Saturday, April 15, 2006

arggs. been at home fur 2 daes. i wan tuu go out. x( parents r sho ridiculous sometimes. aiint them.? x(

lalallas. i m bored. berii bored. super duper boredd. someone please cure maii boredness. AHHHHHHHS. i m going crazy. realli crazy. i m going tuu be daa retard shaking its head like daa msn emotical. bored bored bored. i m realli bored. wads other word furr bored. let mii think. hmms. boring. =D ok. its daa same word. nvmms.

i wann tuu go out. x( criies. dis post ishh totally pointless. =D yays. i jus posted a pointless post. =D i m jus typing n typing n typing n typing. i m rotting. someone save mii. xD

typingg too much of bored. makes mii feel that i spelled it wrongly. xD


actually. i wantedd tuu study at 5. n denn.marissa onlined. =D chattedd wif her. n chat n chat. she cure maii boringness. =D den we went searching furr msn displae pictures. =D ITS SHO FUN FUN. xD we spend frm. 6.30 till 8.30. xD 2 freaking hours. xD in daa end. i didnt study. =D i will do tat later. i promise. xD

marissa bright up maii life. xD

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