Friday, April 14, 2017

'You’re going to miss her.
She’ll pull away at first gradually. And in the beginning, you won’t realize that she is pulling away.
Despite that, she’ll keep looking back, hoping that you will clue in. See, she’s looking for every reason to turn around. But what hurts her isn’t leaving, it’s that you’re not going to notice for a while how gone she really is.
Because when she’s right in front of you, you don’t care and if you do, you aren’t showing it. Because it isn’t as simple as answering a text. You aren’t being what she needs. And that’s why she has to go.

Slowly you’ll see she’s not every first like or view across social media. The things she tags you in will become less and less. Her starting conversations looking for any reason to talk to you will be replaced with silence.
And the moment you realize you might have lost her, you’ll realize how everything reminds you of her.
Suddenly you’ll be the one looking for reasons to talk to her. Something good happens and you want to tell her. Something bad happens and you miss that shoulder you used to cry on. Days turn into weeks and you realize how little she comes around. And you wonder when you’re going to see her again. You realize how much you look forward to that day and how much you miss her.

It’ll be in that moment you realize how strong she was for loving someone who couldn’t love her back the way she deserved.

And you want to reach out. But there’s an apprehension because you know what you did. Or rather what you didn’t. You’ll fumble through this realization of how much you do care and you want to tell her. You don’t realize how much she misses you too, only she’s not showing it. You don’t realize how many conversations she wanted to have with you, you just didn’t give her the time of day — so she disappeared.
But trust me — the day will come where you do see her again, and she will be holding the hand of someone who isn’t you, and that’s when it’ll hit you the hardest.

She’s gone. And now you’re stuck watching her give all of the love you could have had, to someone else.'

@kirstencorleyofficial via @thoughtcatalog