Friday, October 31, 2008

Creammmy. ;D

Hmmms. 4 more papers left.

It's nearing the end! Phew... Some parts of me don't want it to end though. Pretty sure that there will be alot of problems awaiting... I guess its predictable hahahhas. Shall see how it goes. ;D You can run but you can't hide.

Hehehes. Poa was ok today. I rushed through the paper only to realise I have another 30 minutes. Yea. The theory questions are like 4 or 5 marks. ;/ I BALANCED THE BALANCE SHEET. Yay. Good way to mark the end of the last Poa paper I will be doing? ;D The feeling is so so so good. ;D HEHEHEHS.

Hehehhes. I have my SS battle plan and I need to go now! 2 chapters per day. 3 days= 6 chapters. 1 Singapore and foreign topic per day= 3 Singapore and 3 foreign. Hope I can stick to it. -o-

Because if something was really important,
fate made sure it somehow came back to you
and gave you another chance.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

save save save

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Physics today. Hehehes. I had bloody menses cramp. If its like a NORMAL school day today, I will skip. BUT ITS PHYSICS O LVLS! ;[ A day like this should be spent under my blankie... ;[ Sigh... So through out the paper I was hypnotising myself HAHHHAS. The pink panadol is good though. <3

OH YA. I saw my primary school buddy yesterday. Buddy system= Pri 5 student take care of new P1 student. 5 years leh. She is P6 now. Still so cute. Didn't recognise her initially. Then I heard some kiddy voice saying: You go ask her is she Belinda anot la. -o-

Hehehes. Today I saw another of a P6 girl. I use to bring her home HAHAHAS. I don't know why. I recognised this one. So happy. THEY REMEMBER ME. HAHAHHAS. ;DD

Ok... Needa rest. Emaths tomorrow! ;D

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything,
they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I WOKE UP AT 5AM. -o- I dreamed that I went to study History with Chiamin. It's funny cause Chiamin don't take history. -o- Hardcore memorising for the past 3 days. The worst thing is I did nothing but memorising history. HAHAHAS. Wait, I did physics. ;D

AHHHHHHH. History... Decided to skip Cold War. 100% coming out but the topic is super long... Must must must read later. IN CASE. ;D

Eh, I shall have a hearty breakfast and continue reading stuffs. -o-

Have a good day pillows...
Everyone deserves to laugh.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Everyone deserves to be loved.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Joined a F21 spree... Hope it will arrive just as exams end. ;D Have alot of stuffs going on after exams BUT I have no clothes. Shop online. HEHEHEHEs. ;D Spent $67. Hehehes. Love that small little ibanking device... >;D

  • SLEEEEEEP WITHOUT GUILT*** berry berry important..
  • GYM...
  • EAT PONTIAN WANTON MEE. AHHHS. (craved even before Os start)
  • Watch Gossip Girl
  • Movie marathon
  • Haircut (and hair get dyed?)
  • Trim eyebrow
  • Bake cheesecake hehehes.
  • Shien's bday thing on 8th, before Os end but... ;D
  • Jared ktv/bowling day on 11th
  • BBQ on 12th
  • Class chalet on 13th and 14th
  • Marissa's birthday chalet 16th,17th,18th
  • 19th sleeping day
  • 20th-28th= 'free-style' HHAHAHAS.
  • 28th nov to 2nd dec THAAI (meeting M there on 30th)
I think there are more... Hmms. Can't remember. Hehehes. I have History on Tuesday. Ahhs. Stalin, Hitler, Khruschv and Gorbachev. I do hate History at times. Especially when Geog students score A1 easily and ya, the memorising part. <3 it when the paper didn't fall on my birthday. HEHHEHES.

History history, here I come... ;[
Happiness is only real when shared.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I have photos but I don't look good in it. ;[ Hehehes. Never mind, my blog looks abit... dead now. Better post up some photos to liven it up a little. ;D

HMMMS. Birthday... I woke up at 11 feeling very sian. Like, ah my birthday. Then I unwrapped some presents hehehes. Played with the toy Mai gave me. ;D Yet to name it. Hmms. Watched Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon networks followed by Animal planet in my PJ and specs. That's what cool emo people do. -o-

Charmaine called me and inform me about the end of the world thing then they were at my doorstep. Ya. ;D Peach/Mango cake. Hehehehes. I was quite sleepy. -o- Touched.. Then the girls gave me another surprise after their Geog papers. Strawberry cake!

I made my wish(es) twice! I hope it comes true. Like the old(?) saying, becareful of what you wish for, it may just come true. I didn't wish for anything funny. I have learned my lesson well... ;[ I need to write a list of Christmas list... ;D

Thank you lovely babies and girls for coming over despite having papers. ;D Hehehes. Yes, making the effort to buy the presents and stuffs although we have such a busy schedule. I love you all . ;D Chiamin Shien and Gillian, I still love you all HAHAHHAAS. AHEMS. ;D

Yea, and the others who messaged, tagged, commented, msn-ed me. Really pleased hehehes. ;D I think Wencheng's message was the funniest(and earliest?) although CM said that its not. HEHHEES. Thank you. ;D






Im uh... very happy.


Cake number 2. ;D

No photos with the girls cause I was wearing specs ya. ;D

Hmms. Nothing much. Emaths paper 1 and Amaths paper 2. Both has got its difficulties la... Went home to take a nap after paper 1. I cannot tahan long hours. Had a 1 and a half hour nap. Shiok. Feel so energentic after that. ;D

Then went to eat with the girls at East Point. Hehehes. 18 Chefs, cheesy food. -o- A short short break after a week of torture. Can? ;D Wondered around. Yea. ;D

M's fred flare.





Me. ;D

HEHEHES. Done! Wow, I took a long time... ;D 9 more papers to go! Slowly, the fragrance of freedom is permeating into my nostril. -o- Hehehhes. HANG ON, FUN AFTER O LVLS... ;D I'm going to post my 'after o lvls to do list' next time! ;D

Bye love!

never forget tomorrow
but always live for today
cause you never know
what tomorrow can bring
or what it can take away

Thursday, October 23, 2008

IM 16!



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emo me...

Screwed up English paper I guess. I was in the 'Criterion' mode. Criterion mode = stare at the question, digging for ideas, thinking if I should switch to another question or not. -o- I am screaming in my heart now. I am picturing the Cambriage marker a cup of kopi in front of his/her fireplace, trying hard not to doze off while reading my essay.

Never mind... Work harder for other papers I guess. Yes. Hang on for another 2 weeks and everything will be over! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Stress stress stress... Sighs...

On the lighter note, I recieved my first birthday present today! From Marissa, she mailed it to my housey. Uh... It's my birthday present isn't it? Shall keep it till 23rd... ;D Contented with just a few pressies. But, I do accept belated gifts. HEHEHHEHES. ;DD

Ok... Amaths paper tomorrow! ;D


Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm trying very hard to get the excitement bubble. Yes -o-

Chem today. Ok la. I know i lost 5 marks. Bloody titration. I WROTE TITRATION OK... Then I saw crystals... Cancelled the whole thing and wrote crystallisation. ;[ ;[ ;[ Never mind.........

I reached school just as they were going up the hall. HEHEHHEES. ;D Shall go earlier tomorrow. ;DD


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Practical just now. Physics was alright I guess. My acceleration of freefall was 7.6 metre per second(square). It was 9.6 then I realised I got the wrong value for the x-axis then it became 8.4 and became 7.6 because I took the wrong value for y-axis. No correction tape= cancel cancel cancel.

Chemistry was kind of hard... I don't even know what they were asking for. Bloody bunsen burner refused to light up. Tried around 5 times and I was in the shit shit shit mode. Ya, it managed to light up in the end and I've got a shock... It's like click, click, click x5645642 times and BOOM. ;[

Then another shock when I place the moist splinter with salt in the flame. HEHEHES. ;D

Over over over. Charmaine spilled the whole stinky ammonia solution. I guess she inhaled in too much of that and ate too much random stuffs. Her face became very pale and she start puking all the random things she ate. Ya, and she was cold all over. Guess she is alright now. Hehehes. ;D The last hour of the quarentine thing was spent in the hall's toilet. ;D

Lalala. Practical done. Written papers are next week. So fast. ;/

Dinner time! Bye!
Maybe it's time you look at yourself,
and stop blaming life on someone else.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Went out to study at Weiler's housey today. Practical on the 16th, first shift! ;D How exciting... Ok, Shall do some maths and sleep early today...

There are certain people who are not meant to fit in your life,
no matter how much you want them to.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I hate O lvls. I hate pimples. I hate Ten Year Series. I hate my shitty eyebags. I hate my messed up mind. I hate my low concentration level. I hate my un-trimmed eyebrows. I hate my dry hair.I hate doing prelim papers. I hate the feeling of not getting the right answers. I hate my shitty sleeping habit. I hate the feeling of being so restrained. I hate being an 'emotional' eater. I hate being so stressed up. I hate being so sensetive. I hate being distracted at this point of time. I hate being undecisive. I hate hurting people.
I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I love my blog. Wah, I told my brother about the whole not going online thing. Now I cannot use computer when he is at home. -o- Got very very bored today. Didn't accomplish alot. ;/ Hehehes. Wanna record down my O lvls agony so I can look back next time. HAHAHHAS. I sound very weird. Ya, but it is a kind of memory too?

Ok... I want to go shopping... I forced myself not to shop online. No blazers in sunny Singapore. No high waist for short me. ;[ Eh this is random...

I told myself to go offline at 9.30pm. I hope I can do it! Tons of Tys papers waiting for moi.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Graduated! Amusingly, I was sad but not THAT sad. I have no idea why. -o- Just that the thought of seperation in the future can be quite... heart wrenching? Maybe its because I know I will still see these people during O levels. Maybe it's because I've got some assurance from people(who matters) that we will still meet in the future. Maybe thats why...

Ahhs, I received quite a few cards today and they are so nicely done... Mine seem so fugly when compared. ;[ Sorry, my art still didn't improve after all these years... Hehehes. Still, its the thoughts that counts... ;D Hehehes. Although I wrote some small dedications in those small little fugly cards I made, there are still some stuffs I really wanna say.

To my dearest girls and babies, I really really feel very fortunate to have friends like you girls. Hehehes. I know I'm not really a great friend because I'm not always with you all when you girls face problems and stuffs. Though I feel tiny weeny bit left out at times, its totally unavoidable. Yes, I do feel loved when you girls are willing to wait for me during recess. And ya, the babies when I can't be with them during recess. Erm ya. Thank you M for being so understanding cause I may not be always there with you like a 'normal' BFF. ;[

HAHAHAS. This is complicating and you won't understand these unless you know the context. (mr tan) Yes, that kind of summarise everything. I hope?

Hehhees. The uncle who helped me laminate the photos was kind, very kind. ;D

Met with the babies for breakfast.





Flash isn't that bad, right? ;/

Holy light.





Mr Tan. ;D


Carrdds. ;D

One graduation post took me 1 whole day. Photobucket wasn't working! Initially it stated all 86 photos are being uploaded then I went to check. ONLY 26. I WAITED FOR HOURS OK. Imagine how pissed off I was. Sucker... ;[ Ok, that's only 1/4 of those photos. No point uploading all right...? Randomly picked some. Didn't recieve alot of photos. My dearest babies, photobucket... ;D

Wah, this is an extremely wordy post... One last thing... I AM GOING ON HIATUS! Hehehhes. I'll be back before you know it! I am going to uninstall my MSN and set Criteron as my homepage . You can still message me if you miss me. I AM NOT KIDDING... I find this machine a big distraction. Distraction number 2 is my bed. ;D

Last last really last thing ok... MY BIRTHDAY IS ON 23RD OCTOBER! I will be in school on the 22nd HEHEHES. You can make me happier by sending me a message. I will be really happy... ;D Hehhees. Bbq on 12th I think? You make me happy, I invite you. HAHAHAHS. No la.... ;D

Till then.... ;D
Something tells me that whatever happens with us,
whether we stay together or go our separate ways,
neither one of us will ever forget the time we spent together.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

For Mr Tan,
Emaths paper without answers: Yuying Paper 2, Guangyang paper 2 and Zhonghua paper 1/2.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Hehehhes. Had SS consultation thing. I took cab with Charmaine because we were kind of late. -o- Ya. Mai was late too. -o- Time passed pretty fast. Hahahas.

Went Jared housey. Chit chat etc. Then had Pizza Hut delivery. Hahhaas. The person was funny. I used Jared name and she asked me if I'm a Miss or Mister. Hahahahas. Since Jared is quite a unisex name. ;D

Sat and talked about fishes in front of the fish tank. Had to leave early as Jerome have tuition. ;D I hope you enjoyed yourself! 8 more days to practical! HAHAHAHAS. ;D







Hehehes done! Now among them, I am the only one below 16. Ya, not counting Weiler. ;D My birthday will be a terrible one. Agreed to have a small BBQ on the last paper. Hearts Daddy! So... Make yourself available! Especially those on my must-go list. ;D

Science class tomorrow morning and Grad day on Friday! Hmms. Been going to school for almost the whole week... Study leave? -o-

Ok, need to studyyy... Byebyeee!

I just have to learn to expect the lowest
from the people i thought the highest of.

Monday, October 06, 2008



Have the sudden urge to update my lovely blog. ;D Gym-ed with Jasjas just now. She told me about her dota story. Hahahas. ;D Ya, didn't attend maths class... ;D

I was looking at my calender just now. It's practical next week! Soon, everything will be over. Hehehes. Chalets, shopping trips, thai trip and braces! Hmms. I realised I didn't blog about my last dentist appointment. Hahahas.

The dentist asked us to re-consider about the surgery. -o- Some people came down to look at me. The surgeon etc. Blush blush. Professionals examining your face and pointing out your flaws. -o- I have a flat cheek. ;[ Guess I won't be doing it afterall. I won't be able to do it in the future either. Though the thought of fixing my reverse bite, gummy smile and signess are quite attractive... But never mindie. ;D

Eh, this is a random long update. Hahahahas.

Dinner time! Byebye!
it's better to be hated for what you are
than to be loved for what you are not.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


'Last' day of school was on Thursday. Hahahas. Not really last day for 4e6 since we have to go back for extra lesson the day after and a few times next week. ;/ Blah blah blah...

Had extra lesson yesterday. Then went to Meridian JC open house. We were late, very late. Took the wrong bussie. ;D Hehehehs. Enough time to explore the school a little though. A little more attractive as compared to Polytechnics. Hahahas. Distance(no tp for me...), brighter future and save more money. ;D

Yes I am thinking twice. No matter what decision I made in the end, I am must get a laptop and more new clothes. ;D


From Charmaine. ;D

Miss Cai gave us gifts.






Birthday celebration. ;D










Hehehes. I shall update on Graduation Day! ;D It will be over soon soon soon. Yes, it will. Ya. I will get back my sleep, shoo my eyebags away and... REPLY TAGS HAHAHAS. That's random.

Ok, bye muggers. Mug harder!
You may not end up where you thought you'd be,
but you always end up where you're meant to be.