Tuesday, August 15, 2006

asshole. i have freaking tuition at night. tired belinda. :'[ there is science test and math test(hu cares) tml. SIAAAN. english presentation tml too. hope i will be de last grp again. but who knows if sugu have de sudden mood to start anti clockwise.? hope not. xD

dadada. freeloaders. hate them. >:[ english grp. fucking full of them. dadaada. not onli me. almost everyone has some all even de whole grp of it. one in mine even asked me if there is anything tat he/she can do TODAY. wad de hell. u think liddat den u got do a part? asshole. if u dont have the heart to do the project. keep ur hands off the whole thing. not in de last minute pop ur head in and ask if there is anithing for u to do.

dadada. they will get their retribution one day. >:[ presentation is individual marks. so its non of my business even if they pee in front of the whole class. i will jus doooooo my part. HE-HE-HE. time to add somemore pictures into my slide. :] oh yea. i wont let them have a chance to see wads in de slide. so tml they will be BLURR. and. muahahas. deduct marks. even better if they dont know wad to say. and if they look at me i will give them one LALALA face. HE-HE-HE. they are supposed to be treat liddat. maybe not all. some of them. :] dadadaaaaaaaaaa.

time to do some work. :]

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