Monday, August 14, 2006

tadadada. my stupid tuition is canceled. AGAIN. its de 2nd time . and both is last minute cancel. wad de helllll. :'[

didnt swim today. have de urge to jump into de water and go swim swim swim. xD waited for de rest and went to eat mac. wanted to rush home for tuition. BUT. it was canceled. pei shien go n buy FLOWERS. dens. i went homeeeeeeee. hehehe.

its such a noooooooormal day. dadadaaaaaaaaaa. there is english tml. sighs. i shall find a new way to blog. shien said my blog is boring. or something.? hmms. wad did she say. blahs. i am going to find a new way to blog. he-he-he.

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