Wednesday, April 07, 2010

if not now, then when?

Finally hit the gym with Wanleng and i feel very accomplished hahahha. Sweating never felt so good~ Lets hope we can maintain this for a longer period of time, right big eye?

Later on was dinner with my baby girlllls. Been the longest time since I last saw them. Mai didn't come along because she was sick. Don't worry, there is always next time baby!! Meeting them for breakie at tmart mac tmr morning, just like the past awww. Lets hope that I can drag myself out of my super comfy(and possessive) bed.




take care of ur pretty eyesss jared!!

6-1 hehe.



Anyway, we got approached by these prudential people otw home. It really affected me in a sort of way. I've been spending too much. :( I knew this long ago and did try to rectify it hahahaha. New year resolution was to save abit of money from my pay each month but... Nothing is accomplished?? Yes its sad one lor. I was brooding about it like this few days because daddy being daddy, was sort of pissed by my spending habits and started to say that he is worried for my future. Is it like some fate thing that this prudential thing came by?? Should I give it a try... But its a lot of commitment and I know nuts about these. Then again, I'm only 17. Shouldn't I be treasuring my youth and having the time of my life?? I won't be 17 forever right... :(

Sigh... You might find it very contradicting... But... I'm going for a shopping trip with Wanleng tomorrow... And... We are going to eat dingtaifeng's xlb... And... I have a facial appointment at 6.30. How to save you tell me how to save!! Ok I'm in the state of confusion now and sleeping shall be my remedy.

depressed+confused+emo+poor kid signed off.

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