Monday, January 25, 2016

verbal vomit

I had the whole day planned out: Springclean springclean springclean. So there is this long to-do list... Clear out expired make-up, sort out my dresser, clear those clutter... And the one I looked forward to the most was to put up my map......... Only to find out that my sister threw my map away thinking that its trash *insert heartbreak emoji* 

Then I started being a big baby and cried for 1 whole hour... I can't even explain how upset I am...

  • We spent 1.5 day making the cork board map 
  • All my pins are thrown away too 
  • I collected them for 1.5 years 
  • There are some places which I don't see myself going anymore (eg: Capri, Venice)... 
  • Some of them had such special memories to it, that feeling of visiting a country for the very first time
  • The pretty ones from Top of the rock/ Disneyland/ NASA (omg....... my favourite pin)
Just typing this makes me wanna cry again :'( 

I could start collecting them again... Or get someone to buy it for me... But...


Saturday, January 16, 2016

hello 2016

15 days late, but here am I!

2015 has... Well, just been another year. Travelled to tons of other new places, which I surprisingly still enjoy so very much. A year and a half of jetting around taught me so much. Guess the biggest takeaway would be independence. But I was never a 'needy' one to start with. Totally fine with eating/ shopping/ walking alone though at some point in time, you just yearn for some real human interaction. Not just acquaintance having small talks about 'other people'/ what to do with life after flying/ yadayadayada. You know it would be totally different if you had someone who knows you, even if its just hanging out in the hotel room. 

Oh well, kinda got over it at some point. Because... I was never the kind to make connection with people. I think it would take at least 5 Europe flight to get me to hug you and another 5 to bunk in with you. :P

Perhaps 2016 would be a year of 'finding myself'. It's scary when you don't know if you changed or is this just your true self. Hitting 24 this year means no more fooling around and really start saving some moolah instead of thinking that you are destined to be rich. Ha ha. 

I've really silly new year resolutions which I hope to stick to.. Eg: Removing nail polish after every flight (the state of my nails are... argh), fight insomnia through natural ways, get back to my pre-flying weight, ...

Of course I would like to document my traveling more often, if time permits. 

Till my next insomniac night everyone... :(