Sunday, December 31, 2006


nevermind. i shall rewrite.

hello my dear friend. :] i guess we have been friends for 10 years. and we didnt break our promisee. in case u forget, its about keeping contact in secondary school. hehehe. and i jus realise we didnt have any fights this year or last year. :] only some 'off-contacts' because we were busy, i was busy, you were busy. hehehee. i just want to say i really treasure of friendship and the friendship we had makes me think that there is something like friends forever. well, maybe there isnt. :]

marisssa. hello. we are going to be seperated next year. i mean we are alrdy seperated. there isnt anyone who will doodle on my science notebook (yay) but it also mean there wont be anyone to.. play with. hmms. hmms. wrong word. nevermind. :] dont sniff ur future partner's leg nor poke her eye. :]

chiaaaamin. :] do you love to be called apple pie.? apple pie or clover. choose one. :] but whenever i see clovers i will think of you. hohoho. first impression lasts. nobody to turn to and talk next year.:'[ maybe there will be someone. but dont know who. :"[ i hope you get a boyfriend next year so i can eat apple pie. will you. :] hohohoho.

shiennnnnnnn. YAY nobody will scare me in class next year. :] hohohoooooooo. happy meeee. but we will still have recess next year. please update ur blog frequently next year so i have something to read. hehhehee. thankyou for your tissue papers when i need them. although u let marissa's hamsters shit on my bed. :"[

yanshannn. hello 'mrs boo' i bet everyone ask you who is mr boo and you will go monokoboo lor. :} i was reading the past letters we gave each other last time. :] i am glad u didnt forgget the promise we made. at least u didnt think that promises are meant to be broken. :] hohoho. i hope we wont break it somehow. we.? you? me.? hahhahas.

May our friendship last. :]

its time to say byebye to 2006 and hello 2007.

actually, i wanted to write dedications for everyone. i AM going to write. but not now. i am not in the mood. :] hehehhee.

i shall do it laaaaaaaaater. hohohoho.


Saturday, December 30, 2006


i was reading a book. tinkie came next to me and stared at me for a few seconds. and he went to stuff himself beside piggy and fell asleep. same thing yesterday. he is attracted to piggy and kept biting her dress. :'[ i washed it after that.


i bought tinkie down to shit. but it didnt shit. tell me why. i thought normal dogs will shit. but instead of shiting, tinkie followed other dog. -o- a black fierce one and smeellled his butt. and its owner looked at me weirdly.


because he miss his owner, :'[

enough of tinkie. :]

now about me. today shall be named as busy day. :]
woke up and called jorene. met her and jascintha and went 201 to make my skirt. went home while jorene and jascintha went orchard. got my library books and
went to the library to return. and den i walked home because ezlink card no money(again).

and my slipper snap. -o- dont ask me how it snap it jus snap. so i sat below the void deck and thinked what to do. called chiamin and she said wallk home bare footed. -o- i wont do that. so i called shien and she bought down a pair of slippers for me. :] yay.

thank you shien. :]

went home and rest a while and tinkie went hopping around. i realise i have to bring him down for a walk. so i went down and thats the time he smelled other the black dog's butt. -o- went up and took money and buy dinner for daddy.

hhehee. end of my day. and i wanna peeeeee. :'[

i thought it was cold because it kept trembling. but in the end, it started to fight with it. -o-

tinkie and piggy. :]


tinkie is sleeping beside me. and i placed piggy beside him.

hohoo. bbb

Friday, December 29, 2006



because i have no money. :] thats the reason. hohohoho.

brought tinkie for a walk downstairs ytd. i heard from alot people it needs to go down and shit. so i brought him down. in the end he didnt shit. so i brought him up. after that alot of people told me it mus shit before it comes up but i have already brought him up. and i realise he shitted at the hall. so i became very mad and slap his bum bum. and he ran away.

oh ya. marissa came and visited tinkie. thanks to marissa, tinkie kept snatching the door stopper from me. :"[

i want some skittles. :'[


Thursday, December 28, 2006

its a long long day today..

woke up at 10 by mummy. went to buy school stuffs at popular, east point. i am happy. :] hehehe. den. went for lunch and whatever restaurant at there. the main course was very filling. -o- i ate deep fried dory fillet. and because the food was very long, i drank alot of orange juice. mummy says she will pay(she always does) because she left me alone at home on christmas eve. :]

by the time i finish the soup and dory. i was too full for the dessert. -o- i really really really want it. but i was afraid i will puke. again.

went to pet safari and get the dog's stuffs. and the dog is called tinkie. u know teletubbies? yes. my mother chose that freaking name because i wanted to name it star and she said the dog will become gay. so tinkie it shall be. its previous owner called it lucky. -o-

den mummy went to top up her cashcard. and the machine hang. -o- and her cashcard is inside. without cashcard she cant drive her car out. so the posb people came out. blah blah and blah. den mummy started to get impatient and i went out and waited for her. -o-

finally reached home and the dog is there. nap a while and the freaking dog kept disturbing me. -o- went out to meet jorene. watched death note 2. reach home at 11++.

i am tired. :'[


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


its a rainy day. hmms. i shall repeat the story i told chiamin which i heard on the radio. singapore is having rainy days because most singaporeans are wishing that it will snow on christmas day. and dont know who say. before snow could reach singapore. it becomes rain. so it rained. or rain is a replacement of snow.

do u get what i mean. do you do you. i know you dont.

wow. its alrdy early evening before i know it. time flies. in a blink of eye, school will be reopenig. again, before i know it.

oo christmas is over. :'[

went to have buffet at marina today. yum yum. we ate from 6.30 to 10 plus(according to chiamin).

and ya. we toook alot of mrts. changed alot of times. hahhahas. and i ate an un cooked chicken. -o-

we had sushi first.

den coook the stuffs.


marissa asked me take it.

chiamin built this tower of.. ice cream srup cups.

marissa and i. :]

thank you all for those presents. :]

Monday, December 25, 2006



well, it didnt sound right. nevermind. i feel that its funny. guess what. i am chatting with santa.

Santa Claus says:
Ho ho ho!
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
OK, I love you too!
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
Oh yes? I love you too!
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
That's nice... I love you too!
belinda[: says:
AM I ON THE NAUGHTY LIST(cheryl is on the naughty list)?
Santa Claus says:
Okay, I'll check my list... Let me check again, just to be sure. belinda[:, belinda[:... ah, you're definitely nice!
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:
I love you too!
belinda[: says:
Santa Claus says:


Sunday, December 24, 2006


because i had a short nap from 7 till 9. -o- well, today was a. hmms. it should be yesterday. ya. it was a terrible day. -o- i haven even taste those yummy chocolates, cakes and blah blah blah and i puked. -o-

embarassing. and thats the only word which i can use to describe. sighs sighs sighs. and ya. i went for a haircut before the before christmas eve party. and i JUST realise that the lenght of my hair have been shortened. seriously shortened. -o- and its curling towards one side. kill me.

i wonder why i think its ok earlier on. -o- my haircut phobia is back. :'[ i guess i have to get use to it. its not a very big different thoooooough.

1 more day to christmas. 2 more days to shopping-for-school-stuffs day. 3 more days to 'preparation' for the new year. 4 more days to death note 2 and mummy's day. 5 more days to tuition. 6 more days to loving daddy day(ALLOWANCE). 7 more days, a brand new year. 8 more days till the toture starts. for me, toture means nothing but waking up early.

and i am hungry. -o- mummy left without leaving some food. daddy doesnt want to cook something. so do i. so we ate bread+butter+ everything thats available and edible. poor us. i am going to COMPLAIN tml. but i wont eat instant noodles. instant noodles are bad for health.

YAY. rotijohn later. -o- dont eat instant noodles belinda. there are delicious stuffs waiting for u. instant noodles makes u instantly.. fat? like roti john not fat. blah blah blah.

let me go get some yougart.


and ya. i have a strong feeeling that i am going to be sick. i dont want to be sick. who wants to be sick when its 1 more day to christmas.?

Friday, December 22, 2006



Thursday, December 21, 2006

hohohoo. was supposed to meet marissa shien and cheryl. but they were at raffles place and we were going to bugis. bugis was croweded. -o- and make me very very sian. at first it was ok. but after that i am super duper sian.

so i went to get some blueberry muffins and ice lemon tea. THEY LIGHT UP MY LIFEEE. i even found a suitable school bag for next year. dont worry chiaamin, i will wait for u. hehehe. although that bag is that kind of normal school bag, its different in my EYES. i am going to get it. xD

christmas is coming. yes its coming. i am still not so sure what to buy for people. i wont buy too expensive stuffs since... hehhehe. u know u know.

and i am going to get the perfume online.

lovely. :}
i cannot get into sleep but i am tired.

had class bbq today. it didnt rain. and the chickens are happy. :]

hotdogs are nice.

and i am sneezing.

somebody in africa mus be cursing me.

a stupid ant is crawling on my screen.

and i am very thirsty.

sian la.

why am i not online.

i dont know leh.



coconut tree.

Monday, December 18, 2006

its a RAINY DAY . the sky have been crying the whole day. and it makes me un-movable. and i spent at least half of the day on my bed. -o- only went out to have luncch and surf a while of net. and i went to sleep. -o-

hohoho. its nice. xD only a lil headache. -o-


Sunday, December 17, 2006


went out with marissa today. tamp to white sands den to east point mall. xD bought earrings. and ate roti john. hohohoho. its a cold day. i think i heard a frog croaking. -o- freaky. and it stopped.

yawns. i am tired.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


i made a deal with mama. i will cook dinner IF i am freee. :] and end of the month she will gimme moneey. hohohho. den most likely i dont need to save for the perfume. :] happy me. in the end its like mummy buying for me. xD

but i dont know how to start the fire. u know u have to use the so called 'gun' and click click and den it will go BOOM den got fire? so i am scared of it. :"[ today aunt helped me. yesterday sis helped me. :"[

and papa wants to use the com now...


Friday, December 15, 2006


i am reading a book. yes. a lovely book. i want to finish it by TODAY. xD

today is a normal day. but i had tuition in the morning. hohoho. actually i am going to swiiiiiim with jorene. but she cant make it. -o- so i decided to find something to do.

and i cooked DINNER. all by myself. HAPPY ME. xD it taste nice. but the vegetables are.. salty. :'[ hehehe. but i feel contented. unlike instant noodles. -o-

and i think i've got brain damage. -o- ytd night i was talking on the phone with marissa and i dont know why i knock my head against the wall. and its still painful today. :"[

i shall sleep early today.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

its a rainy day today. BIIIIIIG rain.

when to ikea with mama today. and she told me a extreamly, bad news today.

THEY ARE PLANNING TO 搬家(move house sounds weird and i dont know why)!my reaction was O: den >:[ den :] den :'[.
the O: is because daddy will never want to move. >:[ is because i was the last to know. :] is because we get to change all the furniture (if we are really moving, i am going to buy that bedroom set). and :"[ is because if we are going to move far, i need to wake up early and take the bus. :'[

and i have made my choice. :] if they are choosing somewhere real far and those freaky area i am going to hide myself from those temptations of buying new furniture and disagreeeeeeeee till the end. :] but if its pretty near to school and stuffs i might agree. but whats the point of moving if its near school. near school= no point of moving.

i remember mummy nearly buy the house which is diagonally opp. our house when i was p5 or something. but daddy stopped her because he wasnt really keen to buy a new house. i shall leave it to them. no no no. i should leave it to them. i shouldnt. ya. i shouldnt.

hohoho. most likely next year. and bro's wedding is next year too. i hope they have choosen the date. i wonder wads taking them sooooo long. and i am VERY excited about it.

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. after ikea, went to cs to repair mama's hp. she drown the hp in the cup this morning. and it became mentally retarded. walked around and saww nice clothes. :} chinese new year. :} happy.:]

i shall look for dinner.

and she is angel bunny. say hello.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hohooo. lovely day. something is wrong with my blogger that day. >;[ so i decided to change a new one. the picture was actually coloured, but i found it looks weird. i dont know why. i jus felt that. so i change everything to grayscale. didnt seem to improve anything. :[

nevermind. xD went to escape ytd. :] quite fun but it rained. so we went back. xD hohoho. today is a nice day. and i makke the blogskin and change it. now its friendster time. -o- i re make too. though i am sian of all those code stuffs. make me go crazy. :"[

dadadadaa. several things to be doone today.

change blog skin.
reply chiamin's email.
re-make friendster profile.
print out names for my new books.
finish my book. xD

Sunday, December 10, 2006


i am tired. i dont know why am i so tired all of the sudden. :"[ sis had fluuuuu. mummy is working. and nobody cooked dinner for daddy and i. I STRONGLY DETEST INSTANT NOODLES NOW. i dont know why.

so daddy forced me to cook for him. -o- and i cook spagetti. :] taste nice. hohoho. burping. i am tired.

i shall go to bed early. :"[

Saturday, December 09, 2006


when i finallly got into sleep last night/morning. mummy woke me up at 8am. and screamed into my ears and asked me to help her burn discS. i was irritated.

i ignored her and slept back. and at 9am. she slap my toe and asked me to burn again. and i told her later.

and at 10am she wake me up again. and insisted i do it now or i wont get my weekly allowance. -o- so i kicked my computer until it on-ed. and sat there and burn disc. but its taking a looong time so i went back to sleep. and my mother woke me up at 12.30 saying the disc is missing. daddy helped me and asked me to go back to sleep.. ytd night i waited for him till 4.30am. :]

but ytd night, she told me that i can take my time. grrs. she is completely unreasonable. i demand double allowance for my lost. >:[ i feel shitty tired now and i am going swimming later with jornee. and i cant believe i can wake up and sleep for so many times. :]

the moral of the story:


i cant get into sleeeeeeep. :'[ 周公在哪里?

i was walking around eating pineapple tart earlier. -o- daddy isnt at home at 3.42am. i shall.. WAIT FOR HIM. :] hohooohooo. mummy refuse to bring me out using 没有钱 as an excuse. she didnt know that her daughter saw those clothes and perfumes.

i feeeel sian. ;'[ nobody online. i am chewing a chewing gum. anyone wants a chew-ed chewing gum? :"[ i am sian. sighhhhs.


Friday, December 08, 2006

woohoos. woke up late today. marissa came and met jiamin for lunch. :] i drank green tea while they eat. :]

walked around with marissa and went home. :] and marissa jus left. gahs. i am freaking hungry. but nobody bothered. -o- nevermind. i have donuts. :] hohohoho.

its saturday tml. hmms..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

went to watch cinderella today. :]

complicated show. but the story makes sense. :] hohoho. quite nice. and quite scary. xD watched 4 movies last month. another 4 this month. -o-

long time since i have seeeen chiamin.
long time since i have seeeen shien.
long time since i have seeeen yanshan.



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

went IKEA with marissa today. :]

waited for the shuttle bus. and its was extreamly hot. :'[ reached ikea and walked around. saw a cupboard. but i realise that the wood colour is very different from my wood colour. i shall go again with mama another day. ;]

i like that canopy. hmms. before that. i have a conver to show.

belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
is the hang on top of the bed that thing called conopy
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
a leaf
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
no no no
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
de one which is very nifce
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
it's a blardie leaf with blardie numbers
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
wads that
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
i call it a mosqitoe net
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
belinda :] 快乐如此稀薄而短暂,悲伤却总是绵绵不断。 says:
i treat it as a canopy den
Never a right time to say goodbye says:
Never a right time to say goodbye says:

i think its a canopy. :"[ i like it. alot. i will give my children that in the future. even its a guy. :}

so we walk walk walk. and wanted to get out. i guess we walked the wrong entrance and a uncle shouted at us. :'[ took the bus back to tamp. and went tm and cs to walk around. once again, after taking neoprints, i realise the sky is dark. :] onli this time the neoprints are much nicer. xD

hohoho. i realised i have 551 posts. and its going to be a new year in a blink of eye. :] den chinese new year. yay. new clothes. i shall get a new dress and 3 tops and bottoms, new shoe, new bag, new pajamas, new undergarments, new money.?

finally, something to be excited of after christmas other den school reopening. :]


sad marissa. :'[


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


went to the libary. i mean i went to libraries. tamp and pasir ris. borrrowed some books. and marissa called me and tried to make me paiseh in public by asking me to talk LOUDER. yeaaaaaaaaa. marissa is BACKKKKK. belinda miss u. miko miss u. milo miss u.

went to get sis's necklace as its her bday tml. hohohoho.

nothing else.


Monday, December 04, 2006

today is a wonderful day.:]

met jorene at 1++ and head to orchard,fareast. saw alot of japanese people and they speak loudly. one of them 'shout' into my ear and i've got a shock. i dont know is that called shout or its their normal way of talking.

i mus be an idiot to bring 30 dollars to orchard. :'[ saw alot of stuffs which i want. well, its alot of me. :] hmms. planning to go back there on friday or monday. xD hohoho. watching death note 2 with jorene and the 28th and cinderella/deck the halls on thursday with jorene and others. :]

orchard tells me that christmas is coming soon. like wad jorene have say, lightings really make me feel like its depavali. xD and i am realli realli realli going to get that victoria's secret perfume. jorene wants it too. shall ask mama to give as a.. christmas present? if not i have to pay it myself. :"[

reached home at 9 and i am extreamly tired after all those walkings. :"[


cutie jorene. :]

yea. yea. yea. i am going to make a money spending plan. i dont want my money to be used up in a blink. :]

bye bye.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


stayed at home for 2 days. :] hohooohoo. i miss marissa. i miss chiamin. :'[

tml suppose to be a busy day. hmms.. tml is still a busy day. :'[ first, tuition teacher asked me to have tuition tml. den jorene asked me to go out tml. den mummy say she take off day tml to bring me to ikea. den jiamin say tml go tmart to pass her the chalet money.

-o- i shall.. make everything balance..

bahhhhs. help daddy to take pictures to renew his passport online. the system is quite.. complicating?

i laughed at this photo for a loooong time. i forced daddy to wear his old specs since he force me to wear mine. :] only seen daddy in photos because his job is optional for that. :]

and my specs is only ready 3 days later. :"[ have to wear this stupid specs for another three days. :'[ sad me. :'[


Friday, December 01, 2006

shit. i broke my specs this morning. i have been wearing contacts lense till now because i have to wait for daddy to be back. :'[ and its a completely good chance to ask daddy to make me a new specs. :]

i am tired too. :'[ i slpt for 20 mins with contacts and it became drier. and when daddy is back, he gave me a stupid ROUND spces and said that the shop close liao tml den make. i feel like i am some round specs freak and my eyes are red. nevermind. i wont go out tml though it wont affect anything. :"[




Thursday, November 30, 2006

today is like 100% wonderful day?

hmms. went ceni to have lunch and choco fonduuue. :] the prawn pasta was simply delicious. the fondu is sooooo heavenly. i didnt regret spending 20 dollars on all this. :]

hohoho. went to walk around. and i dont know how the hell we walked to plaza sing. erms. we keep walkiing straight. dadadaa. and walked around at plaza sing. bought some stuffs. and head hooome. :]

reached home at 7++ and there isnt anybody at home. after all those rushing. (house rule #3: -$10 from weekly allowance if reach home after 7pm) blah blah blah. so i ate some stuffs and i am fulll. :]

this blardie thing..

broke my nails!

last week i saw this..

today i saw this..


P.S i want that victoria's secret perrfume. its going to be my gift for all those hardwork this year. :]

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

today is a 80% bad day. :'[

mummy scoop me out of bed this morning and asked me to go to the library to collect her reserved books. some flower books. and saw some books which i have beeeen looking for. borrowed them under mummy's name. :]

it started the drizzle a lil. den i realise that i took the wrong 293 after 2 stops. :'[ so i went down the bus. and walk to the busstop (almost raining). then went i board the bus, i realise my ez link no money and i onli have 10 cents coin and a 2 dollar note with me. luckily, the uncle said nevermind. :]

reached the doorstep and i couldnt find my keys. i forgotten to bring it because i went out with mummy this morning. :"[ so i waited outside for sis to come back. it was freaking cold out there. and i feel STICKY. :'[ all of the sudden, a lil boy in yellow walked down the stairs and stood beside me. i didnt notice him and got a shock. my books ran down the stairs and they are wet. >:[ and that boy was trying not to laugh.

gahs. den i waited for sis for 45 mins. and choing for the toilet and tell myself i am going to stay at home for the whole day.

and marissa is in chingmai now i guess. :"[ her hamsters are with me. such adorable hamsters. :]



marissa poking moomoo's nose. :]


Saturday, November 25, 2006


its a lovely day today. went out with jorene to plaza sing. so many lovely things there. bought stuffs too. xD hehehehe. and i also realise that jorene have the same type of toes which i have. YAY. i always thought i am weird..

reach home and started to play with nails..


hmms. i dont know wad i was saying.. but i know it took me 1 hour to pick out the stars from the nail polish and put it on my nail. :'[ HOHOHO. i am going to put coconuts in that person's mouth if he/she says my nails are ugly..



ytd in the popular sales with chiamin.. i spotted a weird looking star..

HOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO. i am going to watch the show NICHIAMIN recommended mee.

i am TIRED.
its almost 2.
i shall go to bed.
and i am going out with jorene tml.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

expo tml.
going out with jorene on sat.
mummy swear that she is going to bring me too ikea.
finished my book.

daddy dont want to give me my allowance.
because of the hp bill.
mummy broke her promise (not that swear) .
because she have to work.
i have to eat microwaved food forever.
i am sian.
because of unhappy things.

( -o-) ( -o- ) ( -o-) ( -o- )
its shaking its head. :'[

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

math is boring.

having math during the school holidays is more boring.


Monday, November 20, 2006

went to watch step up with marissa. :] hoooohooooooo. wandered around tampines. took neoprints which is realli ugly. :'[ hohoho. went home after that.

tml have to go to school for a math stuffs. -o- sian laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :'[

yawns yawns yawns.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

WOOOOOHOOOOOOS. i spent 2 days at home. i think i am rotting. -o- i told mama i am going to stay home for the whole week. :"[

finisheed 18.29 the koreaa drama. thankyou chiamin for recommending and borrowing. -o- i thought it wasn't nice but i was wrong. :'[ its a nice show. :] watched the show from 6pm till 2 am. -o- and den from 1pm till 9pm i guess. :] i am bored so i watch watch and watch.

the show didnt have alot of touching parts which will make people CRY unlike.. dachangjin.? but alot of funny parts. daddy think i am mad when i hug piggy+moomoo and laughed. :] hohoho. and i finished it. i shall find another drama to watch. all read my lovely books. :}


Friday, November 17, 2006

i am tired. -o-

i woke up at 7 and went swimming with mama. :] went for breadfast den to expo for the food exibition i think. looked for chiamin and yanshan. -o- mummy bought some yummy yummy stuffs. some japanese tea which isnt nice to me. :"[

went to the book fair after that. lovely. :] bought story books. daddy liked it. :] and mummy send me home. and on the way, shien called me. i think she mus have somehow cheated me out. :'[ rest a while. expo again. -o-

mummy fetched us there and home because she was going out and coming back. marissa and shien came after that. :] and afer they left. i fell aslp on the sofa. and marissa called me. i was msg-ing with chiamin 1/2 awake 1/2 slping. and jorene msged me. and some weird numbers miss call. :'[

me marissa and moomoo.
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
cute wad
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
see the cow
|haocheng™| says:
yar lor
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
|haocheng™| says:
|haocheng™| says:
she has got so much weird stuffs with her

marissa and haocheng's conver. MOOMOO ISNT WEIRD LA. U WEIRDO. SAY MOOMOO WEIRD. :'[

haocheng is one weirdo. a BIIIGGGG one. moomoo isnt weird..

Thursday, November 16, 2006


hooohoooohooooooo. went out too early today. :"[ they are at marissa's house while i am at inter. so i went to the library to read my teenage. looools. den went over to meeeeeet them. watched Material Girls. :] quite a nice show. sosoooo. xD

went 201 to get cage for marissa's new hamsters, Dori and Miko aka Xiaoqiang. :] den met cheryl and went to marissa's house for dinner. thank you marissa for ur dinner and the 2 pizzas and one nugget u stuff me. -o- u made meeeee fulll. :"[

cabbed home with cheryl and shien. and the uncle is meaaaaaaan. :"[ he said it is our fault to walk this road (we have to drop cheryl at 201). reach hommmmme. :] updating. xD



dori on puppy.

me, combing my hair. -o-

cheryl. :]

hooooohooo. :]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

went to see what class i got in today. 3e6. :] lovely. jus what i wanted. xD

after that went to chiamin's house with marissa. ate somekind of noodles. and it rained. and chiamin went to bed. and slp. marissa and i left for eastpoint to wander around. :]

i hate people to wake me up when i am slping. :'[ those people are being such a goldfish. :'[ especially waking me up without reasons. >:[

i've got a shock when dont know whose maid is holding PIGGY by its 2 legs /hands. and looking at it. and i just stared at her and she got a shock because i was looking at her. i think its aunt's maid. i still dont see the need to come into my room but she say she came in to sweep the floor. without a broom.

mummy woke me up when she is vacuuming the floor. -o- is my room really so lovely that everybody has to come in and sweep, vacuum, mop ? its irritating. i shall curse those who like to wake others up by having isomania and all sorts of sleep disorder. :]

i hope this isnt the book we are going to use. :'[

this hamster look like a ball. marissa say its sleeping.

its a crab.

eeyoretigger: ooooooooh chiamin wake up. :'[

chiamin's air cargo. or whatever. -o-

ahhhhs. there is extra additional math lesson this holiday. 6 DAYS LEH.! :'[ let me die. i need to replace my brain cells for next year. :'[

sighs. :'[