Tuesday, March 29, 2005

nO face le la..

sob.. no face to c peepz le.. ex 1e5.. haiz.. 2dae morning.. wan to go call shi en.. den go up tat time.. i bang until 1 guy.. i think frm 1e5 de.. haiz.. den hor when i wan to brake rite.. too late le.. bang until le.. den dun dare to look at him.. no face le.. haiz.. den alwaes dun dare to pass by da 1e5.. but i hav to lor.. haiz.. gtg le.. sayonara

Sunday, March 27, 2005

2dae i went to take a quiz.. they sae i m sun.. is da star in my frens.. den can be stubborn n all tat stuff.. den still got 1 more they write: You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already.But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that! hahaz.. weird.. 2dae went out wif yanshan n shien den met sum of yanshan de fren.. berii farni.. sum.. hahaz.. cannot stop laughin.. den take neoprint.. den hor my 2 dollar gone.. hahaz.. unlucky sia..haiz.. so sian lehz.. now i 2dae go make another ear hole.. pain lehz.. later giv u c da photo.. hehez.. i lame.. go n take phto.. lame lame me.. hahaz.. *tata*

Saturday, March 26, 2005


da class blog complete le.. but dne like got peepz unhappy bout it.. i noe hu make de but i cannot sae..later i die sia.. i scard lehz.. da malaies angry.. ex. tiara.. haiz.. but i believe we can do a betta job.. since we r da 1st 1 2 sae we 1 2 cre8 dis blog.. realli lor.. got witness sia.. but den.. haiz... so sian sia.. aiya.. gtg le.. *tata*

Friday, March 25, 2005

sian sia

2dae berii da boriin seh.. but den 2dae went to orchard wiif mariissa.. berii fun.. we went shoppin.. den cuz i 4get bring money.. den went home n take.. sun bian charge a while da hp.. den went to mrt station.. went to orchard.. we went 2 da herens..i think we took neoprint there.. den da cathay.. den lucky plaza..there berii scary.. old old de.. den all is frm other country.. scary.. hahaz.. den eat dinner there.. eat mac.. den go taka.. den wisma.. den go home.. in da mrt rite.. mariissa sat on da floor.. den berii like ah lian.. in my own opinion la.. den 2dae rite.. so many peepz stoppin me.. 5 times is tok bout jesus.. den 1 is donation.. den i giv 2 dollar.. cuz no money.. haiz.. den da jesus 1 rite.. they dun look like cum n tok to u de lor.. if not i surely run de.. haiz.. gd fri is like tat de la.. den they oso exchange phone number.. den mariissa giv da wrong 1.. hahaz.. dne she tell me.. i keep on luffin.. when den da guy ask 4 donation.. i oso luffin.. like crazi.. cant believe it lor.. so many times.. den 2dae got 1 idian gal n man.. den da gal.. sast on my skirt.. den da man.. step my shoe..den sat on my skirt oso.. den i at there lauff until berii hard.. peepz keep lookin at me.. lol.. lame rite.. haiz.. muz start studyin le.. wan to test le.. i m so dead.. dunno can pass anot.. muz hav confident!! lol.. chiamin call me 2molo go church.. dunno wan to go anot.. haiz..


yawn.. realli veri tired..later got tution.. but teacher haven cum.. so plae com lor..haiz.. veri da sian lehz.. tution.......but math test cumin.. so muz tution.. but she now haven cum!! she sae 9.3o den reach.. alwaes like tat 1 lehz.. haiz.. dun wan tro plae le.. *tata*

Thursday, March 24, 2005


wah.. 2dae so tired.. go back home frm algebra lesson den go out until 6+... haiz.. eye pain.. but still wear contact lense.. hehez.. 2dae get ez link.. da phto is pri sch 1.. haiz.. can online until 7.30 onli.. father wan to use.. lalala~ 2dae da algebra thingy.. veri farni.. cuz marissa suddenly laugh like junkai den junkai laugh until dam farni de lor.. den she at there angry.. hahaz.. she angry veri farni.. 2dae got captain ball thingy.. we win!! 22/10.. hehez.. so happy.. aiyo.. gtg le.. *tata*

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


2dae ah.. i go com club.. den i log in 2 msn messenger.. hehez.. den chat.. haiz.. 2dae tok to glenn.. den he sae he like xue.. alwaes change de lehz.. a while amanda.. a while xue.. so flirt rite... pri 5 like tat le.. den next time older den die le.. haiz.. den xue oso veri flirt.. whole dae like dis 1 like dat 1.. i dun like any1 worz.. haiz.. tat toots keep sayin i like dis n tat.. frm them i realised tat boyz or more 'aunty' den gals.. haiz.. juz found out de.. hehez.. 2dae check bag.. but nv check pocket!! hp mostly put pocket de ma..den he nv check.. sum sae he stoopid.. but for me.. i think he givin us chance.. i dunno y dis few daes hor.. like becum veri evil n ah lian lehz.. dunno y.. ah lian is nvm.. but evil is no no no.. haiz.. go out le worz.. go send my father.. hehez.. tata

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


lalala~~2dae mr lai tok to us bout da theft.. he sae muz be sum1 in our class.. we all noe hu le.. here cannot sae.. they sae taa person confess le.. dunno is rumour or wad lehz.. haiz.. 2dae got anti smokin thingy.. tat tiam kiat hor.. he dam fierce.. scary.. haiz.. now go find skin for class bloogie.. byez..

Monday, March 21, 2005


2dae ah.. realli nothinz to sae.. cuz 2molo got lite thingy n den we prepare all da thingies alrdy.. but sharifah suddenly wan to chagne da script.. where can..haiz.. so hor.. use back da old script.. haiz.. den she keep on at there tok tok tok.. den i n marissa dunno wad she tokin.. den we nv sae anythingy lor.. den she at there ask me y i nv tok.. wad she wan me 2 sae.. haiz.. go eat dinner le.. *tata*

Sunday, March 20, 2005


all my notes transfer le.. so happy.. haiz.. but den later still hav to revise math.. lalala~~ my sis ah.. nothinz to sae bout her lehz.. so big size le.. den my mother call her go exercise she dun wan.. den hor my mother juz sae her a little bit den she angry le.. bad tempered.. haiz.. dun care her.. i plae my com she show her temper.. 2molo sch reopen le.. i dun wan go sch.. my room is da best place. no one disturb me.. hahaz.. sumtimes la.. my sis lor.. no one le..dunno y my bloggie no song le.. haiz.. later den go n make.. lalala~~ so sian lehz.. holidae hmk all finish le.. haiz.. need to cut nail.. i dun wan.. *sob* den my mother keep forcing me to cut my hair.. i dun wan..*sob sob* haiz.. *tata*

sob sob

haiz.. sch 2molo reopen le.. *sob* den rite after sch reopen hor got math test lehz.. scared sia.. 1st test in sec sch.. den 1 or 2 weeks after tat got sci test.. *sob sob* haiz.. later den go study ba.. no muz plae.. hehe..^^ i miss pri sch life lehz.. more relac.. hehez.. i miss my teacher.. so many thingies to tell her.. next time muz go back c her.. ask jorene go wif me.. she got more ren qing wei.. n clare oso she oso got.. onli tat xue.. haiz.. no ren qing wei.. haiz.. next time ask them go back.. dun care tat xue.. lalala~~ so sian.. i go plae game le.. *tata*

Wad is true luv?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

wah.. every where pain..

haiz.. 2dae wake up.. my whole bod pain.. neck.. arm.. leg.. cannot move!! den 2dae 5+ in da morning wake up.. cuz leg dam pain.. i frm small hor start to hav dis prob le.. walk or stand too long leg will veri pain.. den i frm 5+ nv sleep.. until 7+ ba.. den round 11 wake up.. company my mother eat lunch.. den eat until 1+ go home.. den plae com le.. hehez.. haiz.. write until here ba.. i still hav to edit my lite project de script.. *tata*

Friday, March 18, 2005

wah.. 2dae so tired.. 1st i went 2 sit flipper..den went to sit rainbow..den went to sit vikings..wah.. my heart like wan to drop out..i sat at da end..den go n sit wet n wild..veri wet lor..hahaz.. i sit last 1.. den we go 2 da pepsi there.. dunno me n marissa too heavy or too light.. da whole chair turn over..scary.. i 1st time sit.. den we went to sit panosonic.. dunno how to spell.. veri scary.. and den we went to sit go kart.. i drive until veri slow.. hahaz.. den went for lunch.. rest for a while we took two rides of rainbow.. and two rides of flipper.. den wet n wild again.. den panasonic again.. den vikings.. den go home.. i oso not sure we sat wad rides.. plae until whole dae.. mad.. hahaz.. when go home tat time i dunno wan to take wad bus..den until junior college there i wok all da way home.. every1 keep lookin at me.. wah.. veri tired.. go watch tv le.. byez..


wah.. yesterdae go malaysia den cum back le.. so tired.. later on marissa n sharifah cumin to my house n do project.. yawn..i wan to sleep.. den after tat rite.. go escape wif da guyz.. actually sae dun wna de cuz onli i n marissa is gal.. den like veri wad.. but promise them le.. so go lor.. yesterdae at malaysia i bought a shoe n pants lor.. 29.90 n 5o.oo.. den walk walk.. den cum back le.. we nv stae there de.. troublesome.. lalala~~ later den write more..hehez.. go plae game..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


2dae my gb change rank le~~ so happy.. hahaz.. i alwaes plae veri long den change rank de.. hehez.. but i noe how i plae does not fit my rank.. hahaz.. muz remmeber dis dae.. lame lame me.. hahaz.. i think i goin to hav sore troat.. veri pain.. plus dry.. lalala~ 2dae da idiot dentist call 2 my house~~ wake me up~~ den i finally sleep back le.. da chairman call me.. den put vibrate ma.. den e hp drop on my head.. pain sia.. den after tat nv sleep back le.. i straight awae wake up plae com.. 2molo go jb.. yipee.. shoppin~!!lalala~~ i go eat dinner le hor.. bb..


yeah.. 2molo go malaysia shoppin.. den fri go escape.. so happy~~ lalala~~haiz.. i still left sci~~ *sob* 2DAE I MUZ FINISH ALL!! hahaz..plae com until 3.oo ba.. omg now 2.58 le.. nvm.. now i doin my hm.. lalala~ marissa 2molo cuming back~~ miss her so much~~ i not les~~ write until here ba~~ bb~~

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

hu is tat ah~~

2dae i saw a veri lame thingy in my tagboard.. a person sae my blog sux.. not happy den dun c la.. scold me.. lamer sia.. haiz.. dun care le la.. hu cares wad tat peep sae.. lalala~~ juz now i sae i wan to complete my hmks.. i end up doin my english journal.. dunno y do 1 journal takes me 1hr.. sighz.. now still not so complete la.. still got da newspaper srticle thingy haven finish~ now onli left lite project ba.. n da science bk~~ juz read finish 1 story.. at internet read de.. e author ah.. so slow.. haiz.. mostly read until half cuz hor da author hor write until veri slow.. haiz.. so sian ah!! lalala~~ wakaka~~ fri goin escape~~ so long~~ lalala~~ haiz.. go find story read~~ bb~~


2dae i went to da dental clinic.. sooooo many peepz lehz.. sighz.. my mother hor.. dunno wad to sae ah.. she ah.. da registration gal onli slow a little bit ma.. den she at there complain.. den keep on walkin here n there.. 5mins stand up 1 time lehz.. even i her daughter will oso think she siao 1 lor... not i wan to sae la.. haiz.. whole dae onli noe how to complain.. is we late ma.. so muz wait.. haiz... da doctor sae hor is my lower jaw veri long.. n den becuz of tat my upper jaw started to squeeze 2gether.. so my teeth will like tat.. dis 1 is hor becuz of my father.. my father oso hav long lower jaws ma.. so i oso hav lor.. haiz.. muz wait for 3 years lehz.. so long.. sighz.... but nvm lor.. haiz.. so sian.. still got hmk ah!! haiz.. hmk hmk hmk.. c until sian lor.. 2dae muz finish all my hmks.. kambate.. *tata*

Monday, March 14, 2005


wah.. 2dae write 3 blogs le.. hahaz.. i wonder if i have so many thingies to write.. hahaz.. dis few daes keep on readin stories.. dunno y i like to read dis type of stories.. weird weird de.. i usually veri impatient.. den dis story thingy loadin veri slow.. but i wait lehz... miracle lehz.. hahaz.. but e story veri touchin.. but e author ah.. so long update onli 1 page.. juz now glenn call me.. den he ask me bout da ghost show.. wah.. tat time og n watch shutter wif him hor.. i alrdy veri scard le.. scary lehz.. he at there laugh at me.. haiz.. i is 1st time watch scary movie in cinema.. cuz i veri scared.. den tat time after psle ma.. so go lor.. den i tat nite cnanot sleep.. haiz.. wakka.. 2molo go check teeth.. scared sia.. i veri scard horror movie n dentist.. i hate da dentist smell.. maybe is hor last time p1 to p5 give tat school dentist make until scard le.. 8am lehz.. haiz.. so early.. i goin to put braces le.. like veri pain lehz.. tat time geraldine got put den she sae veri pain..scard.. sighz.. bb..


yipee... finaly finish my home econs project.. now left.. erm.. lite.. dis 1 is group work.. sighz.. drama.. group work wif shien, sharifah n marissa.. but den marissa went to bangkok.. so we r doin it on fridae.. den go escape.. sumkind of rush.. but i confirm we will be late.. cuz 1 2 let guyz wait ma.. so hor.. hehez.. like veri lame to dis lehz.. hahaz.. nvm.. trick them ma.. alwaes call me noob.. baby face.. my face veri baby mehz.. i dun think so.. hahaz.. white onli ma.. like tat oso baby.. den tat sick pervert wei ler keepin tokin bout p**** lor.. like i veri intrested like tat.. veri wad de.. hahaz.. den jovan hor.. 2dae call him.. den his another twins hor keep screamin.. tokin nonsense.. hahaz.. den finally tell him le.. tat da escape thingy change to fridae.. wna to vomit blood.. tok to him.. keep on at dere huh.. dunno act blur or wad.. teacher sae next term wan to change place le.. hmm.. i wan to sit in front.. da same place.. but i wan to chnage partner!! hmmm.. if can wif gal den veri gd la.. but hor.. surely wif guy de.. so maybe wif lau wu can la.. he quiet quiet.. better dun sit wif da sick pervert.. sighz.. oso goin to change chairman le.. i think i will vote for da khim.. veri responsible.. but da now 1 quite gd le.. do all her duties although da whole class like alwaes rebel her.. but da class dun like her.. so cannot force de.. 2dae c until alot of sport cars.. veri nice lehz.. but my mother sae hor drive those cars de confirm veri bad tempered de.. cuz rich ma.. confirm sumkind of pampered de.. god wont give a person so many thingy de ma.. rich le.. den pretty den confirm got sum where not gd de.. sighz....... hand tired le.. *tata* happy birthdae to glenn..


yipee.. finish my math project le.. hahaz.. so happy.. now left home econs n lite.. so ma fan.. home econs goin to finish le ba.. lite haven even start.. haiz.. so many project.. i sec 1 onli lehz... giv me so many stress.. so bz.. sighz.. juz now go to da berwin senior de webby.. so scary sia.. so many peepz scoldin him.. but still got peepz helpin him.. hahaz... wakka....... need to go do da home econs project le. *tata*

Sunday, March 13, 2005


sighz.... 2dae ah.. realli.......... realli veri sad...............my mother la.. frm i morning hor nag until afternoon.. still at there sae me lor.. i nv do those thingies lor... she mean i wake up during mid nite den go n pour water on da floor.. siao 1 lor.. y i got dis type of mother sis 1.. i ming ku de lehz.. veri tao yan de lehz.. 1st time feel so lonely.. sighz.. my life ah.. now is full of miserable.. saddie.. no one tok to me.. *sob sob* every1 i think is hate me ba..

Saturday, March 12, 2005


tHoSe pHoToz r P6 d3.. cLaRe jUz sEnD m3..n da song oso we took part e singin contest sing de.. hahaz.. glenn,clare,xue n me.. can c them at below da 1st 1.. miSs tHoSe tiMeS.. i rEmemBer all those small small fights we hav..sharing crushes we hav.. sharing little little secrets.. now.. i found dat i can realli rely on them.. hahaz.. realli will laugh de.. i didn't treasure those times we had 2gether.. n i m regreting it now..

nOe fOr mAnY yEaRz(6 oR 7 yEaRs bA) .. dIs fEw FrEnS.. uNdeRstAnD eAch oTheR vErI mUcH

hAhAz.. gAlz rAwKz.. rEalLi hApPy.. lAsT sHoT iN dA tOLiEt..

gRaDuAtIoN dAe..mOi beSt cLaSsMaTeS.. uNdErStAnD m3.. *sOb sOb*

mOi b3sT cLaSsmAteS eVa.. tHeY uNdErStAnD m3 dA mOsT bA.. uNliKe NoW.. wAkAkA.. rEaLli vErI sAd Ah!! *sOb sOb*

so sian

they finally decide hao le.. she dun wanna go.. so lehz.. onli me marissa shien wei le e tooty twins goin.. hahaz.. i think it goin be fun.. hahaz.. maybe ask sum more peepz lor.. see 1st la.. still veri long lehz.. sighz.. mariissa go bankok le.. i so sian.. hahaz.. i not les.. sighz.. i suddenly veri miss my last time maid.. dunno y.. my uncle de maid sae she got cum back.. but y nv cum n find me.. *sob sob* baddie.. liar.. sighz.. tat time da funeral da maid tell me de.. sighz.. 100 daes later need to make da wad for grandmama.. dunno wad is it call.. but den my cousin not cumin.. not fun.. hahaz.. 100 daes is round 3months.. izzit.. ya la.. about lor.. dunno wad to do during dis holidae.. so sianz.. hahaz.. go shoppin ba.. mostly.. go out wif frenz.. but xue n clare n glenn like alwaes not free.. haiz.. i alrddy 1 week nv eat home cook rice le lehz.. alwaes not free de my mother.. veri wad rite.. nv think of my health.. so bad.. dun wanna write le.. i go read story..

Friday, March 11, 2005

bAd mOoD!

wakaka... 2dae in dam bad mood.. tat time sae wan to go escape rite.. now mariissa thursdae 6 pm den go home.. den no time lor.. sighz.. how lehz.. aiya.. later den think.. 2dae give alot of hmks.. projects oso.. but da math project dam easy.. hahaz.. use common sense de lor.. easy until nothinz to sae.. sighz.. dunno y hor.. nowadaes veri miss last year.. got some can of feelin tat sec 1 friends sux.. some la.. e thing is gals sux more den guyz.. realli lor.. gals r blunt.. they wont like hor.. think of my feelin de lor.. everytime they c u they will critisize u.. u noe hu u r la.. dun ask me.. bad rite.. sighz.. last year de will still like treat u very gd.. try not do do anythingy tat hurtz u.. but maybe is dis year de got attitude prob or dunno wad lor.. but SOMETIMES they can be gd.. SOMETIMES only.. sad rite.. *sob sob*

so many holidae hmk.. hope can finish it up as soon as possible.. sighz..................... i keep sighing... dunno y..... i hate sec sch......... i luv primary sch................ nothinz can change tat!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

so many hmk..

teacher give alot of hmks for holidae.. *sob* but den its normal.. hahaz.. last year hor.. holidae hmks pluz all subjects hor.. got 7 practice paper lehz.. tat time is 1week holidae.. hahaz.. 2dae scale until my little finger.. poor thingy.. rite hand.. write them time pain.. my sis la.. sae 1 2 buy food give me eat.. nv buy.. den cum back help me cook instant noodle.. cum back liao call me cook myself.. den she cum n help me tat time hor.. pass me e pot or dunno wad hor.. make until my little finger.. now still red red.. *sob sob* i found da recipe to cook for hm le.. mashed potato.. quite gd to eat la.. but like veri disgusting like tat.. now muz do da research all tat..

2dae tat junkai giv me scold.. hahaz.. alrdy kan ta bu suang.. c until him hor.. feel like giving 1 slap on his face le.. =P but den hor he sacriface for da english drama mama lehz.. act as cinderjunkai.. wear skirt.. actually she dun wan 1.. den i go fan ta.. he sit beside me ma.. den at last no choice.. he wear.. den our group get 22/30.. highest is 24/30.. kelvin's grp get 22 oso.. so happy.. got 1 feeling of accomplisment.. i think is like tat spell ba.. hahaz.. den during da drama.. i kept laughin.. hahaz.. cuz junkai wear skirt veri farni.. den e comments dere write=>gd use of props but acting skills were not clearly illustrated.(laughing heard)


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

now so sian

sighz.. now so sian.. i think there is no computer culb ba.. hope la..if not surely kana scold 1.. hahaz.. skip 1 tat time.. now 1 more.. tat time is my grandmama.. now is think got common test.. hahaz.. i dun wan to wait until 3.3o den end up dun hav.. waste moi time.. tat junkai beri weird 1 lehz.. sumtimes hor.. hav attitude prob.. den sumtimes like veri good like tat.. veri wad de lor.. sighz.. he so noisy.. den hor.. sighz.. dunno wad to sae.. den lau wu veri funni.. cannot stop laughin.. hahaz.. da khim oso laugh sumtimes.. they sae thursdae wan to go escape.. i go be4 le.. but still 1 2 go ^^ den got 1 dunno math project thingy.. den muz revise.. after da holidae straight awae common test lehz.. i mean ca1.. so sian.. lazy to do hmk.. dis few daes my class like alwaes got weird weird thingy happen lehz.. gillian found a *** inside her bag.. den da books hor alwaes like mix up de lor.. dat time my book found in mariissa's bag.. den chiamin oso got be4.. dunno related anot.. sighz.. 1 2 term 2 le.. they all keep sayin 1 2 change chairman.. let khim be ba.. veri suitable.. now tat 1 like not so gd.. cuz da class dun like her.. den they more she care.. da more da class will rebel.. wa.. they go add me in my conversersion.. so noisy.. 2molo got art.. e bag da lightest.. so i like thurdaes^^ betta bring my dictionaries 2molo.. eng n chi.. so ke lian.. den da stoopid art teacher ask us to bring colour pencil.. i dun like dis art teacher lehz.. call us keep quiet den she tok until so many.. den we cannot concentrate.. keep on nag nag nag.. den i nv go sch last week.. den got 1 art.. i juz tell her i dunno.. sighz.. tata.. go plae games ^^

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


sighz.. so sian.. now savin money.. i wan to buy da sims 2 de expansion.. father sae muz after e holidae den after da common test den can buy lehz.. money enough le.. den he sae muz after common test.. 2 weeks more.. da xue hor.. sighz.. cuz 1 2 holidae le mah.. den ask her she wan to go back sch anot.. den she sae SHE SPRAIN HER WAIST!! is it possible.. i think so la.. nvm lor.. i call others.. hehez.. but like veri long nv meet le lehz.. sighz.. but is like tat de la.. i knew it le/..
sighz.. tata.. gtg..

Take a look at some pics!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/88114687@N00/

Friday, March 04, 2005


at last.. 2dae da last dae.. every1 started to be more cheerful.. 2dae we goin send my grandma's body 2 burn.. den go to da dunno where.. sighz.. realli veri angry when i tot of does gambler few nites ago.. the gamble at me grandma's funeral.. they took up our spaces lor.. but den nobody went to scold them.. wan to give my grandma rest in peace ma.. my grandma dun like peeps to quarrel.. she oso nv scold peeps.. like sumkind of onli sae them lor..den yesterdae hor.. we pray la.. den hor my 1st uncle da son is da zang sun ma.. den he veri da tall.. scary.. den pray tat time he stand in front of me.. den i wan to c wad they doin i cannot c.. like i veri da short.. hahaz.. e priest do wad we hav to do.. den we kneel.. stand.. sit.. rest..eat.. den go into da place my da coffin was place.. den stand threre dunno for how long.. den not fair de lor.. all da guyz get to blow da fan.. but not gals lehz.. den all my aunties n counsins n me.. end up sweatin.. dam hot lor..den we went to burn the houses n clothes for my den on mondae i can go back to sch le.. yeah.. so happi..miss them so much.. hahaz..

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


sighz... yesterdae when to da funeral.. there veri quiet.. no one.. but at nite so many peeps came.. give donation all tat.. sighz.. poor grandma.. put make up alrdy e face still white white.. but somekind of scary when i look at her.. 2dae goin there again.. yesterdae sit on da chair 4 5 hours.. den walk here walk thre give water den every 15 mins go n burn e notes.. so tiring.. but all i can do is dis.. nothinz else le.. but got go rest a while lor.. i sit down thre fold e hell notes into da dunno how to sae la.. need 9 bags leh.. yesterdae do so long still left 1 bag haven full.. n e bag is big big de.. den 2dae continue lor.. den 2molo e monks r cumin.. to pray.. den my leg hor.. ogn to pain again.. cuz need to kneel down.. stand up for few hours.. but i noe nobody will complain.. sighz.. there alot of peeps r veri veri sad.. but they did not cry out.. my anuties n uncle they like to tok alot.. but 2dae.. all quiet.. my father lehz.. sighz.. dunno eat wrong thing or wad.. while dae sae those cold cold joke.. no farni de.. but still muz laugh a little bit lorz.. 2dae nv go sch.. cuz realli damn tired.. i yesterdae around 3am went home.. 4am den sleep.. 2dae actually still wan to go to sch de.. but realli.. damn tired.. so msg marissa.. ask her to help me collect hmks.. hope she collected! but da best is no hmks.. sighz..dunno 2molo wan to go sch anot lehz.. c 2dae wad time go home lor.. if like yesterdae nite like tat.. 2molo surely nv go de.. all my cousins go home early.. cuz they got exam.. left my family.. sighz.. my grandma gone liao.. i think veri difficult to c my cousins again.. so muz treasure dis few daes.. sighz.. think gtg le..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

she is gone.. gone 3eva..

she is gone..gone 4eva.. she died yesterdae nite.. we sat at da living rm.. we prayed..i prayed to my grandpa.. not 2 bring her awae frm us..but he ignored.. no1 tok.. every1 kept quiet.. e telephone rang.. its my uncle hu accompanied her dat dae.. she is gone.. gone 4eva.. y couldn't she wait for 1 dae.. juz 1 dae.. she could go 4 her operation..y..