Wednesday, April 28, 2010

location: bs-26-01-19

monday- move in, pack and do grocery shopping (done)
tuesday- lessons from 11 till 8.30 (done)
wednesday- classes then international dinner, have to cook eygpt food zzz (today)
thursday- lessons from 9-9
friday- lessons then check out
saturday- work from 10-10, DOUBLE PAY SORRY CANNOT RESIST
sunday- work from 10-10, pack for next day's check in

but yay im feelin so much better w lots of panadol, some cough syrup and a bottle of luohanguo. glad tt wyy is my roomie hehehe cause we've lots of funny webcam moments hahahahahahaa sorry i hit ur face hehe. ♥♥♥♥
ok time to listen in class zzz i think mbs gna suck. :(

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 1: check in

  • Go to class
  • Home to pack w shihui hehe



  • Cabbed to temasek green w my barang barang


my naraya bag is chio one lor.

  • Go for class
  • Dingtaifeng w kimberly hehe
  • Ikea/Giant w flatmates


this is amanda

$128.33 worth of stuffss

kelly and rebecca hehe.

  • Back to hostel to unpack and pack

cosy or cosy?

my roomie

hehe hotel bedrm slippers


That was my day one and now im down w flu and cough. I miss home alr. :(

Ok my roomie wna webcam w me. Bb.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the best things in life are free

Yay moving into temasek green tmr!! Swear im gg to bring piggy along, and my blankie. Or i will have trouble sleeping at night. If i can bring qoo to my 3d2n sec 2 camp, i can also bring piggy for my 3 weeks (minus weekends) stay hehe. Ok gna double triple quadruple check my stuffs, won't make stupid mistakes like... Not bringing contact lens casing or any sleeping clothes at all zzz bkk trip u all rmb?? Not that i cannot go home and get... But its abit troublesome and i might not have time. :(

Ahhhh im so excited i bet @yanstasy (my roomie), @jljy and @lowyunling (my neighbours) are too! Tmr will be a bz dayyyy!!

Good night everyone~! ♥♥♥♥

Thursday, April 22, 2010

comment tu t'appelles?

Yay made a group of camwhore classm8s alr~ If you think I'm a 100% camwhore you should totally meet Shihui hahahaha. So a few of us spent the 4h break tgt. My class really isnt the enthu kind, only 3 turned up for some captain's ball thing on wed! Ahh hope the awkward-ness in class will just go away or school is really getting boring. :(




her camera flash blinded me. :(

yanstarsea came to join us too


It was such a long day that im half-dead by the end of french class. With 2 hours to spare till my next 3h transnational tutorial, CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT. School from 9-9 is oddly more tiring than work from 10-10. My 3 weeks of tuesdays and thursdays are gna be hell i swear. Classes from 2-9 straight on tues w/o any break?? Not to mention... That I have classes from 9.30 to 4.30 on saturdays. :(

Sigh don't you all just h8 school??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

katong laksa killed my throat




@teoheng before work


Dear throat, pls heal by tmr because ive lessons from 9am-9pm. First ever apel class, french and transnational tutorial. I promise that I will drink more water, sleep earlier and eat lesser nutella. Don't die on me. :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

u're my shooting star, tt's why u r my favourite

Spent the last day of the vacation w the bff. How i wish tmr never comes... :(


waffle crisp for u??

cuter version of marvelous cream hehe

On the brighter side, i can't wait to meet my new classmates!! Which is on... Wednesday lab lesson?? I have this strong feeling that mbs(marketing business system) will be v.2 of csa. KNEW SOMETHING WAS FISHY WHEN THR IS A 3H LAB LESSON. Like deja vu only!! I don't mind getting elton chong he so cute hehe.

Anw, have to wake up early to change my cds tmr. Pls pls let me get into fashion bcos so many of my favs are in t01!! Big eyes and some of the other 1b10 girls. So pllllllllllllllllllls! :(

Ok need to turn in now can't be l8 tmr or kel will kill me. Hehe.

Good nightt.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

flea fly flo fun

w wanleng

@sg pit building

$55.50 loots: dress x1, romper x1, stockings x1, crop top x1

heh happy girl

my ring ripped my stockings and i think my father h8s stockings hor wl. :(

see you in school! :(
(p.s: inside joke)

Friday, April 16, 2010

night at plover 16...

w these lovely ppl who made my first year in tp so memorable. Crazy camwhoring session w wyy's new mera. My eyebags can make 10 cups of tea, anybody wants some??

Anw im in 2M05. Not in the same class as @ksachdev @yanstasy and @lowyunling. I'm sucha pessimistic hahahahaha but its alright at least I knw someone in the class right?? Just that the thought of getting use to a new environment feels so tiring and everything. :(

Ohhh and ive got french as my cds. Yay or nay?? Shall see if i can get into 20th fc w the others or it shall be pub speaking, maybe i will even stick to french. One thing i can't w8 is for tns to start bcos ive an awesome roomie and maybe neighbours. ♥♥♥♥

Hehehhe off to work~~

only for the baby lovers





Can't seem to get enough shots of lil miss grumpy hehe. Need to take some time out to share them of fb for her daddy and mummy to see!! Hope fb won't give me any uploading problems. Gave up aft a few tries the other time... Hehe can't w8 to tag a baby! ^^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

this is my 1330th post

from town,



we cabbed to bugis....


and we ended up at an organic cafe




whr we had yummy organic taupok


and some yucky organic drink


and then it started to rain damn heavily tt it looked like it was night time but we braved through the rain to sim lim sq (and gt kinda drenched) bt didnt get what i want zzz. so somehow we ended up in plaza sing and the happy gurl gt her bag (yes frm town => bugis => ps for the perfect bag). all i got was a pencil holder and a box of push pins frm diaso.

Fml but jean felt more fml bcos her perfect bag gt a scratch on it. :(

Tday will be a better day. Chalet w 1b10 and w baby richelle coming over, do expect photo spam hehehe.

Have a gr8 day ahead!! ♥.♥