Thursday, April 22, 2010

comment tu t'appelles?

Yay made a group of camwhore classm8s alr~ If you think I'm a 100% camwhore you should totally meet Shihui hahahaha. So a few of us spent the 4h break tgt. My class really isnt the enthu kind, only 3 turned up for some captain's ball thing on wed! Ahh hope the awkward-ness in class will just go away or school is really getting boring. :(




her camera flash blinded me. :(

yanstarsea came to join us too


It was such a long day that im half-dead by the end of french class. With 2 hours to spare till my next 3h transnational tutorial, CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT. School from 9-9 is oddly more tiring than work from 10-10. My 3 weeks of tuesdays and thursdays are gna be hell i swear. Classes from 2-9 straight on tues w/o any break?? Not to mention... That I have classes from 9.30 to 4.30 on saturdays. :(

Sigh don't you all just h8 school??

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