Thursday, April 08, 2010

take every chance, drop every fear









Gr8 day out with Wanleng hehe. Dingtaifeng, xiaolongbao, f21, neu look, vouchers and walking along orchard rd thinking hw awesome it would be if we were to stay there. Minus that queasy bloated feeling I had after lunch. Really felt bad you knoww the honeydew iceblended only made me feel better for that tiny weeny while and it all came back again. Had to abandon big eye and cab home bcos she need to meet a seller. Sorry sweeettyy i will make it up to you on our next shopping trip! Hopefully you will see stuffs that you like i knw how u feel ok! No money, everything also like. Got money, everything also don't like! Is sad one lor!

Facial aft tt and i kept complaining to my beautician abt my stomach zzz. Anw no more clogged pores im happy hehe. Kk, suspect that im having indigestion zzzz. Shall turn in early although i don't think it helps?? It might!

Good nightt.

" Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

-- Carl Sagan --


Wanleng said...

Hope u are better now! We can go for big long bao the next time!

Belinda Foo said...

yes i felt so much better! must find whr got sell hehehe!