Thursday, April 27, 2006

muahahas. da frightening temp of mine finally went downn. i m FEVER FREEEEEEEE. woohoos. i spent 5 hours euu noe. i woke up at 5.45. n didnt slp till now. da pain in maii throat. n blardie block nose. n. fever. i try all sorts of wae tuu make daa temp go down. =DD now its sore throat. i m going tuu kiill euu. =D wateer shall be maii weapon. xDD


weeex. i drank 8 cups of water. but it doesnt seem tuu go awwae. x(( 2dae was a freaking unlucky dae. 1st. its sickness. den mama send mii tuu polyclicnic. FULL OF PEOPLE. den i ask her tuu send mii tuu da family clicnic. FULL OF PEOPLE too. i dunchh wan tuu wait alone. x(( mama was late furr work. she ask mii tuu choose tuu wait or go home. *tears*

n i choose tuu go home since maii fever was gone. =DD i will fight daa illness. determined. =D lalalasd. 2nd. i was eating maii prorridge furr lunch. a birdy flew into da kitchen. i was thinking: woos. sho cute. *continue eating* da bird flew tuu da basin n something dropped out frm its ***. bird shiit. i tried not tuu look at it. but. i cant. shiity blardie GROSS. i was EATING. how can da bird do dis tuu mii. x(( i didnt continue eating. x(

3rdd. 2 beeeeeees flew into maii room. i was revising maii math. whenever they flew pass maii eat. there will be *buzzz* i was irritated. n scared. x(( it seems tat da bees are mating. such wonderful environment outside. why maii room. i sat in da living room till they are gone. =D

den its da lite grp. freaks. realise tat NONE of them brought their props. if i went tuu sch 2dae. i will be da onli idiot hu bring it. -.- even joel didnt bring. sighs. nvms. all da thing will be done on tues. joel ish such. a pessimistic. ish daa word pessimistic.? hmms. thinksho.
JOEL: want to rehearse tomoro
ME: tml arhs.after schh.? they wan anot.
JOEL: i don't think so
ME: sighs. nvm nors. jus on tues striaght awae go.
ME: ...
JOEL: Yan shan very angry wif u
JOEL: today like not so happy like that
ME: how euu noe.
JOEL: she didn't act dumb like she usually do and never talk to yu han.
ME: realli arhs. dunch lie tuu mii nehs.
(anxiously asked shien n she sae dunc hhab)
JOEL: This whole thing was just a joke. False alarm!!!!! =D
grrrs. joel ishh not tat 'good' as i think. criies. x((

changed maii skin. not bluueeeeeeeeeeeeee animore. =DDDDDDD tml will be such a 'wonderful' dae. x((

whenn will it stop.

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