Monday, April 17, 2006

2dae was completely SIAN. i dunch noe why. i jus feel sho weird. n i feel UNORGANISE. xD den i will start tuu be tired. n i wan tuu slp. =D was ok during english n mother tongue. but during geog. i still dunch understand a single crap. i hate daa wae mrs low teach. its too fast. n. daa presentation. was wasting of time. i was slpy during lite. why. i slp early ytd niite. WHY WHY WHY. xD

arggs. was upset by some peepx 2dae. maybe becus i m irritated. euu noe. tired peepx get irritatedd EASILY. like mii. =D but i didnt show it out. xD blah blah n blahs. i m tired. i m going tuu slp. =D i have tuition later. x( buaiis. xD


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