Monday, March 12, 2007


bought my study table and a new wardrobe which seem to be too small. giggles. nevermind. xDD
i feel happy because mummy didnt allow me to buy that wardrobe. i just went to it and say: mummy. very nice hor. (show that smile) and she allowed. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

happy. happy. happy. now my room isnt that random anymore. xDD i shall wait for june or december and there will be repainting of the whole house.


morning went to meet natasha, joel and azryl to doo history project. :] didnt really do anything. discussed some stuffs and at 12 mummy came and fetch me. :]

mummy is weird nowadays. whenever i sit too.. 'manly'. she will take a picture of it and threaten to show all of the other relatives. -o- daddy is being emo now. sighs. because i spent his money.

i told him i am going to buy one wardrobe which is twice of mine for him. i used the description. BIG UNTIL YOU CAN SLEEP IN IT.

i thought he was going to be happy.. but he said, coffin arhs.? so big for what.

sad hors. make me sad too. :[ and that day when i show him my report card he was upset about my a maths. :[

i have alot of pictures today.. of joel. but i cant seem to transfer the pictures into the computer. i shall put it otherday. :]

joel says he tries not to peel his nails by sitting on his hands everytime.


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