Saturday, September 30, 2006

i am getting sick of this blog skin. :'[ but i cant find a real nice skin. shall jus bear with it. :]

Friday, September 29, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOS. i slpt from 2 to 6. HEHEHEHE. woke up. ate dinneeeeeeeeeer. went out with MAMA. to fetch PAPA. was planning wad to do when i reach home. :]

i know there is something wrong with the skin. i tried to finnnnnnd wads wrong. but i couldnt. and i am too busy to find a new blogskin. yes. i am busy. exams are reaching. so i am busy. cant i be busy?

fine. i am lazy. :"[

contact lense in 3 days. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. exams in 4 days. BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

got scolded by mdm sugu dis morning. :'[ nvm. its almost end of the year. :]

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


dont u think so?

Monday, September 25, 2006


first. no contacts for 2 weeeks. >:[
second. that doctor. >:[[
the doctor is extreamly.. long winded. jorene thinks he is good. -o-

DOCTOR: ok. u see. the area that ur eyes is red is becus of ur contacts. how i know? u see arhs. *take paper+pen. draw eyes* dis is ur eyes. the area that is red is onli dis. *draw 'flames"* if u have a more serious problem. ur whole eye will be red.
ME: *nods*
DOCTOR: u know why.? THE HAZE IS COMING. *hands sway from left to right*
ME: *nods*
DOCTOR: i recommend you not to do outdoor activities. u know the HAZE IS COMING. u know. THE HAZE? smoke particles will get into ur eyes.
ME: *nods+irritated* why eyes will red.?
DOCTOR: THE HAZE IS COMING. maybe ur hands dirty. or u hurt ur eyes. i dont know the exact reason.
ME: orhs.
DOCTOR: if ur eyes get blurry arhs. go to the A&E. there is a special device there which i dont have. *open drawer. take out a black box* before u leave, i will help u check ur eyes.
ME: orhs.
*use the light thingy which will change the colours.*
DOCTOR: from this thing i cant see anythihng. its onlyu a small torchlight. :]


stupid eyes. 2 blardie weeks. i dont love u eyes. >:[ cant the doctor give me a better reasons.? he told me the reasons that MAYBE the reason. is so not convincing becus he said. I DONT KNOW THE EXACT REASON. and the other doctor and optician can tell me reasons. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSs. wads most annoying is. he repeated haze is coming for 4 times i guess. with hands swaying from left to right. >:[

i am going to irritate daddy until he gives me a new specs. >:[ and this blardie clinic asked for $17. jus for telling me THE HAZE IS COMING. a eye drop. and. medicient for eye itchyness. $17 jus flewwwww pass. like how 2 weeks is going to fly pass. AHHHHHHHHS. I AM SO NOT HAPPY. AHHHHS. SOMEONE CONVINCE ME. :'[ oh yea. and i think i've got a bad hair cut. and i am lazy to care about it. i am more concern with specs and contacts. :'[

2 weeks is going to fast. exams are coming. concentrate on exams. yes. concentrate on exams. yes.. :[

Sunday, September 24, 2006

DAAAAA. BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY. I'VE GOT A FEELING THAT ITS GOING TO RAIN. a perfect day to stay at home. and study. :"[

hope those bangalas below die. >:[ those clinging banging knocking hammering. wadever it is. is very IRRITATING. esp when i am slping. grrrrrrrs. so i woke up early today. due to the noises. :"[

i am on contacts now. HEHEE. hope it wont get red again. eyes red=no contacts tml. *pray hard* but my eye cant seem to FOCUS. maybe its becus my specs are not up to date. and. daddy will be bringing me to make 1 more year of monthly. becus. i am onli left with one pair. weeeeeeeeees.

study time. :]


Saturday, September 23, 2006

bored meeeeeeeeeee. i smell like prawns. i love elephants. lions. girrafe A and B. how to spell it. hmms.. ions are irritating. dont make frens with them. :'[ bye bye. osmosis time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i feel so energentic. :] slept for quite a while. woke up. eat dinner. :]

daaaaaaaa. went to school with specs. :'[ deeeeeeen recieved a shocking news from LIMZHIJUN(again). daaaa. its not true its realli not. please stop the. the. nonsense. :]

sugu and thatiya didnt come today. :] daa. after school went to tm there work around. jorene came. :] went home with her. saw yanshan and khim going to de lantern thingy. wonder if its fun anot. xD went to jorene's housey. saw quite a few of super toot me. :'[ i look like a complete moron in those pictures. i wonder how did i survive through that period of time. but i use to partner jorene in outings last time :}

went home and slpt. i have lots and lots of things to do. i wonder why. daa. i shall do it all by today. :]

"dont take things for granted, no matter its urs or not."

Thursday, September 21, 2006


my eyes are in bad shape. its not a word to describe. its realli in bad shape. like dis. o.O mummy says its shui zhong. daddy says is i rub it when i was sleeping. i feel like dying. so. i am going to mars. and get an element. which will cure my eyes and prevent eye infections. :] i will not be bringing my hp aloong. and will be back at 8. nobody will be at home too. muahahas. BYE BYE.

I MISS CHIAMIN.(although she didnt ans my phone)


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

AHHS. I'VE GOT AN EYE INFECTION. wad de hell. i feel like screaming. banging my head against the wall. >:[

daddy says if i still continue wearing contacts. i will get blind or cant wear contacts forever. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhs. whenever there is problem with my eyes. i will be in very bad mood. in those irritated kind of bad mood. the first thing i want to do is. GO HOMEEEEEEE and hide under my blanket and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and wake up. look at eye. and say YAY ITS NOT RED ANYMORE. but the thought of not wearing contacts the next day will make me sad again. and the cycle repeats.. :"[

clinic doctor says: drink more water. no contacts for 3 days. AND HE CLAIM THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE. ytd an optician says. MY EYES IS OK. NOTHING IS WRONG. BUY THIS EYEDROPSs. grrs. wad happened today. >:[ i finally understand that. he is jus someone who makes contacts and specs. not an eye specialist.

talked to daddy about lasik. he said 18-21. i am getting sick of eye infection and specs. i regreted not taking care of my eyes. :"[ I LOVE U EYES. LIKE HOW I LOVE PIGGY. I HOPE U LOVE ME LIKE HOW PIGGY LOVES ME. :'[

grrrs. i feel so not ok. i feel like i have burning eyes. how i wish i can dig it out and soak it in ice and place it back. i have itchy throat. i hope i wont get a sore throat. hair is flying. irritating fringe. i am going to chop u off someday. i guess i cant meet jorene after school. :'[ soooorrry jorene. :'[ *sobs* someone please fling me to venus and curse me that i cant get back to earth.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

bad bad mood. piggy time. :[

Monday, September 18, 2006

oooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. its a NORMAL day today. NORMAL expect we have to run 2.4 for pe. -o- waaaaad deeee helllllllllll. THANK YOU CHIAAAAAMIN AND SHIEN. thank you chiamin for lying to me to make me run faster. i have no idea why i believe you. -o- thank you shien for putting my skirt up the class. :]

daaaaaa. went to eat with marissa chiamin and shien. marissa and chiamin went for tuition then left with shien and me. thankyou shien for helping me to talk. -o- hmms. talk. hmms.. and soorry for kicking u. I WAS SCARED. *TREMBLE TREMBLE* went home with shien after that. :]

daaaa. reached home. shower. read seventeeeens. and i am bored. :] i think i've failed my math test. will i? i didnt know there is a math test. cry cry cry. :"[ i am waiting for friday to arrive. :] daaaaaaaaaaaa.

some retards staying above my house is hanging some correction tape to my window. i went *jump* when the correction tape knock onto my window. i went *walk walk walk*. *pull correction tape* and i can feel a force on top pulling too. so i grabbed a scissors and cut it. i have no idea why did i do that. i realli dont. so i took the correction tape and threw it downstairs. :]
i dont know if i can or not.
"Life without Love is like a harp without strings."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. woke up and msg-ed chiamin. do some sceince with her. yaaaawns. dens. shien called. went to prepaaaaaare. was trying to contact yanshan at that time. :] i finally can feel the shuang-ness of waking someone up from her sleep? hahahas.

took cab with shien to chiamin's house. went up cahnge and went swim swim swim. yanshan came. and we continued to swim for a while and went to shower. and jiamin came :] dadadaa. went to check for the billard (sounds nicer than pool) stuffs and went up to chiamin's housey. toooooook PICTUREES. will be uploaded later. :]

dadada. went down with them and they played billlllard. den chiamin shien and me went up to do hmk. and after a while. we went down again. at the dont know wadever room did homeworks again while they were playing. den me and shien went home. and i had red eyes. grrs. daddy says it will get better. i believe daddy. :]

went home and took a short nap. my house is cooold. some kind soul please tell me issit the raining seasons approaching? i need to prepare extra blanket for piggy and qoo and bear bear rabbits and for myself. :] daaaaaa. woke up and do sceince again. and i jus thought that it might not be tml pass up. -o- nvm. almost completed. why not complete it? :]

what if i cant take it anymore?
"If my love for you were water, it would be as vast as an ocean."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

10 reasons for loving piggy:
1. mummy bought it overseas.
2. i hugged it since pri 4.
3. its huggable.
4. it cant talk. (although sometimes i wish it can talk)
5. i share secrets with her.
6. it wont run away when i am sleeping.
7. she can wear my bossini dress which i love the most when i was young.
8. it wont grow up.
9. i can play with it when i am bored.
10. i think she love me like how i do.

let it be a secret..

"love me for a reason, let the reason be love."

Friday, September 15, 2006

its RAINING. super nice weather for sleeping. i am going to take a nappy later. :] daddy have stopped me from using internet at night. saaad. but i can do other stuffs besides internet. :} talking on the phoney. study. o: watch tv. sleep. stare into blank space. daydream :] but its friday today. nothing can stop mEEE. :]

there is a spotcheck for hp today. i went tremble tremble. :'[ hid hp in marissa's apron under the table. and it dropped out. nobody notice. :} only some guyssss. xD daaaaaa. i should have PREPARED. -o- jus becus of ytd's incident. sugu checked us. but non of the teacher checked me and marissa. i wonder why. we have been forgotten. :'[ but for good. :]

weeeeeeeees. i am not tired today. i stay awake throughout lite, chinese, geog. muahahhas. was raining HEAVILY. have to walk frm schooooooool to tmart. ate noodles. :] bought PENS. its super irritating. since de starting of this term, i dont have enough pen. -o- and during english. ALL of my pens went inkless. :'[ bought pen refills and pens today. :]

oh yeaaaaaa. i am tired. sleepy me. :'[
when is anybody going to know how i feel.

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i am HUNGRY. :[

its raininnnnnng. weeeeeeeeeeeeees. :] its a nice time to sleeeeep. ;] napping time later. :] heeeeheeeeeeheeee. had home econs practical today. itssss quite nice to me. i had a hard time peeling the fats of the chicken bone out. how i wish mummy is there tat time. :] HEEEEe. got a piece of watermelon from gabriel. {:] mdm humaiyah said that my potatos are SOFT. :'[ dont know if she taste it or not. xD

had chinese. booooooooring. dens recess followed by english. was tired. -o- deeeen dont have assembly. :] hehehe. went to ava room and watched movie. forgotten wads de name. but its nice. :] dadadada. marissa was restless. she kept moving and moving and moving. i asked her to go infront of the screen and dance for everybody. :] DAAAAAAAAAAAA.

daaaaaas. i am bored. i am waiting for roti prata. bored me. hungry me. tired me. down me. :[
feelings of worthlesss.
"Love is just a word to satisfy what we long for, but in reality it doesn't
exist... it's just a figment of our imagination to teach us how to hope, only to
give us pain in the end."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

let me summarise wad i did today:
- wear contacts today. :]
- saw both nightmares. :[
- was tired throughout the whole day. :[
- went for presentation and cca after school. :]
- bought my ingredients for tml's practical. :]
- saw nightmare twice and it msged me. -o-
- holding a book pretending to study. -o-

after blogging, i will still hold a book a pretend to study. parents, nags. my mind is wondering off.. to neverland.. i will look for peterpan and tinkerbell. feel free to join me. byebye.

"Time has no meaning when your in love."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i am tired. -o- very tired.. i am forcing myself not to fall aslp while reading the chapter ecology and energy transfer thingy. -o-

oh dear. i dont know wad to blog about. let me think. hmms. hmms. today is a boring day. so there is nothing to blog about. something happened on the bus today. -o- oh yea. i wore spces to school today. o-o its been a long long time since i wear specs to schools or outside other den de market near my housey.

for the FUTURE. i have to wear today. -o- tml its back to normal. oh yea. i wore it at east point mall that day. ;'[ LIM ZHI JUN hurt my HEART today when she sees me in the morning. ZHIJUN>:[ hope she sees this. ;]

dadadada. dinner time. mummy is irritating. ;'[ someone save me from the river of nags.

"If every dream I have is of you; I would want to sleep forever."

Monday, September 11, 2006

oh yea. my eyes are red again. super uncomfortable. i suspect tat i didnt change my monthly contacts last month. but i have the impression of changing. so did i or did not. when i change, i will write the date on the BOX. but the box is dated. 22/7. my face went. O: i stared at it for a few seconds. :'[ maybe i was rushing and didnt write down. maybe i was lazy to find a pen. maybe i forgotten to write. :'[ sighs.

no matter what, i am going to change my contacts tml. :] HEHEHEEE. but i am still thinking if to wear contacts to school or not. mostly not. i dont want to get an infection and my whole life is fated with specs. NO. weeeeeehaaaaaaaa. got swimming today. i finally got the skill to swim froggy. its fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. ;] teacher praised me. :]]]]]]]]]]] and insisted someone taught me. yes. marissa taught me. :]] HEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEEEEE. ;]

den after shower my eyes got real red. :"[ i was shocked when i looked into the mirror. a malay girl came and ask me wad happened to my eyes. :"[ i went. i dont know. because. i realli dont know. :] took off contacts and didnt wear it till i reach home. chiamin guided my roooad when i couldnt open my eyes. ;] thankew chiaaaaaaaaaaaaamin. ;]

wanted to go home and REST. but i onli closed my eyes for. 10 mins. den its tuition. life is so bitter and sour. sighs. had tuition and i cant open my eyes again. A STRONG FORCE FORCED ME TO CLOSE MY EYES. its not sleepy. its not. its realli not. but it is at the end. :] teacher have no choice but to let meeeeee offffff early. ;l

oh yea there is something wrong with my msn. issit onli me? hmms. hmms. hmms.

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."

Sunday, September 10, 2006

school isreopening TML. oh my god. o:

i was bored at home tml. nobody chatted with me in msn. i bounce on the bed. played with piggy. walked around de house. and chiamin called me. :] daaaaaa. prepared and went out. went to shien house to get de science project first. den took 28 to 201 and changed bus. ;] i should have. go to shien house. get the project. bind it. go home. and bounce on my bed. play with piggy. walk around de house. -o-

wennnt home. doooooo science project. and i am tired. -o- sleepy me. -o- i dont want to be tired tml. nooooOoooooooooooOoooooooooooo. xDDDD

"and my love for you will never die~"

Saturday, September 09, 2006


went out with marissa chiamin shien yanshan n jiamin tooooday. :] went tooooooo towwwwwwwwwwn. :] its warm at the flea market. bought quite an amount off stuffs. i spent quite alot. -o- neverrrrrrrrminds. :] i am happy now. xD

woke up. got ready and went to meet shien. :] meeeeet her den went to find chiamin and yanshan. :] dens went to eat pastamania. hehehe. ate. went mrt to wait for marissa. :] WEEEEHAAAAA. den reached somerset. went to ceni. hohoho- flea market is very very hot. -o- bought some stuffs inside ceni. :] weeeeeeeeeeeeex. shopped till 5. sat down and rest and waited for marissa's papa to fetch her. den we walked to orchaaaaaaard. tooook mrt back to tampines. :]

chiamin and jiamin have good bargaining skills - the mins have good bargaining skills. :] hehehe. i still miss that star necklace.. nevermind. i've got u. star bracelet. :] mumy bought for me a top. o: weeeeee:] fun day. i love shopping. xD

weeeeee. photos. :] free dolls. mine is dam pathetic. the most black and isolated one. :'[ rest are humans. :] i shall frequently change my blog songy. hehehe. :] (c)

"if someone borrows your heart without asking, they might return it broken."

Friday, September 08, 2006

went to eat breadfast with mama today. :] den we went to tm n cs tm to shop. there are alot of sales going on. -o- mummy is jus another aunty. :] i sttod there and wait and wait. finally she is done. :] BUT. she realise she didnt bring her cards. and mummy face was OPPS. lucky she've cash with her.

i was heng-ing when. a SWEATING AUNTIE walked pass me. with both of her hands raised up holding a shoe and she was wearing a sleeveless top and her sweating armpit swept accross my shoulder. -o- its super gross. *pukes*

reached home and chatted with shien and yanshan for a lil while. den marissa n chiamin came. done our stuffs. ;] dennnns. both of them went off. but marissa didnt have money to take bus. -o- threw coins down the window. i know chiamin was video-ing something. IS SHE? hehehe. :]

i aaaaam excited about tml. becus. its shopping day. HOHOHO. i guess there wont be anymore of this. becus term 4 is going to be a busy term (i guess). treat it as the last shopping trip before exams. :] HEHEHEE.

ITS COLD TODAY. :"[ as the cold wind blow~ *hiccup*

"I'd rather be disliked for who I am, than to be liked for who I am

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i spent my day. weirdly. :]

first. i woke up when the great sun shone on my face. and i lay on the bed for quite a long time. i dont know wad i was doing. maybe i was sleeping. maybe i was daydreaming. i onli know tat i sat on the bed for 1/2 an hour. i jus didnt have the feeling to face the day. hahahas.

i was quite irritated by my hp. becus. KHEO YANSHAN called me at 2.30am. >:[ and miss called. obviously i was sleeping at that time. and everything 1 hour or 1/2 an hour. it will go BEEEP. i learn my lesson.. i will turn my hp slient before i go to sleep.. so i wont be irritated by calls. esp by chiamin. who called to my house and told mama there is SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. and i wont forget shien too.. :'[

hehehe. den done some MATH. oh my god. math is realli. so. yawn-able. i forgetten how to factorise. :] den jiamin n chiamin came. we went *jog jog* with jorene. jiamin was walking slowly behind. hehehe. den both of them came to my house. and i was in my sleepy mode. ;] at 8 they finnaly left. went to take a bath. and i have ENERGY again. :] finished up my math. hehehe. there are still some stuffs to do. *secretive*

there will be tuition tml morning. *SIGHS* marissa will be coming tml. *JUMP WITH JOY* saturday will be shopping day. *WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* the nightmare will begin on monday, 110906. sighs.

"oh my sleeping child.. the world so wild.. but you build ur own,

i am currently chewing my chewing gum. *chew chew* *blow*

ytd. was an awful day. :"[

today. is going to be a. boring day. :]

tml is going to be a normal day. :}

tml de tml is going to be a fun day. :}}}


Monday, September 04, 2006

oh my god. i am so freaking tired. i am going to doze off anytime. -o- how i wish i can slp later tml. but i've got TUITION. oh my god. life is so toturing. -o- ytd, NI CHIAMIN called me wake up. at 9am. today, GOH SHI EN called me at 10.30am. i onli got freaking 3 hours sleep today. AHHHS. I AM GOING MAD. tml, i guess it will be will tuition teacher waking me up at 11. -o- belinda cant do anything without enought sleep. sleeping is very very important. i spinned a bowl of maggi mee on the floor today.

today, chiamin and shien came over and BAKE. its quite nice. although mine got quite alot burnt. :'[ went jogging with them and jorene after tat. hehehee. den chiamin came back with me and get her stuffs and went home. :] DADADAADA. hope tml will be a GOOD day. ( good day= not tired)

the smiley face is soooooo retarded.-o-

"i love u."

oh yea, i didnt sleep last night. -o- i am so so so so so so tired. and i was woken up by GOH SHIEN. sighs. sighs. they are coming over tobake. and shien reached. :] OOOOOOOOH MYY GOD.

yanshan tell me tell me tell me.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

its a wonderful day today. went over to marissa's house to swim. and sat at her house till 2.30 and shien and mee took cab home. hohoho. went i reach home. i changed and SLEEPT. from 3 till 6.30? thinkso. HEHEHE. i know i sleep to much. how am i going to slp tonight.? HMMS.
i woke up and found out my moniter cannnot work.i was very.. pissed off. then i went *shiver shiver*. i told daddy i went *shiver shiver* again. den he started scolding me. :"[ den i went to hide under my blanket. ;] i began to make faces under my blanket and thinking at my family is realli realli very unlucky. :'[

to my horror. daddy took de old moniter to my room. i went. *shiver shiver*+ question marks. den he ask me to clear my table. i pushed everything away and *jump jump jump* down to my bed. and hide under the blanket and pillows and wadever and cover myself. till he fixed my OWN moniter. tats wad i do. i thought i am going to suffocate there. -o- i was scared tat he is going to change it to that big fat moniter. i was planning wad to do to let him change his mind.

BELINDA'S PLAN: after changing dont use de computer. :] skip dinner. :] cry. :] go to sleep.:] EVEYRTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE THE NEXT DAY. hehehehhee.

suprisingly. daddy fixed it all. and iwent *jump jump jump* to the kitchen and ate my dinner. :] hehehehe. its great to have a daddy who knows how to fix computer + soft hearted. *wink wink* daddy loves me. i love daddy: *smile smile*

"My love is like a rose divided into two, the leaves I give to others,
but the rose I give to you."

Saturday, September 02, 2006


dadadaa. jus came back from a jog with jorene. :] hehehe. its fuuuuuuuuuun. den went to play swing for a little while. chiamin shattered my heart AGAIN by asking jorene if i jog or ROLL. :"[

daddy helped me to wash my fan today. and he spoilt a light family is so. unclucky. first. the washing machine spoilt. den. the rice cooker cant stop. we ate soggy rice. -o- den the tv keep on-ing and off-ing by itself. and my msn is so WEIRD. plus daddy broke a light bulb today. sighs.

daddy scold me. :'[ i was in my room and he is in the living roooooom.

DADDY: go and get a newspaper.
ME: huh.
DADDY: go and get a newspaper.
ME: cannot hear u.
ME: i dont want to be a clown. i want to be a kangaroo.(there is a kangaroo toy beside my com)
DADDY: *stares*

marissa did tat for me. :] HEHEHE. thankewwww, xD

"stop being a mirror, what reflects back is not u at all."

afteeeer my BORED post. chiamin called me. :] and den i went over to semei and waited for her. :[ went to buy BAKING stuffs. hehehe. den went back to my house. and baked. mine. turn out. bad bad. NICHIAMIN keeeps making it and make and make and make. and its burnt. my pooor moons and clovers. :"[ i shall try it one more time during this holiday. ;]

mummmy got anew hp. :"[ gorgeous orange colour. soooooooooooo unique. :'[ daddy somehow convinced me tat v3 x is very very very thick and its functions is very very very suckie and i confirm wont like it. now he got one for mummy. and i can only look at it with envy eyes. and sigh at it. i couldnt even play with it for a few days. mummy expected it and asked daddy to HIDE it. but it cant hide for long cus i saw a blue thingy shining shining shining. hehehhee.

daaa. i am a failure. :[

"You will never be content with what you have until you make peace with who you

Friday, September 01, 2006

i am boooooooooooooored. not the normal bored. is a very weird kind of bored. -o- muummmy is going to malaysia later. to do her pedicure or something. how i wish i can tag along. but she gave me the same old reasons she gave me since sec 1. i've alrdy memorise it. -o-

daddy is getting his pay today. HEHEHEHE. its first of sept. payday. i will get money for dis holiday. :] went to daddy's room ytd and irritated him for 1/2 an hour. and he only gave me $10. -o- but he promise tat he will gimme more today. $.$ dadadad. i promised daddy i wiull give him double when i grow up. and only give mummy 1/2 of his double. becus mummy dont spend alot on me. :] even if she spend on me. she will get it back. -o- everything is so clear betweeen them. :'[

i ammmmmmmmmmmm bored. i have been sigh-ing since i woke up in the morning and ate some stuffs and walked around the house for alot alot of times. i am going to ask mummy to dig out the oven so i can try on my muffin. HEHEHE.

the mandell's reseach laboratory drawing get suckier after each time i seee it. i think me and xueli painted the 2nd drawing. hahahas. although till now. i have no idea wad is it. xD and ytd before the movie. we waited for very very very long time for the guys chasing after the foootball. -o- and its lonng. i thought glenn is going to scream his lungs out. sighs. they have never change. letting girls wait for them -o-. lastly, the foood me and jorene shared in the movie. yummmmmmmmy.

i am going to get a clock. its getting more and more irritating without a clock by my bed. i have to go *walk walk walk* for aorund 3 steps to see wads the time. handphone is troublesome. :'[ i want to wake up. and see wads the time. :] hehehe. and i am going to meet jorene later at night or in the evening. xD

"If love is music in its purest form, then you are the notes on
the page and the melody in my heart."