Sunday, April 30, 2006


morning went shopping wif mama. blah blah n blahs. bought STUFFS. :] lalalas. den came back in da afternoon. did math. xD denn studied a lil of geog. dennns. hmms. nothing else. :]

gort irritated by maii aunt. da fiirst time. she sae. i didnt accompany maii papa. n I make maii papa LONELY. issit maii fault.? he ishh busy. sho m i. =D after saying he ishh lonely. she start saying tat he will go n look furr other gals. he has 1 alrdy. freak. she ishh hinting mii. n i walked awae. :]

lalallas. nvmm for all those stuffs. used tuu it. let mii eat maii dinner. :]


Saturday, April 29, 2006


lalallas. studiiedd todae. =D *SMILES* history. geography. math n sci. =DD let mii rest maii BRAINS. lalalas. tml going out wiff mama. x(( *tears* nvm. i will going tuu hab a 'fun' time wif her. x((

was reading maii past posts in dis blogg. i jus realise. i dunch noe wad ishh an ah lian last time. =D n. i m able tuu write out how i feel. but things slowly change. i think twice. before i type anithing. =D isnt tat gooooooooood. but. i dunch like it. i wan tuu write how i feel without thinking da consequences. but i cant. wonder why. nvms. i will tryy. one dae i will overcome dis. n type wadeva i wan. not now. wait till i hab da time. =DD woos. time.

i oso realise. tat. hmms. HMMMS. wonder how should i phrase it. *bite nails* AHHS. I DUNCH NOE. xDD i think. not determined.? like. 2dae i sae. I WILL NV TOUCH CHOCOLATES AGAIN. but da next dae.. xD or. I WILL NV TALK TUU DAT PERSON AGAIN. but things change da next few daes. wad ishh tat called. ok. nvms. =D

lalalas. i realised ALOOOT of things. alot. i spent 1h++ reading those posts. den i realise tat da history ishh repeating itself. isnt it.? yes i thinksho. blah blah blahs. let mii stop here. i wan tuu eat maii DINNERR. [:

Friday, April 28, 2006

yays. its going tuu RAIN. woohoos. its FRIDAE. i m going tuu study study study. maii throat ishh OK. yays. yays. all maii 功劳 ytd was not gone. =D i almost recovered todae. wonderful. =DD yanshan didnt come tuu schh 2dae. x((

siighhs. gort camp after exams. should i go.? nvmms. i hab 4 daes tuu think about it. =D


Thursday, April 27, 2006

muahahas. da frightening temp of mine finally went downn. i m FEVER FREEEEEEEE. woohoos. i spent 5 hours euu noe. i woke up at 5.45. n didnt slp till now. da pain in maii throat. n blardie block nose. n. fever. i try all sorts of wae tuu make daa temp go down. =DD now its sore throat. i m going tuu kiill euu. =D wateer shall be maii weapon. xDD


weeex. i drank 8 cups of water. but it doesnt seem tuu go awwae. x(( 2dae was a freaking unlucky dae. 1st. its sickness. den mama send mii tuu polyclicnic. FULL OF PEOPLE. den i ask her tuu send mii tuu da family clicnic. FULL OF PEOPLE too. i dunchh wan tuu wait alone. x(( mama was late furr work. she ask mii tuu choose tuu wait or go home. *tears*

n i choose tuu go home since maii fever was gone. =DD i will fight daa illness. determined. =D lalalasd. 2nd. i was eating maii prorridge furr lunch. a birdy flew into da kitchen. i was thinking: woos. sho cute. *continue eating* da bird flew tuu da basin n something dropped out frm its ***. bird shiit. i tried not tuu look at it. but. i cant. shiity blardie GROSS. i was EATING. how can da bird do dis tuu mii. x(( i didnt continue eating. x(

3rdd. 2 beeeeeees flew into maii room. i was revising maii math. whenever they flew pass maii eat. there will be *buzzz* i was irritated. n scared. x(( it seems tat da bees are mating. such wonderful environment outside. why maii room. i sat in da living room till they are gone. =D

den its da lite grp. freaks. realise tat NONE of them brought their props. if i went tuu sch 2dae. i will be da onli idiot hu bring it. -.- even joel didnt bring. sighs. nvms. all da thing will be done on tues. joel ish such. a pessimistic. ish daa word pessimistic.? hmms. thinksho.
JOEL: want to rehearse tomoro
ME: tml arhs.after schh.? they wan anot.
JOEL: i don't think so
ME: sighs. nvm nors. jus on tues striaght awae go.
ME: ...
JOEL: Yan shan very angry wif u
JOEL: today like not so happy like that
ME: how euu noe.
JOEL: she didn't act dumb like she usually do and never talk to yu han.
ME: realli arhs. dunch lie tuu mii nehs.
(anxiously asked shien n she sae dunc hhab)
JOEL: This whole thing was just a joke. False alarm!!!!! =D
grrrs. joel ishh not tat 'good' as i think. criies. x((

changed maii skin. not bluueeeeeeeeeeeeee animore. =DDDDDDD tml will be such a 'wonderful' dae. x((

whenn will it stop.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

everything ishh freakingg mii out. someone save mii. x((

Monday, April 24, 2006

woos. it raiined AGAIN. x(( i feel like slping. habing 3 hours tuition later. x(( JIAYOU. =D lalallas. let mii take a short lil nap later. xD

weeeex. schh was normal 2dae. as sian as other daes. xD mondae blues.? lalalas. thinkingg wad marissa hab tell mii. *thinkk* i dunch noe. i realli dunch noe. maybe its all wrong. maybe euu all will get daa wrong impression. but ishh tat da real mii.? i dunch noe. x(( should i continue or change it. hmms. wonders.

blah blah n blahhs. let mii take a short lil nap n think about it later. =D

Saturday, April 22, 2006

AHHS. math. history. geography. science. everything ishh freaking mii out. i nv gort sho panick before. i spent 1 blardie hour thinking HOW HOW HOW. den i promissed tuu maiiself. I MUS STUDY. I MUS I MUS I MUS.

fiirst. i niid tuu cut down maii online tiime. wooos. i will miiss everyone. *tears* chiamin.marissa.yanshan.shien. lols. xD ok. cut down online time. MAII AIM. i noe chiamin will influence mii tuu online. i mus STAE AWAE frm her. woos. i miss her. x( i think she met an accident on daa wae home. x( dam freaking long. tuition finish le haben come back. >=(

den i nid tuu concentrate. n study. without chocos in maii hand. x( i realise i cant concentrate will eating. xD but chocolates giive mii ENERGY. n help mii relieve maii STRESS. =D yummiies.

wooooos. i habenn eat maii lunch. its 4.20pm. xD let mii eat. edit later. xD


Friday, April 21, 2006

YAWNNS. i jus woke up. xD had such a wonderful nap. =D n i gort shock becus. i tot it rain. n i didnt close da window. i jumped up. =D weeeeex.

sch was FAST 2dae. iwonder why. eng teacher didnt come. den gort sci. n den chinese. den math gort SURPRISE TEST. denn gort geography. mii n marissa played wif our shadow. xD den we laughedd. =D i didnt noe shadow can be sho fun euu noe. xD weex. den had music. den went tmart. walk around wif chiamin. denn went home wif shien.

everything ishh overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


weex. i m here again. ATOMS. MOLECULES. AHHHS. I DUNCH UDNERSTAND. ITS FREAKING MII OUT. HOW HOW HOW. AHHHS. i m sho dead. siighhs. let mii ask people. =D
lallalas. i m bored. i decided tuu study da whole niite. since i slp alot in daa afternoon. ahhs. tml i hab tuition. siighhs. nvm. mus chiong studiies. JIAYOU. =D lalallas. i m holding a pen updating maii blog. chatting wif maii sci paper in front. i reall idunch noe how tuu do. how how how. i noe nobody ish giong tuu tell mii how. ahhs. chiamin ishh chatting wif mii. she told mii she wan tuu do daa paper toghether. why did we end up chatting. i wonder why. wonders. xD

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

weex. had cca after schh. before tat ps-ed marissa. n had tuu be a pregnant lady furr 1 dae. x( SORRY MARISSA. i promise. =D weex. den had cca. yanshan ishh freaking mii out. she alwaes get high after cca n goes crazy. xD went tuu tmart fur a while den went HOME.

hais. PROBLEMS. i mean. problem. xD i wonder why. i m not going tuu do anithing furr dis time. I WONT. i will jus concentrate on maii studiies. hmms. can i. *doubts* ok. i cant. nvmms. xD

whenn will da problems end.? it seems tuu be never ending.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

weeeeeeex. ITS RAINING. sho shuangg. after schh went furr math enrichment. n den NAFA test. x( didnt do well. xD lalalas. finishh le den chiong go home. =D its raining heavilyy. reach home le denn bathth den here i m. =D

woos. there are 2 birds at maii windoww. sho cute. chirpingg. =D weex. i m going tuu STUDY. =D buaii buaii. n i m not tired 2dae. =D


EDITED.(requested by NICHIAMIN)

wooos. i came tuu update again. its 9.20pm. yawnns. i m going tuu bed. I M TIRED NOW. but i will update before i go. =D thinking of tml make mii SIAN. all those boring periods. 2 science. 2 history. 2 english. 2 chinese. n assembly. still gort cca. tml ishh going tuu be a tired dae. xD lalalas. i was scaredd by yanshan. x( *shivers* yanshann. EUU GORT MII. I M HERE. =D

weeeeeex. i added 1 paragraph. muahahas. =D its LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG now. isnt it.?

Monday, April 17, 2006

2dae was completely SIAN. i dunch noe why. i jus feel sho weird. n i feel UNORGANISE. xD den i will start tuu be tired. n i wan tuu slp. =D was ok during english n mother tongue. but during geog. i still dunch understand a single crap. i hate daa wae mrs low teach. its too fast. n. daa presentation. was wasting of time. i was slpy during lite. why. i slp early ytd niite. WHY WHY WHY. xD

arggs. was upset by some peepx 2dae. maybe becus i m irritated. euu noe. tired peepx get irritatedd EASILY. like mii. =D but i didnt show it out. xD blah blah n blahs. i m tired. i m going tuu slp. =D i have tuition later. x( buaiis. xD


Sunday, April 16, 2006

weex. reading NOVELS. love storiies. wonder why daa author like tuu put daa female lead tuu death. grrs. daa female lead will hab hart attack. dunch noe wad. not enuff white blood cells. n most ridiculous ones ishh. DA FEMALE LEAD WAS KILLED IN DA CAR ACCIDENT. n den daa male lead will go cry cry cry. n den regrets n blah n blah. storiies. most of them hab happy endings. but. hu noes wad happens after daa story. i remember someone telling mii dis. i think ishh chiamin or yanshan. xD

i dunch noe why i like love novels sho much ya. maybe its an influence frmm maii mama. xD weex. online novels are niice too. =D but reading all those doesnt seem tuu improve maii chinese. x( because its in fan ti zi. xD wonder why singaporeans dunch wan tuu write novels. den gort jian ti zi. =D whenever i read a book wif a sad ending. maii whole dae will be spoilt. n whenever it hab a happy ending. i will be happy. =D

blah blah blahs. i will eddit later. =D

Saturday, April 15, 2006

arggs. been at home fur 2 daes. i wan tuu go out. x( parents r sho ridiculous sometimes. aiint them.? x(

lalallas. i m bored. berii bored. super duper boredd. someone please cure maii boredness. AHHHHHHHS. i m going crazy. realli crazy. i m going tuu be daa retard shaking its head like daa msn emotical. bored bored bored. i m realli bored. wads other word furr bored. let mii think. hmms. boring. =D ok. its daa same word. nvmms.

i wann tuu go out. x( criies. dis post ishh totally pointless. =D yays. i jus posted a pointless post. =D i m jus typing n typing n typing n typing. i m rotting. someone save mii. xD

typingg too much of bored. makes mii feel that i spelled it wrongly. xD


actually. i wantedd tuu study at 5. n denn.marissa onlined. =D chattedd wif her. n chat n chat. she cure maii boringness. =D den we went searching furr msn displae pictures. =D ITS SHO FUN FUN. xD we spend frm. 6.30 till 8.30. xD 2 freaking hours. xD in daa end. i didnt study. =D i will do tat later. i promise. xD

marissa bright up maii life. xD

Friday, April 14, 2006

lallaas. going tuu stae at home n STUDY. xD i m jus in a study mood. maybe because tat i m not tired. xD woos. yanshann ask mii go her house jus now. mama dunch let n she reminded mii tat exams ishh 2 weeks awaee. weex. issit too last minute tuu study now.?

ytd was flipping geography. n i realise i dunch understand a single thing they are toking about. den i was thinking. I M SHO DEAD. all da question marks popping out. xD nvmms. i will chiong studiies. frmm 2DAE. =D

yays. mummy gave mii money. daddy gave mii too. i m going tuu save it. after exams den spend it. =D control it furr daa time being. xD lalalaas. buaii buaii. =D

Thursday, April 13, 2006

no headaches todae. yays. =D lalallas. fiirst period. kenaa scolding by mr lai. all chinese. x( sobbx. i was berii good ytd. doing maii work. =D denn check attire blah blah n blah. den gort art. dnt. grrs. maii wood became dam pathetic. xD jiamin n yanshann helpedd mii. xD but its still daa same. x(

denn. chiinese. chinese teacher went. crazy.? nvmms. she gort fed up. n almost cry. slamming daa door.. daa tables blah blah n blah. i think she gave up on our class. but she ishh ok teaching us later on. xD maybe we are daa worse class she ever taught. x(

stayedd back tuu mark sci afterr tat. den mao mao lai came in. giive us talk. den he go blah blah n blah. argg. why mus he zhen dui mii. n marissa n yanshan. x( den he let us off after tat. went tuu eat wif shien. n denn. went home. xD

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

lalallas. daa wiishh didnt did come true . xD daa star ignored maii wish. nvmm. but todae. things gort worser. been at homee thinking HOW HOW HOW. lols. n denn thinkedd. n thinkedd. n thinkedd. xD wasnt a good dae 2dae yaa. during assemblyy gort a headachee or giddyness. hmms. i dunch noe how tuu explain. but it ishh headache plus some weird feelings. all i noe ishh. it sarkks. alwaes get headache nowadaes. at home. in schh. den calledd jorenee. she peiied mii. =D den tokedd tuu her ALOT. xD felt sho. relaxedd after telling her everything. xD

reachedd home le den SLP. lols. xD headache gort much much much much better. didnt go furr cca. 70% unwell. 20% I WAN TUU C JORENE. 10%. other reasons. xD hmms. 2dae in schh. was normal. expect. some taiwan de peepx came tuu our class tuu joiin daa lesson. xD n den blah n blah n blah.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

starliight, starbriight.
fiirst star i c toniite.
i wish i may, i wishh i might.
have the wiish i wishh toniight..

Monday, April 10, 2006

woos. its looks like its going tuu rain again. xD lalalas. 2dae was a tiredd dae. xD had headache. n den slp during mathh. xD denn afterr schh went tuu eat a lil bit. denn saw prositutes. xD lalallas. den waiit a while den went home wif shien. =D bought stuffs. =D lalalas. THE END.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

didnt go out 2dae. xD lalalalas. tml niid tuu go schh again. WHY WHY WHY. tiime files sho fast. x( siianns. lallaas. feel sho irritated suddenly. by mama's nagging. n daa BEEs buzzing outside maii window. grrs.

how i wishh everydae ishh a HAPPY dae. but. sometiimes i jus cant help it. x( lalalaas. nvmm. i will jus concentrate on maii studiies. =D

how i wishh i couldd. but i noe i cant.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

2dae woke up in daa morning denn marissa.shien.jiamin n jolene came n do geog project. was extreamly tiredd n siian. n maii eye ishh WEIRD. ahhs. eyes. x(

was at youtube jus noww saw dis.
woowoo. intresting. wonder its jus a tap? or a push. xD looks like a normal tap tuu mii though. but since i hate teresa i should insist tat its a push. =D

lalalas. its going tuu rain AGAIN. why why why. habing tuition laterr. how i wishh i can go n slp in such a wonderful weather. xD

Friday, April 07, 2006

woos. 2daae morningg was 'late' furr schh. xD den at daa foyer. saw zhinengg kenaa scoldedd by DM. jovann too. 1 by monster tay 1 by mrs lee. bout daa blog thingg. n denn joel n jian en was brought down. AT FIRST. we tot tat joel was innocent. but. he postedd daa desperate post. aiint innocent animore. xD

there was a false alarmm. sayingg gort spot check furr hp. everybody went tuu find a place tuu hide. in daa end dunch hhab. xD was extreamly tired by denn. music. teacher ask mii tuu cut maii nails. x(

afterr schh peiied marissa tuu dnt room. jus standd there watch them plae bball. xD den went tuu findd shien theyy all. oh yaa. we saw a botak birdy. xD den went home. =D yawnns. i wan tuu slp. xD

Thursday, April 06, 2006

todae was a. boring dae. wif art n dnt n 2 tests. x(

during art. i was sitting down there. hmms. resting maii braiins. =D denn recess. den dnt. i hate cutting woods. x( shiien helpedd mii. =D yays. n denn mother tongue was late. furr 25mins. i didnt noe tat it was 25 miins. chi teacher wrote on daa paper. wonder wads tat furr. xD

EVERYBODY ISHH FULL OF PROBLEMS. why why n why. problems seem tuu be never ending. i m sure tat someone can stop tat. someone can jus let it. not happen. hmms. maybe. idunchh noe. haiis.

blardie mao mao lai. sae wad schh will check our blog. dots.dunch noe ishh. scaring us or wad. blogs are furr. writing out our feelings. hmms. maybe some peepx write out how they spendd their dae n blah blah blah. wads daa use of checking. its a online diary. euu cant stop us euu noe. unless euu can ban blogging in singapore. daa whole bunch of teenagers will go on strike.

AHHS. blahs blahs n blahs. lets ignore tat. thinking of tat will jus add on tuu maii problems. xD tats jus a tempory problem. xD learnt something new frm daa chinese test todae. =D cheryl. yanshan. BE PROBLEM FREEEEEEEEEE~ i noe its hard. xD

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


2dae was a CRAZY dae. yanshan was bugging mii during cca. she sae she love gals. xD den we went crazy.

SHIEN WAS EVEN CRAZIER. fiirst. at daa busstop. she TRIED tuu unbuckle maii bra. but she cant. euu noe why. i m not wearing tat type of bra. =D n den she squeeze maii cheek. n den she mess up maii hair. x( WAD A AWFUL EXPERIENCE. on bus. she pushh mii tuu maii left. n i bump until somebody. x( den we start stepping each other shoes. xD when maii stop ishh reaching. i sae. BYE BYE. den she mess up maii hair. x( WHY. i went downn wif blardie shiity messy hair. xD she ishh a. scary creature. next time i c her i wil go run run run. xD

ITS RAINING AGAIN. why cant euu rain at niite. x(

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

woos. it raiined. 2dae was a BAD BAD dae furr mii. x( morning i missed daa bus. n waiited furr quite longg. n denn. failed 2.4. den it rain. i didnt hab a umbrella. x( boohoos. when will bad times be gone. x(

2dae was a normal boring dae. after schh went furr daa dumb. math enrichment thingy. x( stayed there furr 1 hour. den went home wif shien. she hab a umbrellaa. buddenn at maii house there i still niid tuu walk under daa rain. x( haiis.

hope tml ishh a better dae. =D

Monday, April 03, 2006

YAYS. zhiyang won.yay yay yay.although berii bu shuang tat teresa gort daa gals champion. but NVM. at least she didnt win daa whole thingy. =D

i jus woke up frm maii nap. yawnns. gort a feeling tat i willl nv hab enoughh slp. during math. slpy. math teacher gave mii a SLPY place. wif wind blowing. x( sci. spent 1/2 of daa time thinking how tuu sing daa song tat geraldine sing. xD n marissa kept singing other songs making mii CONFUSE.

lalalas. habingg tuition laterr. tats daa reason why i niid a nap. =D its raining. i may doze off while doing math. =D i niid ENERGY.

i dunchh noe wad m i worrying about. i jus cant whole-heartedly studyy. WHY. i will wonder off thinking other stuffs n ask marissa how how how. xD wad ishh happening. HAIS.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

woos. its SUNDAE. tml niiid go schh. x( haiis. nvmms. =D

CAMPUS SUPERSTAR FINALS ISHH TONITE. weeex. ZHIYANG. mus win. =D TERESA mus out. mus mus mus. she mus be OUT. i hate her. let GERALDINE be daa gals champion. n denn. RENFRED out. n denn. ZHIYANG WILL WIN. =D yay yay yay. althoughh its a UNFAIR competition. but i still wan a RESULT. =D if teresa wins. i will smash rotten eggs on her face. x(

yay yay yays. its going tuu rain. x(

Saturday, April 01, 2006

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAE. boohooos. gort trickedd by MARISSA GOH dis morning. x( i shall not sae wad daa trick ishh about. xD n denn followed by KHEO YANSHAN. boohoos.

yays. i thinkk everyythingg ishh over. hope so yaa. its SATURDAE. n i miss JORENEE. nv see her furr 1 monthh lers. x( i miss euu~