Tuesday, January 30, 2007

poa makes me tired. -o-

life is soooo boring. boring life. morning wake up prepare for school. go school. squeezy bus. go down. walk with shien. go canteen. sit/talk/eat/laugh/ blahblahblah. go for flag raising. go back class. study study study. recess. study study study. school end. people disappearing. go home.

sighs. how sian. worst thing is to go home early. i will be all alone. :"[ i miss tinkie. but today i bought wang wang xiao man tou before i go home. :] hehehehes.

but going home late isnt good too..

sighs. look what am i doing. i think poa messed up my mind. i shall just go home. and stare at moomoo.

yay. i saw jorene this morning. yesterday morning. i hope i can see her tml too. the sight of her.. brightened up my morning. :]

i still have tons of tuition homeworks. there is chem tml. freaking white hair band teacher. -o-


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