Sunday, August 13, 2006

DAAAAAAA. today. is not soooooooooo fun. actually suppose to meet marissa and shien in bugis if i can. but i coudnt. SOOOOORRY. :"[

jorene came overrrrr. and went to tm with mummy and jorene. dadaada. mummy went to buy some stuffs at ntuc or fairprice or soemthing. den me and jorene went to walk around. waas siaaan. :'[ bought some stuffs. xD promised mummy tat i would go home early and she left me and jorene. :] he-he-he. continued walking. and after a short while went home.

hmmmmmmmmmmmsy. how i wish someone can tell me wads wrong with mummmmmmy. issit becus of dadddy.? arghs. :'[

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