Thursday, November 30, 2006

today is like 100% wonderful day?

hmms. went ceni to have lunch and choco fonduuue. :] the prawn pasta was simply delicious. the fondu is sooooo heavenly. i didnt regret spending 20 dollars on all this. :]

hohoho. went to walk around. and i dont know how the hell we walked to plaza sing. erms. we keep walkiing straight. dadadaa. and walked around at plaza sing. bought some stuffs. and head hooome. :]

reached home at 7++ and there isnt anybody at home. after all those rushing. (house rule #3: -$10 from weekly allowance if reach home after 7pm) blah blah blah. so i ate some stuffs and i am fulll. :]

this blardie thing..

broke my nails!

last week i saw this..

today i saw this..


P.S i want that victoria's secret perrfume. its going to be my gift for all those hardwork this year. :]

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

today is a 80% bad day. :'[

mummy scoop me out of bed this morning and asked me to go to the library to collect her reserved books. some flower books. and saw some books which i have beeeen looking for. borrowed them under mummy's name. :]

it started the drizzle a lil. den i realise that i took the wrong 293 after 2 stops. :'[ so i went down the bus. and walk to the busstop (almost raining). then went i board the bus, i realise my ez link no money and i onli have 10 cents coin and a 2 dollar note with me. luckily, the uncle said nevermind. :]

reached the doorstep and i couldnt find my keys. i forgotten to bring it because i went out with mummy this morning. :"[ so i waited outside for sis to come back. it was freaking cold out there. and i feel STICKY. :'[ all of the sudden, a lil boy in yellow walked down the stairs and stood beside me. i didnt notice him and got a shock. my books ran down the stairs and they are wet. >:[ and that boy was trying not to laugh.

gahs. den i waited for sis for 45 mins. and choing for the toilet and tell myself i am going to stay at home for the whole day.

and marissa is in chingmai now i guess. :"[ her hamsters are with me. such adorable hamsters. :]



marissa poking moomoo's nose. :]


Saturday, November 25, 2006


its a lovely day today. went out with jorene to plaza sing. so many lovely things there. bought stuffs too. xD hehehehe. and i also realise that jorene have the same type of toes which i have. YAY. i always thought i am weird..

reach home and started to play with nails..


hmms. i dont know wad i was saying.. but i know it took me 1 hour to pick out the stars from the nail polish and put it on my nail. :'[ HOHOHO. i am going to put coconuts in that person's mouth if he/she says my nails are ugly..



ytd in the popular sales with chiamin.. i spotted a weird looking star..

HOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO. i am going to watch the show NICHIAMIN recommended mee.

i am TIRED.
its almost 2.
i shall go to bed.
and i am going out with jorene tml.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

expo tml.
going out with jorene on sat.
mummy swear that she is going to bring me too ikea.
finished my book.

daddy dont want to give me my allowance.
because of the hp bill.
mummy broke her promise (not that swear) .
because she have to work.
i have to eat microwaved food forever.
i am sian.
because of unhappy things.

( -o-) ( -o- ) ( -o-) ( -o- )
its shaking its head. :'[

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

math is boring.

having math during the school holidays is more boring.


Monday, November 20, 2006

went to watch step up with marissa. :] hoooohooooooo. wandered around tampines. took neoprints which is realli ugly. :'[ hohoho. went home after that.

tml have to go to school for a math stuffs. -o- sian laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :'[

yawns yawns yawns.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

WOOOOOHOOOOOOS. i spent 2 days at home. i think i am rotting. -o- i told mama i am going to stay home for the whole week. :"[

finisheed 18.29 the koreaa drama. thankyou chiamin for recommending and borrowing. -o- i thought it wasn't nice but i was wrong. :'[ its a nice show. :] watched the show from 6pm till 2 am. -o- and den from 1pm till 9pm i guess. :] i am bored so i watch watch and watch.

the show didnt have alot of touching parts which will make people CRY unlike.. dachangjin.? but alot of funny parts. daddy think i am mad when i hug piggy+moomoo and laughed. :] hohoho. and i finished it. i shall find another drama to watch. all read my lovely books. :}


Friday, November 17, 2006

i am tired. -o-

i woke up at 7 and went swimming with mama. :] went for breadfast den to expo for the food exibition i think. looked for chiamin and yanshan. -o- mummy bought some yummy yummy stuffs. some japanese tea which isnt nice to me. :"[

went to the book fair after that. lovely. :] bought story books. daddy liked it. :] and mummy send me home. and on the way, shien called me. i think she mus have somehow cheated me out. :'[ rest a while. expo again. -o-

mummy fetched us there and home because she was going out and coming back. marissa and shien came after that. :] and afer they left. i fell aslp on the sofa. and marissa called me. i was msg-ing with chiamin 1/2 awake 1/2 slping. and jorene msged me. and some weird numbers miss call. :'[

me marissa and moomoo.
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
cute wad
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
see the cow
|haocheng™| says:
yar lor
Your hazel eyes paralyze my senses. says:
|haocheng™| says:
|haocheng™| says:
she has got so much weird stuffs with her

marissa and haocheng's conver. MOOMOO ISNT WEIRD LA. U WEIRDO. SAY MOOMOO WEIRD. :'[

haocheng is one weirdo. a BIIIGGGG one. moomoo isnt weird..

Thursday, November 16, 2006


hooohoooohooooooo. went out too early today. :"[ they are at marissa's house while i am at inter. so i went to the library to read my teenage. looools. den went over to meeeeeet them. watched Material Girls. :] quite a nice show. sosoooo. xD

went 201 to get cage for marissa's new hamsters, Dori and Miko aka Xiaoqiang. :] den met cheryl and went to marissa's house for dinner. thank you marissa for ur dinner and the 2 pizzas and one nugget u stuff me. -o- u made meeeee fulll. :"[

cabbed home with cheryl and shien. and the uncle is meaaaaaaan. :"[ he said it is our fault to walk this road (we have to drop cheryl at 201). reach hommmmme. :] updating. xD



dori on puppy.

me, combing my hair. -o-

cheryl. :]

hooooohooo. :]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

went to see what class i got in today. 3e6. :] lovely. jus what i wanted. xD

after that went to chiamin's house with marissa. ate somekind of noodles. and it rained. and chiamin went to bed. and slp. marissa and i left for eastpoint to wander around. :]

i hate people to wake me up when i am slping. :'[ those people are being such a goldfish. :'[ especially waking me up without reasons. >:[

i've got a shock when dont know whose maid is holding PIGGY by its 2 legs /hands. and looking at it. and i just stared at her and she got a shock because i was looking at her. i think its aunt's maid. i still dont see the need to come into my room but she say she came in to sweep the floor. without a broom.

mummy woke me up when she is vacuuming the floor. -o- is my room really so lovely that everybody has to come in and sweep, vacuum, mop ? its irritating. i shall curse those who like to wake others up by having isomania and all sorts of sleep disorder. :]

i hope this isnt the book we are going to use. :'[

this hamster look like a ball. marissa say its sleeping.

its a crab.

eeyoretigger: ooooooooh chiamin wake up. :'[

chiamin's air cargo. or whatever. -o-

ahhhhs. there is extra additional math lesson this holiday. 6 DAYS LEH.! :'[ let me die. i need to replace my brain cells for next year. :'[

sighs. :'[

Monday, November 13, 2006

AHHS. i cant have peaceful sleeps this days. :'[

i went to bed at 12++ ytd. and i fall aslp. but i didnt off my hp silient. den yanshan sent a msg. den i woke up. and i cant slp back. :'[ so i called cheryl's hp at night and conferenced till 5.30 and went to bed.

and at 7am. mummy woke me up and asked me if i want to go to the BEACH and eat breadfast. i dont know issit a dream or not. den later at 10 she woke me up again and asked if i want to have bread for breadfast. -o- i said no and slp again. :]

but at 11.30am. my hp alarm started to ring and i dont know why. and some blardie construction work is going on upstairs. imagine: BRRRROOOOOOOOM(DIDODIDODIDO).. BRRRRRRRROOOOOOOM(DIDODIDO)..

brrrooooom= construction work.
didodido= hp alarm clock.

and den i woke up. :"[ and there is a chalet tml. and we are meeting in the morning. can we dont meet in the morning PLEASE?


bye bye everyone. :"[

Sunday, November 12, 2006

woooohooos. i feel accomplished today. :]

woke up late again. :[ dennnn finished up my puzzle. :] in the end mummy asked me to throw it away because there are 2 missing pieces. :[ so i threw it away. den i wandered around the house. watched 2 movies. Shall we dance and somekind of korean show. :] itts nicceeee.

few more days to the 15th. hope i wont enter the same class as the nightmare. i will nightmare for the rest of the 2 years. :'[ hehehhee.

this is nice because i took it without looking. :]


Saturday, November 11, 2006

i realise that next week will be busy tooo. :'[

its raining since afternoon. i didnt regret staying at home. but i was woken up by NICHIAMIN. :'[ like she have said, i wasted my day. half of my day, sleeping. :] HEHEHE. read my books. :] finished 2 books. :}

piggy's new frens. :]


Friday, November 10, 2006

wooos. i guess i have been going out almost the whole week. -o- spent money. :'[

went out with marissa chiamin shien yanshan and red today. ya. and it rained. i dont really know wad to talk about today. hmms. i bought a top. ate pastamania. walked around. it rained. went back to tamp. bought bread for dinner. packed room. used computer.

bought bread for dinner. ya. thats the main point of the day. >:[ MUMMY WAS AT HOME AND SHE WANTS HER DAUGHTER TO EAT BREAD. i was expecting an empty house when i reached home. as mummy called me and tell me to have dinner outside. so i bought bread home. egg and ham bread. quite yummy. hmms. ya. den when i reach home. mummy was watching tv. with sis. and mummy cooked. without my share. >:[

so while sis and mummy ate rice, veg, fish and whatever it is. i was eating BREAD. i think that it makes no sense. why couldnt she call me and tell me that she cooked. :'[ this question bothered me since jus now. :'[ nevermind.

OHYA. we took neoprints. :] HEHEHEHE. and i continue reading my sleeping disorder book. besides sleep walking, there is SLEEP EATING. wake up in the middle of the night. walk into the kitchen. and bite something inedible/edible. den ur weight will go up quickly because there is too much undigestable food like knife, rice cooker, toaster, fridge, frying pan. AND YOU WILL BECOME THE METAL MAN.

i am bored. :'[ i am waiting for daddy. i am waiting for money. i am waiting for bedtime. :"[

ahhs. i am conferencing now. iamsleepy. :'[

Thursday, November 09, 2006


HEHHEHEE. i woke up at 8 today. -o- and i hide in my blanket and listened to the radio. :] hehhee. mummy came hoooome. and she talked about menopause to me. -o- and i realise that her voice can make me SLEEPY. so i ate 3 pieces of french toast. and went to bed again. den yanhsna called me. and i woke up again. -o-

met yanshan at the inter and we went to interview. gahs. i cant believe i wrote my birthday wrongly. 2006 instead of 1992. i have this stupid habit. and its not the first time. :"[ and i open the wrong "door" to go out. -o- i almost trip when i enter the room. -o- hp vibrated loudly during the interview. -o-

went to ate some stuffs. den bought a pair of shorts. went to chiamin house. sat for a while. den went 201 to meet cheryl. took 28 home with yanshan. and she used the computer. and i was bought. so i start to read my book about sleep disorders. i found out alot of funny things in the book. although the book dont look funny. but i think its funny. heheheh.

going out tml. :] sat and sun and mon no plaaans. tuesday chalet. wednesday get class results. thursday marissa's bday. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos. i am going to get $$ tml. :]


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Monday, November 06, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOS. went to watch movie with marissa, chiamin, shien, yanshan and cheryl today. The Grudge 2. scary some parts. i realise whenever the ghost come out. the mouth will be. O: den with BIG BIG eyes. and BLUE in colour. -o- their hands will be white. -o- and shien scared me in the show 3 times. -o-

dont realli understand the story though. hmms. onli understood about. 70%? gaaaaahs. ohh yea. we went vivo to watch. :] den after that walked around. hohoho. house rule #o1: reach home before 7pm -$10. tmd. -o- but when i reached home, there isnt anyone. :} HEHHEE. but thats freaky too. -o-

AND NICHIAMIN PULLED OUT MY SLIPPERS IN THE MRT. :'[ I WILL REMMEBER THAT. :"[ and on the escalator, i pulled out her slipper and i thought of throwing down but i changed my mind. :] and in bens and jerry. i used my hand to eat the biscut shien gave me. -o- gahs.



Sunday, November 05, 2006

i thought that today is going to be a BORED day. but its not realli now. ;]

went to chiamin's hoouse at 2++ and yanshan is there. sooooo i went . den sat a while. when eastpointmall to walk around. ate sushi. :] hohoho. den went back to chiamin's house and watch tv. ate dinner .went home with yanshan. and she met caizhuang at the bus stop and both of them pei me wait for 28. :]

WEEEEEEEE. movie tml. :]



CHIAMIN I WANT MY BAG. :'[ why issit underlined. hmms.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

gahs. i am bored. :'[

went to make my contacts earlier on with daaaaddy. i realise that another shop sells better contacts and cheaper. -o- the water content is same as the daily contacts. and thats a very good thing. i've beeeeeeen such a fool to buy from daddy's fren shop. and i jus realise, his shop is. YOU YI (friendship) OPTICAL SHOP.

den. my degree gone up again. -o- ahhhhhhs. i dont think my dear cornea doesnt allow me to go for lasik in the future. due to long term usage of hard and soft contact lense since young. hmms. the sentence sounds weird.. nevermind. contacts harm ur cornea. and make it feel unwanted so it sends an email to the doctor and tell them that they dont want to go for lasik. :]

fine. i dont know why. :'[ even if i can. it can onli cut half of the degrees off. which since useless to me. :'[ and i onli have 64% chance. -o- its getting lower and lower. oh. let me be blind. -o- even my eyes hate me now. they are showing rejections in contacts. hell. jus one trip to the op. tells me so many things.

i shall be an eye specialist in the future. and prevent such things to happen. :'[

this picture appeared in my blog a long time ago. lols. i think its cute. xD


Friday, November 03, 2006







today. is a tiring day.

gaaaahs. my monthly contacts is FINISHED. so i decided to buy it before i meet jorene. but the shop was still close. and it onli open at 12. jorene asked me to go over simei to see. den when i tell the person. they gave me this face. o: or. :/ or. -o-. and told me i need to order if not i have to buy a whole box. but is much lower than my degree.

so i HAVE to go back to tamp and buy it. or. i WANT to go back tamp to buy it. :] so i went back. and i waited for 30mins for the shop to open. the couple went for a vacation. -o- sorry jorene. :'[ hohoho. went back to tamp and went to bugis. and walked around. and bought a few stuffs. i realise i have got one BIG problem..

i always ask myself why did i buy this when i reach home. -o- but not my diva necklace laaaaa. i adooooore it. xD hohoho. so i asked myself why did i buy those stuffs when i reached home. -o- sighs. its a big problem. yes a big one. :'[

gahhhhhs. wandered around at bugis. den jorene got her stufffs. i've got mine too. :] so we went back to tamp. walked around. and went home. :] rest a while. and went to ntuc with mama. bought fruits.:]

i dont think there is any pictures today. :] hehehe.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

today is not a good day either.


firstly, i lovely lil blue blue fan is DEAD. i was surfing the net. and the. erms. cage of the fan flew out i guess. den the blades BROKE. and one shot up right beside me. i stare at it for a few seconds. and the second blade fleeeeew under my bed. -o- i went down annnnnd off the fan. ohh. goodbye my lovely lil fan. :'[ i know u hate me. and if one of ur lovely blade hit me i would be dead. and it almost hit me.

sighs. i was BORED. so i decided to go to the library and sun bian get my daily contacts. the library was crowded. -o- so i chose some books and called mummmmmmmy. :] gahs. she dropped me at the library and went to the bank. but. she couldnt send me back. :'[ i told her i didnt bring my ezlink card. and she said i didnt learn my lessons and asked me to walk home. this thing happened twice. -o- so i walked home. and it looks like its going to rain. so i hurried to the optical shop and its close. -o- tmd.

i guess i have to wear my old contacts. which is extreamly uncomfortable. :'[ nevermind. daddy will bring me to make some new monthly contacts. xD hohohoho. after that, i went began to walk home and it started to drizzle. so i walk and ran home. -o- grrrrrrrrs.q

lovely day. indeed. :"[ hope tml will be a better day. ya. hope.

if fate allows, we shall meet again..