Wednesday, August 16, 2006

GRRS. so dam freakiong pissed of by the childish useless ungentlemen guys. >:[

yups. i was going to de touch centre. which is at. bukit merah or something. the planet crush things. took cab with mrs low marissa gillian and joel. reached. and realise how tattered and pathetic the place was. but not inside. inside was ok.

played maple. den. a guy pop up. and started to play with de faces which maple has. den he started to laugh frantically. den i was like. -o- but i laughed with him. :] he commented about baby fats. >:[ played chiamn's acc. and the one throwing face with all those faces and GILLIAN picking up money stuffs is her. i was laughing. xD

after playing. entered the roooooooom. and talked about time management. its quite usefeul. but dont know if people will use it anot. xD daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. dens the taking cab part. i am freaking. BLAH.

i stay at around dunman there. so i have no choice but to take cab with de jojos. and one dont know wad guy. I THOUGHT. mrs low is going to be with me. but she gone with marissa and gillian on another cab. asshole. i am with those guys and one mr neo and de taxi uncle.

the guys are realli realli childish and no sense of. manner. grrs. we have 5 people and de uncle said ok and let us sit. den i have squeeze at the back with those guys. THEY ARE SITTING COMFORTABLLY AND LAUGHING TROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TRIP WHILE I WAS SITTING LIKE I AM A STONE. dam freaking uncomfortable. if there is no teacher on the cab. i will throw my freaking handphone on their blardie faces. the wholle journey took about an hour. i was thinking. NVM. VERY FAST. I WILL REACH HOME NAD REST. but. TRAFFIC JAM. i was like. grrs. nothing can explain my anger.

we passed by st. anthony or something .one of the jojos said that his cousin is in tat school. den he started to say about it. den they went laugh laugh laugh. i was irritated at that time. i almost blurted out. PUI. UR COUSIN INSIDE. MY GREAT GRANDAHGONG STILL INSIDE LEH. ok. his cousin can be there. but i was angry. xD

while they are doing their childish stuffs. guess wad the teacher was doing.? -o- he is. SLPING. wad de hell la. angry me. grrs. why mus i squeeze with a bunch of childish guys. WHY. BLAHS. >:{ i got wobbly legs when i got down the cab. sudden jerks. the childish people's pushing and stuffs. road bumps. grrs.

*breath in and outa* i will study my chinese.

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