there is this unfulfilling feeling inside me. I'm someone who really hates being hungry, there is this vision of my metabolism rate dropping and dropping. This may explain why I'll never get skinny. Ah, the irony. 

Just completed a full shift with wyy today! Money is never enough these days. Blame it on my spendthrift and wanderlust nature which are probably inherited from the mother. But after giving it some thoughts, shouldn't we spend and enjoy now since there are no obligations and responsibilities? We have the rest of our lives to plan, save and scrimp for our future houses, kids and cars. Shouldn't we enjoy the freedom now? 

This may sound absurd to some of you but it makes perfect sense to me (and to some others I shared this with). Approximately 5 more months till we enter the 'real' world and frankly speaking. its way too soon. :(