Sunday, June 27, 2010





5 more minutes and its Monday agn. Really predict a stressful week ahead w the amount of work to do, number of things to submit and like 2 tests on the same day... Ok i should really stop complaining and pitying myself hahaha it makes me even sadder when I complain then i repeat my story to others and find that i'm a really a sad kid...

Alright so this is super annoying so i shall complain lesser. Like... I will get annoyed if a friend keeps complaining non-stop. Treat others the way you want to be treated, spare their ears from your complaints.

Ok no complaining for this week i can do it.
5 more weeks of school i can do it.
5 projects to complete we can do it.

lets do it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

look, its friday already


This week sucks lemme tell u why:
Monday- 100% awkward day
Tuesday- cb survey ruined everyone's mood
Wednesday- didn't suck bcos i had frolick hehe :)
Thursday- overslept (not on purpose thats why it sucked)
Friday- started at 9, class ended at 1, planless day sucks x1000000

I don't look forward to fridays anymore...... :(

Sorry jean, putting your photo here doesn't mean that you suck too but....
I miss you and all of you. :(

Friday, June 25, 2010

icing room

Hehe always wanted to try decorating a cake at Icing Room ever since I saw one of their outlets at Jurong Point. Then slowly... 313 and now Tampines One! Good experience uh just that we were really afraid of ruining the cake (thank god we didnt).











Was supposed to be a 'surprise' for some of the class birthday people but it failed i think. Partly because of me... Overslept for the 9am apel class and the class was camera-less but turned out that the actual birthday girl has a camera but too paiseh to take it out? I don't know why too, but uh, ya. Nevertheless... I felt so bad about it. :(

Never mind, thrs more birthdays to come but I think we are too disheartened to organise anymore.

Who celebrates birthday at 9 in the morning anyway?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

these streets

starbucks girl

sunshine girl

Freezing wednesday w 3h in the freezing lab doing crappy mbs which i gave up halfway... Above are just 2 of those who made me laugh a lil harder and school life abit happier hehe. More pix tmr k xciting day can't wait lets hope that it won't be awkward hahahaha.

Ok 9am lesson, i won't be l8!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

time keep moving forward



Its 8am in the morning and I'm eating my sunny side up+cheese+bread. Plus 10 hours of sleep which made me a very very happy girl. ^^

First day of school was horrible. 4 hours of sleep, 9am lesson, racking brain juice to do that individual journal first thing in the morning, running ard the sch to print 40 sets of survey and... All the awkwardness we have to deal.

I suck at handling awkward situations. Like... Uh ok?? Theres so many things I wna rant but obviously this is not the place. Should really stop complaining abt life, start looking at the bright side and be contented. Just that the motivation to make me go to school is really low now...?

Ok shut up.

Time to meet my members and head to cbd to get our cb project done at 9 in the morning... :(

Monday, June 21, 2010

stars fading bt i linger on dear

School is starting tmr. :(

2 weeks isn't enough for us. With the neverending list of report due dates, presentations and tests, the remainding 4 weeks shld pass pretty quickly too. Then it will be our well-deserved 3 months holiday woohoo hang on!

Anw it's father's day tday and I baked a cake which burnt i really don't knw why bt it did... Edible bt... Ya lor. Never mind thrs always nxt year!! Gna have plan b: icing room hahhaha!

Ok gna turn in nw! Been nua-ing on the bed listening to 'dream a little dream of me' by glee cast for the past hour or so.

Relax only~

Ok good night!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

maps for the heart

Spent my day at the zoo! Seems like I've been visiting it yearly... 2008 w the girls, 2009 w family and now 2010 w some marketing people. This time round it was for our ccp project and I tried new things like... The boat ride? Jerrica, Pearl and I should be really proud of ourselves hehe we xplored the whole place from like 10.30am to 5pm!



water park!!




@idk whr




boat ride hehe

Now my eyes are half-closed hahaha am so tired need to catch more sleep. Guess I won't be going to the zoo for another 10 years...

Ok gna turn in after uploading the photos on fb i luv the new uploader haha. No upload fail pls! It's damn annoying. Omg its stucked at 65%... What should I do??

Sleep... Or keep trying?

Ok. Sleep. :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good morning, sunshine


3 sleepyheads hahahaha





sorry cant help it bt heres my overpriced new baby.

@cafe del mar



multiracial sunshine boys~




That was my Monday w/o any monday blues. Yours truly skipped work for this and I didn't regret a single bit. Obviously this beats standing in the shop for 12 hours right... Felt really guilty though, extremely guilty. :(

The people at 2m04 are so friendly that I feel that I'm part of them, right jerrbears? Didn't meet up with my own class during this term break instead I crashed other class's outing hahaha. Oh well school is starting again next week, bet we will spend more quality time together rushing deadlines, deadlines and maybe more deadlines.

Now now, I have another 12hours of work tomorrow...

Ok time to sleep good night sunflowers sleep tight. (L)(L)(L)

Monday, June 14, 2010

long long ago


Was browsing through my albums and I found this scanned photo. I don't even knw when did i scanned this but it should be quite some time ago since the file is named: kawaii siia. HAHA. Shit why was i so twit why. :(

That was wayyyyyyy back maybe when I was... 4? Hehe so cute in that red dress right beside gonggong. Wished I got to know him better and maybe he will share some WW2 stories with me. And there are the rest of the cousins we used to be so close.

Sigh. :(

pocket full of posies






Hehe date w the bff on saturday~ Retail therapy plus some good food at night! Pocket full of posies and blic right after. Life ish great hehe. A day just shopping checked! Now I need a day just doing nothing... Hehe.

Can't believe im gg to skip work to go for 2m04's outing. Not that I really wna go badly but I really don't wna go to work badly. Seems like the supervisor is unhappy but... I'm sick. :(

Hehe. Ok gna run away from the sun tmr. Good night!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

living proof

In the process of updating my links, I removed the whole thing. Joke. So now I'm feeling lazy all over agn. Will do it... Someday.

Just sitting over here staring at this page... I have no idea what to type. Lost the ability to write about super random bits and pieces about my life already. Feel so lifeless my life is so mundane hahaha. Must be work i swear. Sucking my life awayyyy but it comes back during payday. Maybe its just me.

No life=nothing to blog=dead blog

But I will never close this space down because thrs like 5 years of memories here. In another 10 years time, 27 year old me will be reading this blog and smile hehe. Although the thought of me turning 27 is quite scary... Ok, decided. I must put in more effort to blog.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

i luv salmon

Craving for salmon fully satisfied but i guess i won't be touching it for another... 3 months? Spammed too much tday w my fellow salmon luvers hehe. I need more small and random meet ups like this, feel that i'm drifting away from too many people. Still luv u all ok. :(

do you feel accomplished when the plates are stacked real high?

xlb next ah.



Need to treasure my off days alot, gna be hectic when term break is over. I don't ask for alot. A day for doing nothing and another one for shopping.

With that, my break will be perfect hehe.