Thursday, March 29, 2007

sports day today.

it raaaainedd. went jared's house first. saw worms. -o- den to jascintha's house. DOGS!!!! i miss tinkie. :''[

den cabbed to stadium. told yanshan i was alone and she believed. -o-

screamed a few times for neptune but the new secondary ones are too.. shy i guess. -o- shy is a much nicer word to use. :] hehehe.

and ya. today, wilson tay rong shun said that he is going to join sports day next year. :] hehehe. we shall seee.

after that went to look for jared and others. :] jascintha pei-ed me to popular. :] hehehes. jascintha is funny. :]

JAS: hahaha. chick's lucky colour is yellow.
after a few seconds..
JAS: hahahas. very lame leh. chick's lucky colour is yellow. hahaha.

i was eating so i didnt reply her. so.. she is talking to herself. :]

saw marissa and cheryl at tm but marissa dao me. marissa dao me leh leh leh. am i using the word correctly? xDD

went home after that. :]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
jascintha's dooooogs.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
jerome drinking.. strawberry milk.

gahgahgahs. haven do maths. :"[


sorry,sorry,sorry. i dont know what am i thinking and doing. :[

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

freaking hell freaking hell freaking hell.

today is an extreamly bad day.

left my freaking file in school.



byebye. :"[
jolene is extreamly violent. beware of her.



Monday, March 26, 2007

blahs. i am bored. so i decided to blog.

rhymes. :]

chinese. ggrrs. quek haocheng put a freaking fake spider on my shoulder. -o-

i ate hi-chew during maths. and mr tan saw it. :] hehehehe.

had poa peer tutoring thingy after schooool. grouping with jascintha. :] went mac with jared and others. :]

gahgahghas. physics quiz tml. :[



i guess i have to stop it all. before its tooo late.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

my computer is mad. i think it will burst any minute. -o-

marissa and yanshan came over today. :]

did hmks. dont know how to do maths. :[

gahhhhhhhhhs. its monday tml again. the same old cycle will repeat. like how the water evaporates and condense and fall as rain and evaporates again. blah blah and blah.



Saturday, March 24, 2007



i want to go out. but i am lazy to go out. -o- daddy refuse to give me $. sad hors.

i shall stay at home and rot rot rot.


sad me.


and yes, i want to watch mr bean la. :"[

Friday, March 23, 2007

extreamly sian day. :"[

pe is somehow fun today. teacher said i was in touch rugby at first. -o- den she say wrooong. :] i will skip every pe lesson if i am in it. -o-

went to eat with marissa and den she bought me to seeee a person who assumes his hair is cute. den she went home. :"[ should have gone tm with cheryl and yiming after school. :"[ den i wont be so bored at home. sighs.

chatting with jascintha now. she told me a funny thing. :] mr tan's full name is HERO TAN YIM SIONG(ying xiong=hero). hehehe. hehhehe. hehehe. his name is like a equation. jared is planning to suan him on monday. :]

belinda '-' says:
jolene is noisy one lor.
JAScintha (: says:
can see
JAScintha (: says:
her laughter so sharp
JAScintha (: says:
dan u will laugh too.
JAScintha (: says:
i sae u two laugh dan i also laugh alone
belinda '-' says:
belinda '-' says:
JAScintha (: says:
dan brian tot i siao one

please do not laugh alone. if you feel like laughing, call me. -o- whenever i feel like laughing alone i will call marissa because i will look retarded. erms. laughing alone.

giggles. and someone just told me he cut his hair and he look like a box. :]

byebye. daddy is forcing me to write bro's wedding invitation cards. sighs. sad me. :"[

Thursday, March 22, 2007

jascintha can communicate with cats. :]

today is a tiring day. extreamly tiring.

sfl was super boring. :"[

after sfl, went 400++ with marissa,jascintha and charmaine.

ate. :]

stuck in the rain. :"[

marissa's mother send us back. :]



Sunday, March 18, 2007

school is reopening tml. :"[

went out with jascintha,charmaine,jared,jerome and jiamin yesterday. to bugis. met quite early. 10.30am. overslept. :]

all of them bought school bags. the shop owner must be happy. :] bought bracelet with jared. and pair of earrings which will look weird on me but i like it very very much. :]

took neos. and walked around bugis. went back to tampines after that and i had to go home while the others went to tm.

jared and jerome are like mother and son. :] really really really.

today is boring. went natasha's house for history project. i think its completed. it must be completed. its due tml. did some maths and physics there.

sighs. reached home and went down again to laminate the history project. :"[

tiring la.

completed some other hmks. hope i didnt miss out any. :"[

this holiday sucks.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

marissa :8) says:
i think i look like a penguin with really long eyelashes and big round eyes

joel drew it. :] i paint it. :]]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the 'artist'.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hehehe. :]

met joel at simei because i dont know the way to natasha's house. :] joel actually checked the singapore map when he was at home. -o- and the way to natasha's house is quite complicated. heng.. i didnt try finding.

and yes. joel-who-always-ask-people-not-to-be-late was late for 23 minutes for the whole project and i waited for him forr.. 10minutes. :]

table and wardrobe came. i have no idea how to arrange it. -o- shall wait for mummy. :] though i stuffed everything in it because my room was very messy. i feel irritated. -o-

met jorene. :]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

going bugis with jared and others tml. :]


somethings.. are meant to be.

Friday, March 16, 2007

going to natasha's house for history project later. sighs. sorry jascintha, have to change to another day AGAIN.

i am excited because the new table and wardrobe is coming later. :] but worried toooo. scared they get the wrong shade wood. :[

blah blah blahs.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

belinda '-' says:
belinda '-' says:
so forgiving
marissa :8) says:
ya lor
marissa :8) says:
i, marissa goh aka princess punk very forgiving one

sighs. mummy woke me up at 10am and she told me that she is going to help me shift the old stuffs out. trust me, later she is going to ask those sweeper/cleaner downstairs to help.

she woke me up at 10am and its 12.15pm now. she talking/gossiping/complaining on the phone about how free she feel after quiting the job/how the job sucks/the boss is a gay or blah blahs. this always happen. later she is going to find a new job and den the whole cycle will repeat again.

sighs. i hope i wont be like her when i grow up...

i will gooo out and look for a suitable dreesss for bro's wedding dinner later. i dont really get the meaning of SUITABLE. how unsuitable a dress can be? mummy kept repeating that HE IS YOUR BROTHER. YOU WANT LET HIM THROW FACE ISSIT. NEXT TIME YOUR WEDDING I WEAR SARONG GO LA.

unsuitable dress=sarong

thats how my mother thinks. -o- and later i will be going with her. sighs. i shall bring something like monopoly there to prevent myself from being bored. mummy=aunty=fussy.

12.26 she is still talking.

super mummy.



w o e m

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

gahs. the whole window closed when i was about to end my post. :"[

went out with marissa yanshan and cheryl today. watched just follow law. was late for the 1pm show so we watched the 4.30 one.

it was a funnnn day. yanshan said she was xiia0 bunneyyxx. and she kept playing her stupid car game on the mrt. the game was quite loud and yanshan made alot of facial expressions when she was playing.

i am lazy to retype. -o-

today is a fun day and i shall let the pictures do the talking. :]

yanshan's noisy car game.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
yanshan started her post using this pictures. i shall end it with this. :]

shall edit later since marissa and cheryl haven sennnd me the photos. :]


what goes around comes around. hor hor hor?


giggles. marissa is going online and offline and online and offline and online and offline. she feels irritated. so do i. :[

omg. i hate beetles. >:[ i shall blog why tml. they are freakingly disgusting..


Monday, March 12, 2007

such a relaxing song. xD

i am bored. so i blogged twice. yay. going out tml. :]

the feeling again.

bought my study table and a new wardrobe which seem to be too small. giggles. nevermind. xDD
i feel happy because mummy didnt allow me to buy that wardrobe. i just went to it and say: mummy. very nice hor. (show that smile) and she allowed. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

happy. happy. happy. now my room isnt that random anymore. xDD i shall wait for june or december and there will be repainting of the whole house.


morning went to meet natasha, joel and azryl to doo history project. :] didnt really do anything. discussed some stuffs and at 12 mummy came and fetch me. :]

mummy is weird nowadays. whenever i sit too.. 'manly'. she will take a picture of it and threaten to show all of the other relatives. -o- daddy is being emo now. sighs. because i spent his money.

i told him i am going to buy one wardrobe which is twice of mine for him. i used the description. BIG UNTIL YOU CAN SLEEP IN IT.

i thought he was going to be happy.. but he said, coffin arhs.? so big for what.

sad hors. make me sad too. :[ and that day when i show him my report card he was upset about my a maths. :[

i have alot of pictures today.. of joel. but i cant seem to transfer the pictures into the computer. i shall put it otherday. :]

joel says he tries not to peel his nails by sitting on his hands everytime.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

yays. ive packed my roooom. happy me. :]

i feel like eating crepes since afternoon. asked daddy to help me buy but he refuse. sighs. i shall go down and buy it later. :}

tml will be a busy day. history project in the morning at tmart. after that mummy will bring me to get some stuffs. :] hope i will get to buy a new table. this table is starting to irritate me. :]

byebye. i shall go and get my crepees. :}
maybe i should just forget about it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


went out with marissa today. :] so fun. bought stuffs to put my stuffs. feel so happy and neat. :] i shall tidy my room tml. its super super super messy now. i told myself to tidy it last month. but i was busy. :"[ busy like a beeeee.

went plaza sing first den to bugis. marissa pierced her belly button. thats what she says. :]

daddy took away all my money and put it into the bank. i am broke. even my personal savings. :[ how depressing can it be. a holiday without money. sighs. lucky its only for 1 week. :]

and my hp is officially crazy after i dropped it into a cup of water. sighs. sad hor?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
using this phoone now. :]

joel is feeling very depress now. because the teacher put him in the 400m GIRLS group. and now he needs a substitute to run for him because he says he cannot run with girls.

there is a stack of hmk waiting for me. i guess.

no, you are not popular. you just want to be popular. so, stop the act now.
gahs. i am still sick. now its not only me who is sick. daddy, sister and friends. :[
sorry. :[

gahgahgahs. going out tml. yays. oh ya, its the begining of the one week holiday. feel like it makes no difference.

even though there isnt any extra class, but there are tons of homeworks to be done. 2 projects. history and maths. maths is much more relax than history. :]

gahgahgahs. its late. i am tired. :[

walked home with jorene today/yesterday.
happy. :]


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

my nose is RED. :"[ sad me. i am still not well. tell me why.

i used alot alot alot alot of tissues today. during lessons and stuffs. couldnt focus too. kept blowing my nose. and coughing. -o-

had cca today. gahgahgahs.

i have to complete my zuo wen. :"[

sad me. my life is becoming so 'standard'.


if you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken..


Quoted from JORENE's blog:
Have you ever fallen off the bed whileyou were sleeping?

no. the first & only time is BELINDA FOO kick me down the bed during primary5 camp.

jorene has good memory.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

tell me why am i still not well.

i drank lots of water.

i ate the stuffs mummy gave me.

i rest alot. alot. :]

tell me why. :"[

a. maths sucks.

spent few hours at mac with yanshan and marissa.

finally complete that hmk. -o-



let me die. :"[

byebye. :"[

tell me whats going through your mind when your eyes met mine..

Monday, March 05, 2007


i was hoping that my throat would be fine after drinking that dont know what water. but it didnt. :"[ my voice was GOONE this morning. and i kept drinking water. till it came back. but its very.. man. -o-

became normal in school but if i 'talk to hard' i will start to cough. -o-


>: [

and ive got back my ca results. quite sucky. esp. A. MATHS. :"[ 53. kill me.



tell me why. i cannot believe it.

let me hide under my blanket and cry.


no, i dont have a boyfriend. -o-

Sunday, March 04, 2007

i hope my throat will be fine tml.

because i drank 1/2 a bottle of ling yang water or something.


almost puke after that. -o-

so, i wish that it would be ok tml.



belinda '-' says:
belinda '-' says:
belinda '-' says:
is shooo complicated
- x33 Get me over says:
ya lor
- x33 Get me over says:
- x33 Get me over says:
- x33 Get me over says:
i love you can liao ,
- x33 Get me over says:
then my heart will be occupied
belinda '-' says:
ok. :]
belinda '-' says:

Saturday, March 03, 2007


i forced marissa to go shopping today because i realise that i need a new nose.

met marissa at tamp inter and she was L-A-T-E. sad me. :[ and i am having sore throat AGAIN. at the starting of the month AGAIN. had sore throat on 1st of jan. den 2nd of feb. now? 3rd of march.

den went to have lunch and headed to orchard,fareast. its not that packed compared to the last time i went with yanshan. when you see a packed shop/shopping mall, you will feel sian and want to goo home. :]

giggles. bought stuffs again. :] den went back to tampines. went cs and took neos. marissa accompanied me to have a haircut. :] not much difference. i feel happy because i didnt get the china-doll curse. chiamin named it btw.

china-doll curse cause me to have phobia in cutting hair.


i like this picture and i dont know why. :]

my father listens to teriyaki boys, tokyo drift. its extreamly weird. dont you think so.? i was about to shout. IRRITATING LA. and i realise its my father playing the song from his hp. -o-

and shit. my books are 10 days overdued. -o- marissa, i can accompany you to pay your library fines. -o-

sad me.


Friday, March 02, 2007

ahhhs. i am very tired and irritated. -o-

march holiday.! a great time to relax a while and maybe catch up a lil in schoolwork. :] though its only 1 week but i think its enough. :] there is a LOOOOONG LOOOONG way ahead. -o-

sec 3 life is like running 2.4. -o-

and yes 2.4. i passed. yay. no need to run next week. yays. :] thankyou jascintha for pulling/pushing me. hahhahas. xDDD

i am tired.


stare at the bunny and say goodbye.