Sunday, September 30, 2007

the best type of miracle a friendship can make
is being able to grow up without growing apart.

el p1 and emaths p1 tml.
how exciting.
good luck. ;D


Saturday, September 29, 2007

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i realised that i have no aims for the coming exams. ;[ every exams i will have a negotiation with daddy. like. top 10 get how much. how many As get how much. H-O-W-E-V-E-R, just now he said: you should top 10 and score As one what. 应该的。wth.

this means there isnt any reward for working so hard.;[ there isnt any motivation. i shall bug him. just because i am 10th of the top ten last semester he expect me to get it again this time. so i blurted out, so easy you go take the exams la. (i was very irritated because of the war in europe chapter)

arghs. but i didnt score very well for ca tests ya. so... you know. also, i am tenth of the top ten. its like, so droppable. -o-

never mind, i have another aim to win mr lau ding ping. ;D the one who have 9th position because of 0.1%.? and the one who topped for the recent poa test. ;D



why did i remove it in the first place.? i thought it was distracting. hehehhes. furthermore, i am sick of the skin. so i change my skin now. i spent hours on it. i am not used to such skins. thank you yanshan. ;D and kaijie for saying jokes. ;DD

tada, i spent my time making my blog instead of studying. awwwwwwwwesome. ;[ i just cannot help it. hehehes. daddy must have peeped my blog. he told me, i suggest that you type in proper english.

next time. next time. ;D if i were to type in proper english, i will feel that i am like, typing an essay or something. wait till i feel like it. maybe the next post. ;D

ok. i need to study. -0-

yiming, continue to wait and see. i will work on those kind of skins AFTER exams. ;D


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

got caught for my skirt and hair today. i wouldnt mind if my skirt is really short. but for today. its just above the knee. if my skirt is short, then... there wont be any short skirts in school. ;[

because of my very short skirt and hair. my day was quite ruined. ;[ i wonder if she called mummy. ;D

had extra 1/2h of maths. mr tan made me to go out and ask my noisy friends to find other place to wait.

daddy asked me this yesterday, next time when you are old enough want to buy my house? (BIG SMILE)

daddy thinks alot about the future. he complains that being a supervisor in motorola is stressful. but which job is not stressful?

such dad can be irritating and nice at the same time. ;[ but daddy is nice for now because he bought 3 different flavours of marigold milk. if he is even nicer, he will give me more money for the chalet. ;D

ok. bye.
one last chance.


the stress symptoms are coming up next. ;[

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

so hard to concentrate when exams are only next week. ;[ all of the sudden i got distracted very easily. over small small stuffs. and even though i had enough sleep, more than enough actually. i am still tired.

why. ;[

ahhhs. all of the sudden i have nothing to say. when i remember i have alot to say. ;[

shall do my amaths.



Sunday, September 23, 2007

arrrrghs. my headache is killing me. ;[

time for some panadol and sleep...

oh ya.

never mind.



please think of the children in africa.

why am i saying this?

because i am having a headache. ;[

ok never mind.


Saturday, September 22, 2007


MICCO. ;D (marissa's hammy, pic taken by mar mar.)


my parents found a pot of gold. ;D figure it out.

if bro knows about it, he will come home for dinner every night despite the distance from chua chu kang to tampines. ;DD bro is very very realistic. he called this afternoon. and started to be random. i guess he is just bored or something. but the moment i said, kor, my birthday next month. he said, ok byebye. (hang)

;[ sad hor.

and ive been studying (and sleeping) alot. exams... ;[

marissa. says:
marissa. says:

ok. byyyyyyyyyye.

Friday, September 21, 2007

hope you like the gift and card. i know you love the card. xD

woke up earlier to go to school. long time since i went to school earlier. xD hehehes. had maths formula test. i forgotten most of it. i dont know why. ;[ i still dont understand chemistry... ...

ms cai didnt come today. completed her homework. i did it for 3-4 times ok. 2 times during lesson. 1 time during chinese. 1 time in mac. and i have 2 balanced answer.

i want to sleeeeeeeeeep. ;[

hehehes. bye. ;D

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

studying is b-o-r-i-n-g. though i will feel happy if i FINALLY understand a topic. -o- i am still trying to figure out chem. it sucks. ;[ took 2 periods today just to complete the mcq part of the a 2005 paper. no hope in chem.

dad is getting lamer each day. i think he is stress or something. he wants to retire next year. yea. he is afraid that he gets cancer. -o- i think he plans to go to hai nan dao but he is afraid that the airplane will crash. esp after that recent plane crash in thailand. he became emo after that and claimed that he is mourning. -o-

hehehes. and also, its funny to see how people get contented with those small lil things in life. while others took it for granted or want even more. its easy to see those who are contented and those who took things for granted (rhyme leh) . maybe its human nature. it reflects your own characteristic as well. daddy would say, think of those kids in africa.

basically, this post in so random. i can see that i am jumping topics. ;D

chiamin, please remember to return me my socks. ;]
and poon yiming, i removed my archives. ;D


Monday, September 17, 2007

ahhs. tests tml. why do they give tests when we are having exams in 2 weeks time? ;[

was tired today. cant get into sleep yesterday. had a temporary flu. den my eyes got all watery. i think its weiler who spread it. -o- the one who threw used tissue around the class. -o-

study time. i am going to show mr thia that i am not deproving. -o-


Sunday, September 16, 2007

had tuition. den went out to bu-gis. ;D

i am tired.

post the pics tml. ;D

i hope i completed all the hmks. i hope.



Saturday, September 15, 2007

arghhhhhhhs. my mother is becoming very lame like my father. how.?

went ikea with her this morning.

she bought a pot for $50++ TO COOK INSTANT NOODLES. -o- -o- -o- i think daddy will faint. its a very very small pot. i think she think its cute so she bought it. using instant noodles as an excuse. -o- i tried to stop her u know. i said i can buy 50 hot dogs with that. hehehes. but she still bought it.

only bought those small small stuffs today. not alot. ;D but i shall wait for daddy to drill some holes on the wall. for my built on shelf. ;D but the lazy freak who always say i am lazy refuse. if not i can get it done today.

i shall sit beside him and stare at him later. he will get irritated and agree. ;D

i swear its not my idea to buy this. ;[ icecube thing. (mummy's idea)

hehehes. i studied last night. ;D

i shall take a short nap. i woke up early today. ;D


Thursday, September 13, 2007

800th post leh. cool ma.

so much things to say. but i dont know how to say.

how leh...

no i dont need a listening ear because i am not emo.

wah really nothing to say.


i saw alot of candid pictures of me. very sad one leh. i hope you get retribution (for those who posted). hor hor hor. ;D

erms. watched tora tora tora today. left at 4++ oh ya. i slpt at 7 yesterday. because mr thia said i was sleeping though i wasnt. my contact lense was irritating. maybe i look tired although i am not tired. ;[ he keep shooting me in class. very sad one leh. ;[

and ya. dont build your happiness on other's unhappiness. (i am trying to do some direct translation)

and shit. chem tys is due tml.

kill me please.


Monday, September 10, 2007

eoy starts on 1st oct. $*$#^&$^(*#

less than a month to it. i shall.. start studying. ;D


change of seating arrangement. (yay)

with jannah now. ;DDDDDD



Sunday, September 09, 2007

was supposed to accompany mummy to pray for ah gong in the morning. but i was sleeping. ;D i thought she will wake me up. ;] i dont feel like going anyway. school is starting tml. ;[ i slpt till... 2++ yesterday. so shuang. ;D

woke up at 12 den prepared to go tuition at charmaine's house. xD went to buy fishes for jiamin's bday present. once again, i cannot remember whose freaking idea it is. but its ok as long as jiamin likes it. ;D charmaine and i took turns to carry the fish tank from the market to jiamin's house.

actually the uncle can just... put the fishes in a plastic bag instead of the tank. den we can hold it separately. but, he put everything together. the water, the gravel, the fishes, the ornamental stuff. tada. we had to carry it around. i felt like a stupid fishmonger. ;[ people STARED at the fish tank. i swear they did. so mean. ;[


i needa redraw my mindmap. charmaine, i think you need to redraw too. ;D


Saturday, September 08, 2007



met with jascintha to go to the library. in the morning. and fix my jeans. ;D went home after that. prepared to meet the girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls. gillian sim is always late but worth the wait.

went heerens to eat noodles. spicy noodles. ;[ den took neos. den booked a room which has a big window with some handsome caucasians passing by. ;[ chiamin was high even though there isnt any koreans. ;D watched john tucker must die. at cine took neoss again. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

after that went to topshop. and den headed home. ;D

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gillian paiseh. ;D

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you can infer that gillian sim squeezed in. ;D

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yay. finally done. time to do some hmks. ;D


Friday, September 07, 2007


today. is. a. fun. day. ;D


Thursday, September 06, 2007

met chiamin and meiqi for lunch just now. ;D was starving but mummy will only reach home at 3++. so went tmart. ;D ate ban mian. hehehes. chiamin kept saying that if my art didnt fail, i will be in e1. -o- my art sucks. ;D

saw jared and mai mai. ;D hehehes.

have to start doing hmks. ;D


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

went back to school today for physics. was very tired. -o- woke up late. 7.10 liddat. but charmaine reached much later den i. ;D plus she forgotten to give me morning call. ;[

painted my roooooom yesterday. thank you girls. ;D my room stinks. ;[ odour less paint dont have those kind of purple. ;D ahs. in the end the purple is not my shade of purple. but never mind. ;D helped mummy to paint the door gay pink. -o- she must got something pink in colour den happy alrdy. -o-

physics ended at around 9.45? went ikea after that. ;D hmms. after repainting the room.. den feel like buying some new things.. to 'complete the look'. ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD chem lesson was at 2.30 leh. 9.45-->2.30 how many hours. ;D saw billy at ikea. billy. billy. ;D

hehehes. was very sleepy after that. science day. science+poa day for the rest of them. hehehes.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hmms. what shld i blog about...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUIYING. hope you like the gift. ;D

accompany jas and yiming to buy donuts after huiying's house. ;D wandered around. den went home. shifted some furniture away. painting tml. ;D went to buy paint with mama. she insisted pink till the end. hehehes. i insisted purple till the end too. ;D

like what mar mar said, heng i didnt let her to buy the paint herself. -o- that lamer bought pink paint for the doors when they are hiring people to paint the whole house this coming dec holidays. uh, i dont want people to help me paint. because.. i think i will have a pink room after that. ;[

argh. and i think cancer is going to be in. aunt may have cancer too. ;[ nooooooooooooooooooo. ;[[[[[[[[[ hate cancer. hope it can be removed or something.


Sunday, September 02, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASCINTHA.! ;D i hope you will get straight As for eoy. stop studying. its your birthday. ;D thank you for buying coloured bread and chocolate milk during dance. yay. ;]

went out with marissa, chiamin and meiqi today. ;D ate pastamania den went orchard. shoppping. ;D bought a white cardigen and another top. ;] hehehes. went back to tamp around 6plus. marissa goh swing onto me. ;[

chiamin is still very lame because she wore short dress. ;D meiqi please stop squeezing my face. ;[

met with.. hafiz weesoon and weijie. took neoprints. watched hairspray. ;D show ended at around.. 11pm. hehehes. the show is nice. marissa told me she felt like dancing. chiamin ate till her tongue hurts. meiqi laugh very loud. hafiz sang along (heard from chiamin). ;D

donuts yesterday. ;D



wah. freaking tired. tuition tml again. happy birthday jascintha again. ;D