Thursday, August 31, 2006

dadadaadaada. i didnt take any pictures today. my terrible eyes and wasnt in gooood mood. :[ there wasnt alot who went back to schoool. tonns of excuses. never mind. dadada. i did have a fun time with jorene and others. :}

watched monster house today. errrrrrrrms. not tat nice for me. hehehhe. some funny parts and tats all. :] saw chiamin at neoprint shop. heheheh. i remmeber last year's teachers day i saw her in tm. gooood memory. :] went talking around with jorene after tat. sighs. i can only watch i cant spent alot. my money saving plan. hehehe. xD

hows tml going to be like. gonna get money from daddy becus its my one week holidays. $.$

"Deep in my heart, I'm suffering, knowing that I've lost you. On the
outside, I'm living, pretending that I've forgotten you."
woooooos. i am watiting or jornee. so we can go back to primary schoool together. dadada. woke up with super small eyes. and i scared myself when i was looking at de mirror. i went run run run to get some ices. xD mummy bought me to de shop. to help my contacts clear away its germs or wadever. but we forgot to buy new contacts casees. :"[

going to get them later. xD i wasnt suppose to wear contacts today. but. i dont realli care. :] hehehe. :} but the person in the shop wadever issit called says tat. one more round of eye infection = no contacts. i gave him a who are u to say tat face. :] i rather be blind than without contacts. :'[ but dis time round. its about hygine. i soak my contacts into saline water every morning jus to make sure its clean. and wash my hands. and balh blah blah. and it leads to eye infection. grrs. stupid contacts. hwo i wish i can go for laser now. now. now. :"[

daaaaaaaaa. have been recieving calls from people saying that they couldnt makee it. sad sad. ;"[ i dooooooont care if mummy doesnt allow. i mus go. :] BYEBYEEEEEEEEE. update later. :]

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

woohoos. its teacher's days tml. muahahhas. can seeee de old friends which i've never met since last teacher's day. mauhahahas. i will observe how they changed. :] till now, jorene is the only promary school fren whooom i caontact with. weeeeee made a promise looong loonng ago. tat we cant forget each ooooooother. :'[ dadada. but i am busy dis few weekks. flooded with projects and stuffs. :"-[

lallaas. had 2,4 retest thingy. and it RAINED. saw gillian from far. she passed me an umbrella. hoohoohoo. den tiara came. aaaaaaand den gillian when bakc. tiaraa holded the umbrella fooor me. hehehehe. but i am alrdy wet. -o- dadada. unlucky. xD and i cant stop sneeeeeeeeezing. help help help. ;'[

deciding if i should go to school or not. hmms.....

"If you had the choice to hang onto a person or to hang onto memories, hang onto
memories because people change."

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

AHHHHHHHHS. there is something freakingly wrong with my windows live messenger. i shall change back to msn messenger. HEHEHE. todayu is a norrrrrrmal day. during englishhhhhhh. i was reading de article and sugu called my name. and i dont know wads happening. and i replied. huh? shhhhe told me not tooooo slp. i was READING. :'[ and. daydreaming. iwas tired.

its much more freeeee nowadays. most of the projects are almost completed or completed. :] i will remember sec 2 liffe forever. :"[ its 2.4 tml. siannnn. the rest will be running TOOOOOOOO. hehehehe. i am bored. and tired. i doze off while doing my chinse compo. and there is a black patch of ink there. :] i rewrite and went to have a nap till mama came home. :]

early sleep tonight. :]

"Don't ever give up if you still want to try, don't ever wipe your tears if
you still want to cry. Don't ever settle for an answer if you still want to
know. Don't ever say you don't love him if you can't let him go."

Monday, August 28, 2006


daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i passed my swimming test. HEHEHEE. although its e2. i feel accomplished ya. i didnt waste money on buying swim suit and stuffs. so. i am happy about it.:] it ended 5 mins earlier today. jus got de test and after tat go down and play water. i was thnking if to go down or not. as i wasnt very wet. but i went down and swim for a lil while. den went to shower. :}

lalalas. wait for the others. partially of the others went to eat. i am lazy to name out. -o- and another partial went to mac and takeaway fooood. :] we ps-ed aizat and syed. we are realli rushing for TIME. time is competing against us tat time. xD

rushed home with marissa chiamin n shien. becus.. becus i left out 2 pages when i print the sceince project. and didnt realise it until today. :'[ i forgot to bring my goggle tooo. :"[ rushed home and print it. cus eveeeeeeeeryone has tution on MONDAY. mondays is always blue. :]

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. its tuesday tml. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. there is sceince lite math mt english. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. NIGHTMARE. when will this be over. :'[ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. wad is happening too meeeeeee. i am becoming weiiiiiird. sighs. i shall figure it out. -o-

"'Forgive', that's a mighty big word for such a small man."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

wooow. today is a loong and tired day. first. in the morning. mummy sent me to the library. nicey. returned and borrow some books. :] i WALKED home. i realise i didnt bring my ez-link card. :'[ saddddddddd.

dens went i reach home and do some tuition homeworks. chiamin n kelvin came. to do their science project. kelvin is a secretive person. dadadadada. dens. kelvin went off. and dont know wad time, chaimin left tooooo. and i was den. busy with my stuffs. hehehe.

its slping time. :]

"If some things are better left unsaid, then maybe they too are better left
WEEEEEEEEEX. its 2.33 now. :] dadada. ttoday is a looong looong looong day. marissa shien n syed came over to do our sceince project. and now we are alomost completing it. its due on monday. and history is due on monday too. adn we still have to present on tat day. sighs sighs sighs. i hate presetning.

syed went first. followed by shien and marissa. ate kfc which is imported from malaysia. the food is cold and it taste weird. :'[ dadadadadadadaaaa. den done some sceince jus now. :} wad time should i slp. hmms. *wonders* i shall visit the library tml morning. :]

ehhhhs. nothing intresting today. jus a normal saturday. on monday, almost everything is over. the day which i have been waiting for. :]

"Don't let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the

Friday, August 25, 2006

lallaas. i am tired :} mummy rearranged the stuffs in my rooooom. i cant jump on to my bed now. :'[ i have to walk there. :"[ if i drop. i will land on the floor. :"[ but my room looks bigger. :]

went to chiamin house after school. made biscuts. yummy. :] dadadadaa. den stayed at her house till 6++ den went home. :] dadadaa.

mummy and sis is going out tml. den i will be alone at home. but marissa shien and other grp memebres are coming over and do project. lalalas. let me tidy my room. xD

"Every moment without you, is a moment of time lost."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

/WOOOOOOOOOOO. there is something wrong with my blogger ytd. tat sad sad sad. xD i spent my night ytd doing home econs project. :]

ytd's picturesss.

today is a fun fun fun fun fun day. hehehe. first. we went to changi old prison. the picture of the heads freak me off.

the prissson and the chapel. so many people suffered inside. :'[ and saw the uncomplete mural tat chai lao shi told us. the person hu drew it died before he could complete it. :'[ chai lao shi say he is still living in england and dont wan to come back because of the sad memories. the faces in the mural is the faces of artist's war mate.

JOEL OWNS THIS TREE.(he said he own tat sentosa thingy during the trip to pula semankao or something.)

we went to fort canning park. :] the underground battlebox thingy. its coooooooooool inside. my hp went 'no service' but we still can take picures. in one part of the room, the lights suddenly went off and go BROOM BOOM BOOM. yanshan screamed. beside me. i am afraid of yanshan screaming. AFRAID. oh ya. gillian hugged me. -o- i dont know is she trying to calm down or is she scared. -o- den we went to ohter rooms. de surrender ones, the placing of planes thingy and the telephone rooms. soooooo fun. seeing wax people. hahaha. some can move. :]

*smiles* went tooooooooo. bukit chandu. watched a movie thingy. its nice. de effects is nice too. there is one well there. dens. on top there is de map or something. when u look down. u see urself. and de map. funs.:] and there is one picture of jarius. he say cannot post in blog. :'[

dens we went to krangi war memorial thingy. its a graveyard for the. war people. :] the heros who died for singapore. there is alot and alot and alot of tombstones. the tour person say there is 4016 of them. and. there are babies who died on their birthday, teenagers, old people. blah blah blah. lots of them. den there is 12 blocks of tall walls which write those people unfound. there are ALOOOOOOOT. even they find the head or the hand or the leg they will bury it too. sighs.

"Love is a journey not a destination."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1. Single, Taken, or Crushing?
=> single.
2. Are euu happy with your life now?
=> 50 50
3. Whn you meet the right person, did you fall in love with him/her fast?
=> hmms. nopes. :]
4. Have you ever had your heartbroken?
=> yes. not by guys. -o-
5. Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?
=> nonono. unless the girl is dumb.
6. Would you ever take someone back if he/she cheated on you?
=> see my mood. -o-
7. Have you talked about marriage with another before?
=> yes. i talk with mama about it.
8. Do you want children?
=> yes.
9. How many?
=> 2. (one boy one girl)
10. Would you consider adoption?
=> yes. although the feeling is not right.
11. If somebody like you right now, what do you tink is a best way to let you know his/her feeling?
=> i dont know. :]
12. Do you enjoy getting into relationships?
=> currently. no. :}
13. Be honest, what is the furthest you and your ex did before?
=> NIL:}
14. Do you believe in love at 1st sight?
=> nopes.
15. Are you romantic?
=> nopes.
16. Do you believe that you can change someone?
=> yes. use your heart.
17. If you could get married anywhere, where would it be?
=> under a sea of stars? :}
18. Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
=> yes.?
19. Do you have feeling for someone right now?
=> nopes.
20. Have you ever wished you could have had someone but you messed it up?
=> nopes.
21. Have you ever broken a heart?
=> ehhhhs. yes. :'[
23. If one day your best friend fell in love with the boy/girl who you deeply in love with, what would you do?
=> ask him to choose. :] i will neeeever let go unless he choooseeee to.
24. Are you missing someone now?
=> yes.

Now, you have to ask 5 of your friends to do this survey in their blogs.

Write down their name in the list below.

Tag them in their blog to let them know.


it made people occupied =)

Get started!

1. peter
2. john
3. jane
4. yinny
5. yajjsjfl.


its 2.4 retest today. GILLIAN SIM HUI CHENG WASNT RUNNING. she took de time. and me and de others ran ONE FREAKING ROUND. and i was thinkning. YAY I DIDNT STOP AT ALL. when i reached. and was thinking how to run de 2nd round. mr marcus said. SOMEONE STOPPED THE STOPWATCH. people with BRAINS will know hu de freaking hell stopped it. OH. its not her. its her frekaing hands who did tat.

asshole. SO IN TOTAL WE RAN 4 ROUNDS AROUND THE FREAKING SCHOOL. ASSS. if yanshan is running. vulgarities will blabber oout from her mouth for another 3 rounds around de school. or maybe. she will jus go home. -o- i seriously feel like choopping her annd cook curry chicken. >:[ put urself into the situation. ;'[

i failed. and i need to rerun (i wont rerun). oook. my sports is not good from the start. and it will be even worser after running 4 rounds. its so freakingly unfair. and we ahev to go back to retake. i wont i wont i wont. >;[ and i will remmeber this incident FOREVER.>:[

today is a noormal day. :] was super slpy during literature and i slpt a lil while. i didnt cover my pen cap. :} marissa helpedddd me. and my paper have a small lil black patch there. HE-HE-HE. den had science and math. stayed back for a while for de project thingy. xD

weoweoweo. i have a lovely sweet picture of a couple today. :] *smiles*

tat shichang actually run with her for de 2.4. SO SWEEEET. and sat with her at the canteen until she feels better and went home with her. *DOUBLE SWEETNESS* they are so sweet until they blocked the pathway for running. they blocked me. >:[

dadadada i am tired. there is oral tml. leeet me go read de passages and do hmk. :} BYEBYE.

"You know it's love when forever is not long enough."

Monday, August 21, 2006

i am super super super duper duper sianed. jus finished my freaking tuition. iwas late for 1hour. and was severly scolded by mama. ttuition teacher wait out side for quite a long time. and mama GANG HAO reach home. of course i am scolded for beind irresponisble. :'[
pages copied= 6 1/2

i have NO idea wad i was writing. today have swimming. and i feel super slpy after tat. and i was forced go and wash my facey. and mummy bought fishballs in to wake me up.! lovely lovely. it woke me up. he-he-he.

wewowewooooo. mr thia asked us to copy tb chap 10 today. and i finished it in school. again. i have no idea wad i was scribbling. thinking of go home. tuition and still have to do dis thing. i felt. bored. :]

had art. and my drawing sucks. i wont post it here and disgrace myself. :"[ den we had SWIMMING. HEOHEOHEO. learnt frog sttyle. lovely marissa teached me alot. thank you. :] i've got alot alot darker. shitttttt. :'[

went to mac and have lunch. marissa went off first. :'[ took some pictures. :}

dadadada. mummy is going to reorganise my rooooom and put my beddy near de windoww. so that i wont be suntan-slping. -o- hehee. de sun likes to wake me up. and it will shine own everywhere. :"{ so mummy is going to placed it in another way. i wonder wad if she put it in a way i dont like. i will make a din about it. xDD tats a good thing about having supermummy at home. :]

"Most people want to be the sun that brightens up your life, but I'd rather
be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hours."

Sunday, August 20, 2006

dadadaa. i am going to change my blooog skin. its very very very very nice. i love it. but it jus dont suit me. HE-HE-HE.

woke up at 10++ today. and a bee went ZZZZ ZZZZ beside my ear. its super irritating. the tall tree opp my window has alot of BEEEEEEEEEES. told marissa tat i am going to ask daddy to write a letter to town council and CHOP OF THE TREEEEE. or clear the bees or something. :'[

muummy sent me oveer to marissa's house today. won-der-ful. reached her house at 1++ and start doing the math project and we completed it. jus add up some decorations and stuffs will do. :] muahahas. there are still 3 shity projects to go. science. history. home econs. its going to be OVER. xD

mummy came and fetch me home at 5++. went to bought some stuffs and went home. :] grrs. there is another bee buzzing in my room. >:{ i hate bees. noisyyyyy creature. i shall change my skinny now. BYE BYE.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

WOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i changed my blog skin. wonderfuuuuul. he-he-he. onli some weird parts.
today is a messy day. woke up den know there is a change of VENUE for the project. shien came to my housey. she doodle some stuffs on a paper. and den i went to her housey and her mama gave me potato chips a packet of orange juice and 2 bai tu tang. yums.
went back to my house and took my stuffs and went to meet marissa at tmart. went to her house there and looked for chiamin and yanshan. they were playing swings. went to marissa house and do project. done a lil of math project and went off for a swim. had dinner at marissa's house and i cabbed home with shien.
dadadadadaa. mummy is going to start aaaa buiness. finally its not on flowers. but i dont know wads tat about. money. yum yum. i mean.$.$ sis is going to work tooooo. daddy is working. i am so alone. how i wish mummy and daddy can hire a maid and play with me. HAHAHA. i always write in my diary tat. and leave it wide open on my bed. daddy reads it. and reaaaaali got me aa maid. tats when i was young. daddy is scared tat i am lonely. my aunt said i am a loner when i was young. no friends. and qquiet. he-he-he.
dadadadaada. my eye is twitching for the whole day. wonder if its a good thing or a bad thing. its irritating. guess i am tired. sighs. bye bye everyone. :]

Thursday, August 17, 2006

today is a normal day. but time goes a lil fast. maybe its becus of the 3 periods home econs. had chiense test. he-he-he. den recesssssssss. english assem and sfl. sfl was somekind of bored but the coach was quite funny. ;] hahahas.

sshhhhhhit. i will be presenting my english tml. wad if i forget my lines. AHHHHHHHHHs. dadadadaa. hope i wont. i wont. i wont. :'[ its friday tml. haahaaaaaaaas. weekends are coming again. hahahaaaaaas. wonderful.

dont realli have alot of things to update today. its jus a normal day. normal girl. normal life. :]

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

GRRS. so dam freakiong pissed of by the childish useless ungentlemen guys. >:[

yups. i was going to de touch centre. which is at. bukit merah or something. the planet crush things. took cab with mrs low marissa gillian and joel. reached. and realise how tattered and pathetic the place was. but not inside. inside was ok.

played maple. den. a guy pop up. and started to play with de faces which maple has. den he started to laugh frantically. den i was like. -o- but i laughed with him. :] he commented about baby fats. >:[ played chiamn's acc. and the one throwing face with all those faces and GILLIAN picking up money stuffs is her. i was laughing. xD

after playing. entered the roooooooom. and talked about time management. its quite usefeul. but dont know if people will use it anot. xD daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. dens the taking cab part. i am freaking. BLAH.

i stay at around dunman there. so i have no choice but to take cab with de jojos. and one dont know wad guy. I THOUGHT. mrs low is going to be with me. but she gone with marissa and gillian on another cab. asshole. i am with those guys and one mr neo and de taxi uncle.

the guys are realli realli childish and no sense of. manner. grrs. we have 5 people and de uncle said ok and let us sit. den i have squeeze at the back with those guys. THEY ARE SITTING COMFORTABLLY AND LAUGHING TROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TRIP WHILE I WAS SITTING LIKE I AM A STONE. dam freaking uncomfortable. if there is no teacher on the cab. i will throw my freaking handphone on their blardie faces. the wholle journey took about an hour. i was thinking. NVM. VERY FAST. I WILL REACH HOME NAD REST. but. TRAFFIC JAM. i was like. grrs. nothing can explain my anger.

we passed by st. anthony or something .one of the jojos said that his cousin is in tat school. den he started to say about it. den they went laugh laugh laugh. i was irritated at that time. i almost blurted out. PUI. UR COUSIN INSIDE. MY GREAT GRANDAHGONG STILL INSIDE LEH. ok. his cousin can be there. but i was angry. xD

while they are doing their childish stuffs. guess wad the teacher was doing.? -o- he is. SLPING. wad de hell la. angry me. grrs. why mus i squeeze with a bunch of childish guys. WHY. BLAHS. >:{ i got wobbly legs when i got down the cab. sudden jerks. the childish people's pushing and stuffs. road bumps. grrs.

*breath in and outa* i will study my chinese.
HELLO. now in computer club. xD going to the TOUCH community centre. with mrs low i guess. xD dadadaaaaaaaa. will reach home at around 7. and home econs project is due tml. or seh needs it tml. still got chinese test. AHHS. LET ME DIE. streeeeessss. stresss. gillian is rushing me to go toilet. sighs. sad me. dadaada. i have to GOOOOOOoooooooooo. BYE BYE. i will upload some photos IF i have. its weird to have someone looking at u blog. *looks at marissa*

HI. I AM MARISSA. :3D I AM A NICE GIRL. yays. belinda is scratching herself. YEAH :D belinda has black wrinkles :(

( wow, marissa is so touched :D )

p.s : we are going to play maple later ;)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

asshole. i have freaking tuition at night. tired belinda. :'[ there is science test and math test(hu cares) tml. SIAAAN. english presentation tml too. hope i will be de last grp again. but who knows if sugu have de sudden mood to start anti clockwise.? hope not. xD

dadada. freeloaders. hate them. >:[ english grp. fucking full of them. dadaada. not onli me. almost everyone has some all even de whole grp of it. one in mine even asked me if there is anything tat he/she can do TODAY. wad de hell. u think liddat den u got do a part? asshole. if u dont have the heart to do the project. keep ur hands off the whole thing. not in de last minute pop ur head in and ask if there is anithing for u to do.

dadada. they will get their retribution one day. >:[ presentation is individual marks. so its non of my business even if they pee in front of the whole class. i will jus doooooo my part. HE-HE-HE. time to add somemore pictures into my slide. :] oh yea. i wont let them have a chance to see wads in de slide. so tml they will be BLURR. and. muahahas. deduct marks. even better if they dont know wad to say. and if they look at me i will give them one LALALA face. HE-HE-HE. they are supposed to be treat liddat. maybe not all. some of them. :] dadadaaaaaaaaaa.

time to do some work. :]

Monday, August 14, 2006

tadadada. my stupid tuition is canceled. AGAIN. its de 2nd time . and both is last minute cancel. wad de helllll. :'[

didnt swim today. have de urge to jump into de water and go swim swim swim. xD waited for de rest and went to eat mac. wanted to rush home for tuition. BUT. it was canceled. pei shien go n buy FLOWERS. dens. i went homeeeeeeee. hehehe.

its such a noooooooormal day. dadadaaaaaaaaaa. there is english tml. sighs. i shall find a new way to blog. shien said my blog is boring. or something.? hmms. wad did she say. blahs. i am going to find a new way to blog. he-he-he.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

DAAAAAAA. today. is not soooooooooo fun. actually suppose to meet marissa and shien in bugis if i can. but i coudnt. SOOOOORRY. :"[

jorene came overrrrr. and went to tm with mummy and jorene. dadaada. mummy went to buy some stuffs at ntuc or fairprice or soemthing. den me and jorene went to walk around. waas siaaan. :'[ bought some stuffs. xD promised mummy tat i would go home early and she left me and jorene. :] he-he-he. continued walking. and after a short while went home.

hmmmmmmmmmmmsy. how i wish someone can tell me wads wrong with mummmmmmy. issit becus of dadddy.? arghs. :'[

Saturday, August 12, 2006

today is a tiring day. woke up. ate a bread and went to chiain's house. waited for aynshan and went swim swim. for quite long. hope i am not tanned. xD i still cant stick my head out. :'[ sighs. dens went up to chiamin's house. ate lunch. watched a while tv. den yanshan n me went to take a short nap while marissa and chiamin had tution. :]

soooooooooooooo comfy. woke up and watched tv. hehehe. ate dinner. and left with marissa and yanshan. took bus with yanshan. and went homme. i am tired. mummy is in bad moooooood. dont know if i can go out tml. :'[ sighs. big big sighs. i guess she is having pms. sighs. sighs.

Friday, August 11, 2006

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooos. i slpt at 6 and woke up at 9. i spent 1 hour sitting-slping on de sofa. how did i do tat. and how m i going to slp tonight. sighs sad me.

normal schoooooool day. pccg do survey. den english. was lazy to read de compo. was staring at de papers for some time. weiler's is. weird. he describe girls and devouring the food down i guess. looool.

mrs low saw me looking at de clock every 5 mins. i was BORRRRRED. den i looked at de clock. and look. and look. i love countdowning time. :] hehee. den mrs low stayed me n marissa back. for sch project thingy. daddadada.

chiamin went hommme. marissa.shien. jiamn and meee went to polyclinic and waited for soemtime. but in the end. no birthcert and have to pay de consultaion fees for $12. its normally $4. jiamin looked so singaporean. de girl was being bad.

how should i spend my time tml.? hmms.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX. i completed my brochure. but its a lil plain. tml shall be a fun day. fun day. :] i have a great GREAT planning for my lovely grp members. HE-HE-HE.

chiamin n shien came over to my housey today. BIG BIG THANKEWWW. for helpiiiing me in some ways. hehehehhees. happy me. xD i shall do FOCUS IN SCIENCE. thia thia wants it. :'[ next week i guesssss. better start DOOOOOING.

lalalalas. there will be school tml. sad me. nvms. ITS FRIDAY TML. lovely friday. i love fridays. den saturday. HE-HE-HE. i want to change blog skin. :] shall go and look for some nice ones. xD

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dadadadaada. i jus woke up frm my NAP. woke up at 10am by NICHIAMIN. hide in room till 10.30. cus i dont wan to go aunt house. :] but while sms-ing with chiamin. daddy came in and asked meee. mummy helped me to say i didnt wan to go. :}

sent daddy there. mummy and mee went for lunch. den went to buy some foood for dinner. :] once i reached home. i read de boooook. and took a nap at 12.30. i told myself i will slp till 1 and conitnue de scinece project. but. i dont know how did i sleep till 3. hehehe.

woke up at 3 and went to drink some wonderful soap and ate nuggets. *burps* later uncle is comming. o: my house is full of guests lately. daddy's fren. aunty uncle. and now anohter uncle. sighs. i cant sit with my leg on de chair. *HE-HE-HE* i always give a super nice impression. onli dad will bad-mouth me. about how lazy i m to go to their houses. :'[

lalalas. i shall realli start doing on projects. BYE BYEEEE~~~~~~

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i am so dam freaking tired. but i have no dam place to slp. uncle's lil baby occupied my lovely bed. sighs. YAWNS. let me post some pictures of him.

i wan my lovely bed back. i wan to slp. cries. WHY MUS DIS HAPPEN TO ME. I'VE MADE MY MISTAKE~~~~~ i wan my bed. iwan to slp..................

i wonder why my uncle always say tat babies look like me. de baby me. whenever there is a new baby. WAH. HEN XIANG BELINDA XIAO SHI HOU. hazel. hamen and shi jie. hahahas. when i am a baby. i have alot of baby fats. until my neck cant be seen. mummy once tot i will grow up as a super fat pig. but i didnt. i sitll think i am fat. :"[ sighs.

i shall go and snactch a bed for me to slp. i am realli tired. :""[

i jus realise. de spaces between the photos are big. nvms. :] i finally got back my bed jus now. and i slpt n slpt., onli for 1 1/2 hours. i was woke up by my tuition teacher. den i remmebered i've got tuition. :} i was planning to slp till 6 or 7. she spoil my whole plan. sighs.

tired people cant do math. made alot of careless mistakes. i shall go and slp. :

Monday, August 07, 2006

how disheartening can all this be.?
how is belinda going to solve it.?

belinda doesnt know. she really dont know. :"[ big sighs. how i wish belinda can be cleverer. how i wish belinda is not so easily tired. how i wish belinda is not so lazy. how i wish belinda have something. which i know belinda will wish to have. nobody can give belinda wads she wans. belinda should get it herself. belinda can do it. yes she can.

tml will be a bored day. super bored day. super duper bored day. super super super bored day. sighs. big sighs. unhappy belinda. sighs.

Friday, August 04, 2006

lalalas. went to meet jornee after home econs test. went up to her house. :] the place where i spent my time eating maggi mee before sch weekly.:] den went for a hair cut. looks normal to me. :] no more irritating fringe. :] muahahahas. went to walk around and bought waffle and sat down and eat. have a looooooooooooooooooooooong talk with her before we went home. :]

reached home and accompanied mummy to fetch daddy frm his workplace. i always get irritated when i talk to her. example.

ME: mummy. tat time i saw a shirt very nice leh. *smiles*
ME: *stares for 10 seconds*
MUMMY: what did u sae jus now.? i didnt hear until.
ME: nvm.

it ALWAYS happen. ALWAYS. sad me. :"[ ate yang zhou chao fan jus now. yummmmy. i shall do my english project. hehee.;}

Thursday, August 03, 2006

today is another tired day. it will be FRIDAY tml. :] yays. the day i have waited for years have finally reached. dis week seems to be fast. but i feel tat its slow. i wonder why.

today. had home econs. cooked noodles. its nice. but a lil sticky. i miss the taste of it. :] den got chiense. recesssssss. english. sfl. sugu remmebers my name. :] went home at 2.15. >:[ stupied thingy. waste of time. went to drink bubble tea. and went home. :]

dreams DO come true. dreams. :]

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

PROJECTS PROJECTS PROJECTS. TESTS. TESTS. TESTS. it seem to be never ending. math. science. english. home econs. history. AHHS. stressssssssssss. stressssssssssss. stressssssssssss. how to study for tests when there are projects. somemore so RUSH. >;[

today normal day. after schwent for cca and do home econs project. n i have completed it. muahahhaas. noothing much today. :]

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i am yawning yawining.

suppose to have tuition at 3. teacher changed to 3.30. and i am waiting waiting waiting. changed my skin. :] dadada. my whole day was ruined by sugu. >:[ she gave me a 0 for tat idiotic compo de others do. i was ABSENT on tat freaking day. and i heard frm people tat. cannot photocopy. and blah blah blah. n i jus assume tat i will get frm her on monday. on monday i told her she sae she will deal with me. den i jus wait. u cant expect me to tag around her like a. bumble bee. and i got freakingly scolded today. yadayada. forget about it.

during math. i was shouted by shorty ng. i dont know he is saying zul or meeeeeee. i tot there is a test. n told khim. he jus shouted: DONT ANYHOW SPREAD RUMOURS ABOUT TEST AH. shity shorty ng. i think he shouted tat. asshole ng. curses to him. hope he shrink. >:{ and when he was giving out de papers. he jus count and left it on my table. i tot tat was my row's. so i start flipping and look for mine. n chiamin rushed me to pass back. i was lazy to explain. and shorty ng came in front and ask me to stand up n give out. why didnt he sae ealier. AHHS. my day is so ruined tat. small lil things can make me. pissed. >:[

eg. now. its .3.45 n my freaking tution teacher is freaking late for dont know how many freaking times.

but something cheered me up. when i was on 28. i saw gabriel. and 2 maids. and 2 small kids. one of the maid. have 2 pieces of tissue paper sticking out of her tank top. i asssumme tat she was wiping de sweat at her back. and saw her fren. n waved without taking out de tissue. gabriel saw me and gave me one look. tat proud look.

sighs. i shall start with the projects. sighs. where are there so many projects. home econs. science. english. followed by history later on. sighs. why mus there be tests. so many tests. cries.