Monday, February 28, 2005


sighz.. 2dae reach home den she told me my grandma was send to da hospital.. veri sad.. she 79 yrs old.. she is reachin da stage.. i think she hav no regrets.. her sons n daughter r gd to her.. visit her every week.. sighz.. although i hav nv had a proper tok wif her.. cuz she onli noe how to speak in dialect.. i tried to learn.. but onli noe little bit.. n tat time when i learn how to tok.. she is veri weak liao.. everydae lie on e chair.. if not on e bed.. she hav a weak heart.. den hav sum probs in her digestive system i think.. sighz.. now my uncles, aunties n my father is in da hospital accompany her..cuz da doctor sae if lucky she might pass da operation..but if she is unlucky.. she may die..sighz.. so sad.. realli dun bear her to leave us.... my grandpa died of heart prob when i was 6.. i alwaes plae wif him.. when he was send to hospital, i went 2 visit him everydae.. tat time i was free.. but now.. so busy.. got anti i.t cca..if not is flood wif hmks.. cannot go visit my grandma.. i hav nothinz to do.. but to pray.. pray tat she will pass tat operation..

i m in class!!

hahaz.. now in computer lab it class.. but all thingz learn be4 le..waste time..actually 1 2 sip de..but at last dun wan liaoz.. so sian.. e teacher like veri scared of us.. heard frm other class who hav gone through dis lesson said tat e teacher does not care anythinz.. when he tok we can do anythingy we 1.. marissa is sitting beside me surfin e net!! almost e the class is surfin e net i think.. i chose da back of da lab.. so can plae..

2dae e sec 4 r takin their o'level results.. ms harveen sae they will look veri nervous but i dun think so.. they looked veri relax.. maybe they try to act tough! =P dunno y suddenly got three teachers come in.. keep walkin here n there.. so giddy.. hahaz.. better dun plae liao.. later kana scold.. tata!!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

i actually told him..

2dae quite angry.. cuz alwaes got peeps hor.. alwaes do wad i do.. every1 wan to be special de mah.. sighz.. nvm.. den i oso nearly get into trouble.. becoz of tat tidal waves.. not tat tsunami.. is a person.. so scary.. but i wont sae wad he do de.. later too many peeps noe.. i will get more trouble.. but alot peeps noe le.. not i sae de..
now go do hmk le... tata.. so many hmk.. wan to die le.. after tt go n play sims 2 =P

Friday, February 25, 2005


sighz... 2dae den finish decorating e table.. den found out not so many peepz decorated.. i decorate until like veri messy.. but nvm.. but 2dae like veri tired.. den hmk for e weekend oso so many.. dis month like realli veri da unlucky lehz.. 1st is fall down durin P3.. den com dunno make until how many virus.. so suay de leh.. but luckly can delete.. if not i realli die liao..

2dae realli kana shock when he tell me he live in semi detach.. so scary.. but den hor like weird weird.. cuz those rich rich de surely go those famous sch de ma.. but y go 2 esss leh? weird hor.. den he still like veri pervertic de.. cannot stand.. plus lame.. go n cre8 dunno wad snake clan de.. i think tell sum of them they surely cannot believe he so rich..

luckly dis term no test or wadeva.. if not i realli will sumkind of cannot cope.. realli gettin busy.. not like pri sch so free.. but i oso quite long nv go back pri sch liao.. cuz like nobody wan to go back.. all get busier each dae.. last year.. i think most of them r worried bout dis.. tt xue oso.. veri busy.. alwaes got a whole bunch of excuses but nvm.. i knew tt it would happen..

at home alwaes veri sian.. but at home i can do wadeva i wan.. sleep.. eat.. watch tv.. so wadeva i wan.. but sumtimes will like no freedom.. sighz.. hope it will rain.. dis few daes veri warm.. like hell.. dun wan to write liao.. tata.. go plae sims 2..