Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i am so dam freaking tired. but i have no dam place to slp. uncle's lil baby occupied my lovely bed. sighs. YAWNS. let me post some pictures of him.

i wan my lovely bed back. i wan to slp. cries. WHY MUS DIS HAPPEN TO ME. I'VE MADE MY MISTAKE~~~~~ i wan my bed. iwan to slp..................

i wonder why my uncle always say tat babies look like me. de baby me. whenever there is a new baby. WAH. HEN XIANG BELINDA XIAO SHI HOU. hazel. hamen and shi jie. hahahas. when i am a baby. i have alot of baby fats. until my neck cant be seen. mummy once tot i will grow up as a super fat pig. but i didnt. i sitll think i am fat. :"[ sighs.

i shall go and snactch a bed for me to slp. i am realli tired. :""[

i jus realise. de spaces between the photos are big. nvms. :] i finally got back my bed jus now. and i slpt n slpt., onli for 1 1/2 hours. i was woke up by my tuition teacher. den i remmebered i've got tuition. :} i was planning to slp till 6 or 7. she spoil my whole plan. sighs.

tired people cant do math. made alot of careless mistakes. i shall go and slp. :

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