Wednesday, January 31, 2007

poa makes me hungry. :"[

had 3 periods of poa today. 2 before recess and 1 after recess. had 3 periods of chem today. 1 before recess and 2 after recess. -o- freaaaaaaaaking irritating.

recess is nice. i ate siew mai. but i went down ALOOONE. :"[ i am so lonely. nobody waits for me.. sad me.

i am tired. :"[

hungry at the same time. waiting for dinner. :"[ daddy bought me orange juice.


i smell dinner.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

poa makes me tired. -o-

life is soooo boring. boring life. morning wake up prepare for school. go school. squeezy bus. go down. walk with shien. go canteen. sit/talk/eat/laugh/ blahblahblah. go for flag raising. go back class. study study study. recess. study study study. school end. people disappearing. go home.

sighs. how sian. worst thing is to go home early. i will be all alone. :"[ i miss tinkie. but today i bought wang wang xiao man tou before i go home. :] hehehehes.

but going home late isnt good too..

sighs. look what am i doing. i think poa messed up my mind. i shall just go home. and stare at moomoo.

yay. i saw jorene this morning. yesterday morning. i hope i can see her tml too. the sight of her.. brightened up my morning. :]

i still have tons of tuition homeworks. there is chem tml. freaking white hair band teacher. -o-


Monday, January 29, 2007



and yawns..


Sunday, January 28, 2007

sian day.

completed most of the hmks. :] hehehhes.

hope there isnt history presentation tml.. hope there isnt ting xie tml..


met marissa and chiamin at 4++ after they have done their tmart project. -o- went to the library and pei-ed chiamin buy her shoe. :} went to buy dinner for daddy. and i bought the wrong one. -o-

sighs. i shall go and learn ting xie. -o-


Saturday, January 27, 2007

WOOOOOOOOOO. such a beautiful ravishing(?) day.

went out with marissa. and it rained. went to buy some stuffs.

spent $4++ on hp keychain. one of them is spoilt. because when i want to cut the price tag away, i cut the string.-o-

poor monkey. nevermind. i have a new one now. ;}

my new friend. :]

<3 旺仔小馒头

got ALOOOOT of hmks. i think its alot. xD tuition teacher gave me tons of hmks. because i said her bf is a freak. he ate worms. -o- deep fry one. she told me about it when i was eating the long long sour thing. -o-


my eye hurts. :'[ its TEARY.. and small. -o-

byebye. :]
WOOOOOOOOOO. such a beautiful ravishing(?) day.

went out with marissa. and it rained. went to buy some stuffs.

spent $4++ on hp keychain. one of them is spoilt. because when i want to cut the price tag away, i cut the string.-o-

poor monkey. nevermind. i have a new one now. ;}

my new friend. :]

<3 旺仔小馒头(yummy, my new addiction)

got ALOOOOT of hmks. i think its alot. xD tuition teacher gave me tons of hmks. because i said her bf is a freak. he ate worms. -o- deep fry one. she told me about it when i was eating the long long sour thing. -o-


byebye. :]

Friday, January 26, 2007

OMG. a math test sucks. -o-

i will fail for sure and byebye to the 20% ca marks. -o- i dont know why i dont know how to do. -o-i really really dont know. :"[

i couldnt stay to complete it though teacher gave us time. ive got tuition. on friday. -o- wonder why did i agree to that again. ;"[ mr tan kept giving that HEHEHE smile. -o- its like saying HAHA U CANT SOLVE IT!

and yes. i couldnt focus because my eyes are DRY and BLURR. i can only see near near stuffs and when teacher is explaining the stuffs. i was only staring at the blurr whiteboard. and squeeze out some tears to make it moisture. but no use. so i had to act like i was listening.:"[

so with blurr eyes, i did the math sums.. i think i should change a new set. :"[

i decided to blog till my teacher comes. -o-

social studies. mr leong asked us to talk about which school rules we dislike the most. -o- for 2 periods. -o- den english followed by pe. throw that dumb stick. -o-

woooowooooowoooooo. teacher haven come. look how bored am i. :"[

i love my blog. because i never let it die. :] i think one day i will get sian of blogging. -o- i got 597 posts lor. :] so fun when reading last time's post. -o- how idiotic i was. but some are still nice memories. :] thats one reason i blooooog.

yay. my tuition teacher reach liaooo. xD

Thursday, January 25, 2007


just completed my history project. -o- my grp members are so blah. >:[

ive got a strong strong feeling that they just copy and paste from the web or wherever they got the info from and put into the slide. grrrrrs. so many useless informations.

when i first saw it i thought i will vomit blood and visit adolf hilter in hell/heaven. SO WORDY. 2 whole slides of words. useless stuffs. still ask me to add picture to make it.. not useless? -o- like people will be intrested in it. i bet they will go WAH. *ignores*

gahs. english project and hist project is due tml. english project resource file. extreamly guilty because i feel that i didnt do anything. -o- ok la. i did research. :] but all involves handworks. i will ruin the whole thing. -o-

theres a math test tml. :'[ got 17/20 for the emath test. seem to be a boo. :"[

sad sad sad. busy week..

do you miss tinkie?

i do..



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

such a sian day. :"[

i jus know that jascintha's chinese name is hui li. li hui. hmms. dont know. :] one of them. xD

chinese is boring. it makes me sleepy.. was sleepy during math too. -o- the rest of the day got quite sian. because i am sleepy. :]

after school jascintha, charmaine, yiyun and haocheng(extra) came my house for the english project. didnt accomplish much though. xD went down to buy some stuffs den went back home.

busy busy busy. i've got poa hmk math hmk and history project.

sian laaaaaaaa. :"[

and yes. jascintha bought her dog. VERY VERY VERY CUTEEEEEEEE. xD yea. i cant find my mmc card thingy. no pictures. ive got some very very very intresting pictures. HEHEHHE..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

i am tired. :'[

was suppose to meet marissa and cheryl this morning. to get marissa's scholarship thingy. but i overslpt. xD hehehehe.

went there alone. and got lost. xD i really really dont know where is that. :"[

went to tm/cs and they ate lunch. den went cs and walked around. after that i went to aunt's house. pass her stuffs and get some stuffs but cousin wasnt at home. i wanna ask her math. :'[

called chiamin and asked her if i can go her house. sun bian teach me math. :] yanshan went too. and they taught me math. :]

went east point and walked around. ate roti john. and i feel like puking now. i dont know why. bought crepes for daddy. and he doesnt like it. :"[ i didnt buy tuna. because i dont like tuna. but its for daddy. daddy loves tuna. but i still didnt buy tuna. :]

hohoho. nothing else. xD


Saturday, January 20, 2007


Friday, January 19, 2007



daddy didnt go to work today. and i irritated him about TINKIE. hohohoho.

i spent 1h sitting there and sat i want tinkie. tinkie is my best best fren. and other good things about tinkie. :]


no daddy=no money love. so i said i want daddy and tinkie.

and daddy says. YOU WANT INTERNET OR TINKIE. -o-

sighs. i feel so depress.

fine. i am not depress. i miss tinkie. :'[

i shalll go and irritate mama tml morning. :] HOHOHOHOO.

hehehehs. chatted with charmaine and others during english because we dont really know if we should write the journal. and we ended up writing in the last period. -o- yes. and i realise its been a LONG LONG time since i went shopping. :'[

sighsss. i shall do it next week. :]

wees. and i am going out.

happy me.


Thursday, January 18, 2007


such a looooooooooooooooooooooong day. xD

sfl is half nice half boring. :] the games are somehow fun. but the talkings are quite boring. and it rained for a while. how i wish i was home that time. :'[

there was alot of.. self-awarness stuffs. like writing your own strength and weakness. blah blah and blah. didnt really know what to write that time. xD hohohoos.

stayed back a while to decorate class room and went home. :] had to do the history project and english project. -o-

i find it very very hard to concentrate. i dont know why. xD

hohoho. and it caused me to be blogging here when i am suppose to do the projects. xD


byebye. :]

i still miss tinkie.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


i was extreamly angry ytd. >:[

mummy sent back tinkie to its own owner without consulting MEEEEEEEEE. though i wont agree. but she still have to ask right.

i dont care. i want it back. because her reason for sending it back is. VERY DIRTY.

pleaaaaase lor. she should know this in the first place. not after keeping it for a month or so. after i have FEELING for it. after i am USED to it.

it pissed me off. >:[

i want it back i want it back i want it back. >:[ i will irritated them every single day until i have it back.

tinkie must be sad too.. i wonder if he can hear me if i say tinkie here. dogs can hear ultrasound..

oh ya. i dont have ultrasound. :"[ tinkie must be thinking of meee. :"[ if the owner is going to change his name to freaking lucky. i will be sad. its responding tinkie u know. its responding.

i miss tinkie. :"[ i am a ssad freak.

no more dog barkings or something which will WELCOME ME HOME. nothing will accompany me when i am playing the computer and when i am alone at home. nobody will come and irritate me when i am doing my hmk. nothing will come and wake me up in the morning. nothing will come and snatch food with me. nothing will keep opening large eyes and nod his head when i am eating something. no more shittings around. no more dog smell.

omg. i miss tinkie la............

when sis tell me mummy sent it back. MY HEART REALLY REALLY SHATTER INTO PIECES. and i came to school today with swollen eyes. -o-

I WANT TINKIE LA........................ such an adorable thing. :"[ only tinkie can be irritating and adorable at the same time. ONLY TINKIE.

please dont ask me to look at his pictures when i miss him. its not like he is dead. -o- so i can have it back. i am going to have it back. yes. i am. but i am busy this few days and have no time to plan. -o-

i shall do planning.. this saturday. :]

oo tinkie..............................

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

its not just a freaking dog.
its much more than that.

Monday, January 15, 2007


i think i blogged about the iphone yesterday. but i dont know why its gone. -o- and again, the iphone makes me HIGHH. i dont know why. xD hehehes. daddy says i can get one. only if i dont buy any phones this year and i pay some money myself. :]

and its only available in singapore next year.. :"[ thats very very long.. sighs. usa is having it in june. issit june? xD

its a rainy day today. its rainy almost everyday. never leave ur house without an umbrella. :] stayed back for class decoration. quite fun la. with cheryl too. but she went over to 3e3 when ms cai came. -o-

hohohoho. i have a very.. funny and cute picture of yiming. i dont know should i post it here anot. hehehhe. i shall ask him later. :]

the class is gonna be starry. stars are nice. starry classrooms are also nice. :]

piggy, tinkie and my leg. :]

blah blah blah.

byebye. :]

Sunday, January 14, 2007

we are not moving. we are not moving. :]

hehehhes. haapppy me. though i wont get new furniture, i am still happy. :] i bet tinkie is happy too. :]

no i will get new furniture. :] hehehes. i want matching furniture in my room. i feel that my room is so random. -o- and told daddy about it. he says yes. depending on what. :] but from last year i have been saying i want a new closet.

and if we dont move. this year is the repainting year. :] every 5 years. it follows my AGE. i am going to be 15 this year. and we moved in when i was one month old. :] math math math.

most likely for my room, it would be blue. depending on what shade. :] but repainting will be troublesome.

when i was 5. mummy hired some.. people. and they freak me out. in that 3 days, i followed my mother whereever she goes. :"[ and at 10 de maid repaint. and she fell down from the ladder. -o- this year, we will do it OURRRRRSELF. ;]

hehehhehe. i am excited.

mummy says before chinese new year. daddy says too rush. so they decided to repaint when everybody is FREEEEEEEEEEE. for me, its during the next holiday of course. but daddy says on feb i can get some new furniture.

long long long. but i shall wait. hehehhe. i feel like i am playing doll house.

i shall dance around. because i am excited.


Friday, January 12, 2007

1. dont understand math
2. last period of math in com lab, i sat in front of the ac. its super urber COLD.
3. rained very heavily AFTER i got down the bus.
4. tinkie bite my finger twice today.
5. tution teacher canceled tuition because it was raining. -o-
6. she woke me up.

1. slept for 3 hours.
2. rain makes me happy. when i am at home.
3. ate skittles.
4. cooked dinner. yums. :]

hmms. the bad things are more than the good things. so its a bad day. :"[

i am in a irritated mood. i dont know why. i LOVE tuition. so i want tuition today. not on monday when i have extra math lesson. the whole day will be filled with math. 3 periods of math lesson. 1h30mins after school doing math. -o- reach home have math tuition.


so i am going to object. >:[ its not my fault that the tuition is canceled today. i reached home early and when the tuition is at 3.30pm. she called me at 4 saying that she cant come. -o-

i was sleeping. so, i continued sleeping.

well, i am not really sure what i am mad about. yes. i am mad about the tuition teacher because this happened TWICE. 3rd time = byebye. somehow, i couldnt stand it. -o- unless her reason is like. my house is having a flood.

marissa has something to say..

marissa :8) says:
marissa :8) says:
marissa says
marissa :8) says:
the night sky is black

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rhythm of the Rain:
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go away and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand-new start
But little does she know that when she left that day
Along with her she took my heart

Rain please tell me now does that seem fair
For her to steal my heart away when she don't care
I can't love another when my heart's somewhere far away

The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand-new start
But little does she know that when she left that day
Along with her she took my heart

Rain won't you tell her that I love her so
Please as the sun has set her heart aglow
Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go away and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

Oh, listen to the falling rain
Pitter Patter Pitter Patter ohhhh...


today is a normal day. sang the national anthem when we haven put down our bags.-o- had chinese opeen book test. blah blah and blah. xD

early recess. had recess with the sec ones. some freaking sec ones cut the line. -o-and they were standing in front of me. -o- around like 4 of them went into the line when 2 other girls called them. -o- the prefect doesnt seem to care too. -o- have the strong urge to.. scold them or something. but just showed them the irritated look.


baaaahs. den had math el den sfl. yes. sfl.. :] chose the class moto. yay! rising stars, strive for the best. :] i wrote rising stars and i think the vice chairman added the back line. but without the back line, i dont think people will vote for it. -o-

one thing. its anyhow write one cause i thought everyone have to submit a class moto. but in the end alot didnt give..

yay. stars. :]

jascintha have this playing dough keychain and we made XIAO YY (yiyun) during sfl. i poke the eyes nose and mouth. :] i thik charmaine made the hair. hahhaas. xD

had to keep it and it was flattened. xD

there is something wrong with my keyoard. gahhgahhas.

sayonara. *i cant type some alpha*

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yea. my com hanged jus now. -o-

let me.. rewrite. :"[

ms sim gave me a packet of monster noodle snack. the blue one. :] and tinkie likes it.

actually tinkie likes anything which is edible. -o- he is GREEDY.


have to go and think about english project.

and ya. chiamin asked me to mention about her.


belinda[: says:
you know who is wright brother

Chiamin (: says:
ya i know

Chiamin (: says:
the plane one ah

Chiamin (: says:
flapp flap wing?


because i drank apple juice with alovera and ate an apple.

byebye. :]

the world is full of hypocrites.
May all of them die. :]
but who knows if i am one of them..

Monday, January 08, 2007


its a looong day today. LOONG LOONG day..

i remembered POA teacher say no need textbook le i was still giving out. -o-

hmmmmmms. went down to first floor den up to third floor again for history and mm room. tml onwards we have to go all the way down from science block to the first classroom on the left hand side. -o-

i dont know why i remember. hehehhees.

had teacher-student conference with sun lao shi. -o- he speaked english. and whenever i dont udnerstand. i nod my head. -o- and said. uh. uh.

i really cant make out what he say. -o-

hohoho. stayed back for extra math lesson today. den after that went to meet jorene. walked around a while den went HOOOMe.

i love home.

started doing hmk. *DO (sleep for 10mins) DO DO DO DO*

i dont know am i slow or its jus normal. it takes me a long time to figure out a math question. -o- i guess i am jus tired.


i shall go to bed. i dont want tml to be a tired day too. dalalallaas.


Sunday, January 07, 2007


i am tired. i am forcing myself not to sleep. :]

been reading the book about a china girl. very nice book. but sometimes, its a lil too boring. make me so tired.


pei-ed chiamin to popular to get her notebooks den went to the library to return and borrow some books. have to rush home because aunt is waiting for me to pass her some stuffs.

i was expecting tinkie to bark when aunt comes. but he didnt. -o- he pee-ed at on the floor. again. someone. tell me what to do. -o-

den daddy told me the dog is fa qiao-ing. -o- i dont really get what he mean. but tinkie keep rubbing his back on daddy. -o- hohohho. den daddy made a fake bark sound and it ran away. xDD


nothing much today.


tired me. xD


Saturday, January 06, 2007


woke up at 11++ and LOOK at the math hmk. :] i didnt do and i shall do it later. xD

tinkie puke 3 or 4 times today and he didnt have his dinner. sighs sighs sighs. i always thought that he is a greedy dog. too greedy liao. xD

four plus marissa came my house and we went to buy yanshan's present. went back home and den cheryl cameeee. bought tinkie for a walk with marissa and cheryl. we walked to whoever's house and they pass him the bday present.

i think tinkie still feels sick. :'[ poor dog..

i shall post a picture of him. :]

marissa took this. xD

piggy was in this pose when i enter the room. -o-

tinkie and the doorstoppers. -o-
(i know the eyes are freaky. lighting)

tinkie has the habit of chewing doorstoppers lately. i hide mine in the drawer. -o- who is to blame.? MARISSSA. -o-

such a nice weather today.



and byebye.


i think tinkie is suppose to be like this when his hair grows..

its a silky terrier. the owner told us yesterday i guess. xD


byebye. :]
woo woo woo. new skin new skin. woo woo woo.

i still tired after 4 hours of nap. frm 4 till 8. :] tinkie woke me up because i didnt feed him. hohoho.

he woke me up by licking my ear. -o- the effect is the same as blowing into my ear. ewwwww. i woke up immediately. xD

yawns. i am still tired. :]

i shall go to bed.

and sleep.

byebye. xD

Thursday, January 04, 2007


just finished tuitioning. :] tuitioned for an hour more . :"[ it rained. such a good time for a short short short nap. sighs.

had to rush home today. cause she reached earlier. :"[ and started tuition at 3pm till 6pm. kill me. :"[ had some candies to keep me awake. but i was feeeeling tireed and couldnt concentrate.

ho-ho-ho. its friday tml. finally. hahhhas. :]

i shall blog more tml. since my posts are like.. so short.? xD

hoho. byebye.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


today is a tired day. :"[ i am feeling tired. i think everybody feels tired too. hohohoho. form teacher ms cai is nice. form tutor who say 3e6 the standards not so good is bad. -o- add math leh. :'[

ahhs! i sitll got flu. and i used alot of tissue. let me recover by tml. please please please. :'[

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

freaking sore throat make me unable to sleep. accompanied by some headache. WHY WHY MUS THIS HAPPEN TO ME. :'[

and that dam dog barked when i went out to get some herbalmint lozenges. and everybody in the house woke up. -o-

let me dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :"[


oh ya. i went out with jorene and i had sandwiches. its nice. xD

Monday, January 01, 2007

WEEES. i changed the blogggskin. xD

lovely picture i have found. :]

having sore throat on new year isnt a good sign.

breaking a cup on new year isnt a good sign.

having a leg cut on new year isnt a good sign.


i hope the sore throat will be gone by tml. :'[ i dont want to go to school feeling sick. it will ruin everything.

big sighs. please heal tml throat. i love you. :"[