Friday, June 30, 2006

todae is a TIRED dae. :'[ slpt a while during english. :]] but still tired. :'[ lalalas. dennnnns. marissa.yanshan.chiamin.shien n khim came to my houseeeeeeeee. o: ate curry cooked by wonderful yanshan. she cleaned up de kitchen. *praise* plus shien. :]] *praise*

actually wan to go to marissa's house. but her mamaaaaa dont let. so got on de bus n got down again.:] walked home. den resttttttttttttttttttttt blah n blahs. watch dvddd. nicey. till now. :] wonderful. xDD going back to watch. :]

u are taking things for granted.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


hmmsy. first period is HOME ECONS. wonderful. my hp ruung. -.- i was thinking oh shit. confirm kena confiscated. xDD but didnt. becus its a weird sound. :] thankew wonderful gillian. :] den got recessssssssssssssssssss. den chinese. presented project. we have done out best.? o: hmmsy. den got de sfl thingy. which is freaking 3 periods and its freaking sian. i had leg cramp. :'[

went to eat. den went to mac n sit. :] jorene came n we walked to ngee ann. n enter ngee ann. n walk out of ngee ann. and wonderful yanshan walked with me to 201. den i waited for quite a long tiem for 28. went home n watch vcd. till now. :]

i hope it will nv ever happen again. nv. nv. nv.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


its wednesday. o: lalalas. boring lesssssonss. tml will be boring too i guess. xDD i dont know wad to update all of de sudden. :'[ nvm.

after all dis frenship will get stronger. :]

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HMMMMMMMMMS. todae is quite sian. xDD chiamin is coming back todae. o: can seee her TML. YAYS. fun fun. lalalas. todae. normal lessons. english teacher is still mrs sung. o: blah blah blahs. she say things which tat. is. angry-able. saying part of mr lai leaving is becus of 2e3. blahs. maybe she is lying. but tats rather offending. xD

had one hmk todae. got de science project thingy. sians. :'[ after sch went to mac with shien gillian n cheryl. gillian left first. n we sat for quite a long time in mac. talking about stuffs. xDD talked till 4.30 lidddat. den. went homee. with shien n her real dragon. xDD

blah blah blah. i shall go n do my english article. :]

the scariest thing about hatred is when u dont know tat u are being hate.
those hu take advantage of the weaker ones are despised. those are named as LOSERS.

Monday, June 26, 2006

YAWNS. I M TIRED. after the 2 hours tuition toture. :'[

sch is BADD. the stupidest timetable i ever seeeeeeen.for todae. 6 periods den get 2nd recess. i was HUNGRY. n if its NORMAL recess. its. 5 periods AWAY. :'[ n mostly all is double period. sian sian and SIAN. pe is going SWIMMING. o: sounds FUN. still thinking if i want to go or not. xDD

got NEW teachers. math teacher. mr ng. he looks. young. yes. its a nicer word to use. :] new art teacher is CUTE. like a dwarf. xDD new history teacher is the sliava man. how to spell. HMMS. forgotten. wonder if english teacher will change. we shall see tml. xDD home ecoooooooons. o:

sch will release us LATER. crycrycry. freaking sian. now i hate mondae n thursdays. i still love fridays. :] how i wish recess can be earlier. sighs. i m tiredy. tiredy. tiredy. i shall slp early todaeeeeeee.:] BYE BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sunday, June 25, 2006

sch is starrting tml. but i m having a HEADACHE. :'[ issit becus i have not enough slp. or have i slpt too much. frm 3am till 12pm. o: nvms. i shall REN. slp early todae. :]

packed my bag jus now. bought quite alot of stuffs. some can put under table. nvm. its onli for one dae. xDD booboobbaa. bb. :]

Saturday, June 24, 2006

sch i s reopening. i wonder why i feel excited. maybe its becus i bought a new bag n new pencil case. xDthe bad thing is. NEED TO WAKE UP EARLY. i m sure i cant adjust. i shall slp very very late tonight. n wake up early tml. so tat i m tired. den at nite i will slp early. den tml i will be energentic.? hmms. i think there will be no difference. but maybe sch is GREAT. wonderful teachers smiling at u happily saying HELLO WELCOME BACK. xDD blahhhhhhhss. hope GOOD things will happen. not de BAD ones. bad bad feeling. scorpio's six sense very zhun one. :'[

went to marissa's house todae. fun fun. xDD played de baby stuffs with SHIEN. xDD blah blah blah. played till 3 or 4. den marissa's papa send us to tampines. bought de penil casey n new file. bought correction tape refiller tooooooooooooo. went to de market there n walked around. bought de eye thingy. which i suddenly feel its useless. got a new contact lense case for free. :]

tml shall be a cleaning up day. n i shall prepare the stuffs for de new term. :] i wont have much timey after sch reopens i guess. xDD i mus work hard. i MUS. xDD o: i found out tat my email is WEird. hmmsy. i m hungry. :'[

hope things wont change.

Friday, June 23, 2006

i m sad. :'[ i was freaking freaking unlucky todae. i didnt bring jorene's photo. i have to go hoem n get it. ok. tats not counted. :'[ den. at de mrt station. wanted to top up card. budden remembered have to buy de pass. so walk to de thingy there la. i forgotten to take my ez link card. at de machine. >:'[ panicked la. me n jorene walked back. n saw a indian guy at de machine we used. den stare at him. he walked awae. went to see de machine. dont have. :'[ den. went to see tat indian guy. gone. told de person in purple. the people there. den she sae help us seeeeeee. den a girl took it. :] yay yay. i was like. HENG AH. wonderful person. xDD

tat is pure careless-ness. went to bugis. bought tat zinc bag. saw something nicer later. regret a lil bit. but nvm. :] den walked around. jorene bought her bag. den went to it de crispy crepes. ncie nice. xDD den got cramp. frm bugis. to tampines mrt. frm there. to tm n cs. den on 293. :'[ cry cry cry. 3 things onli. but i still feel. dam. blah. maybe i m not in a good mood. :] but looking at de bag i bought. makes me feel happy. :] *smiles at bag*

when we are on de mrt going to bugis. saw a women and a man. i dont think they know each other. but. their slping posture is same. crossed leg. folded arms. head tilted to de right and left. hugging their bag. -.- jorene noticed it. n we start laughing. :] den on de way back to tampines. a lady was slping. and she SNORED very LOUDLY. its very paiseh la. den alot people looked at her. including me. :] den went the mrt is empty. she start digging her nose. grossssssssssssss. in the public. its WEird.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

AHHS. I HAVE SUFFERED FRM DE LONG-TERM MATH DISEASE. AHHHHHS. i m remember telling marissa dat i suffer dis disease before. -.- i have done math n math n MATHH. ytd do till 2++. todae TOOOOOOOOOO. 2 more questions. -.-

i shall complete ALL de hmks todae. all. all. all. i can i can., xDD i shall do english later on. xDD buah buah buah. i didnt fully concentrate while doing. i played sometime. :]] jiamin came jus now. i think she took my correction tape. -.- SIGHS. dear correction tape. i miss u. come back to me. :'[

i shall eat my wonderful dinner. to cure my long term math disease. :]

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

time FLIES todae. i was slping when yanshan came. xD woke up. bath. :] lalalas. den shien came. we start doing. :] we completed. :] freaking 6 hours. frm around 12 till 6. edited around 10 times.? blahs. we repeated. LAST ONE LIAO. but when we check. alot of mistake. :'[

finished. we are TIRED. poor yanshan had to go for tuition. went to buy magazine. den went home.:] should i stae at home tml. or go out. HMMMMMMMMS. wonders. xDD

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

lalalas. its TUESDAE. blah blah blah. its freaking good to slp in the morning. cold cold. xDD wanted to slp longer. so msg shien told her later. :] wonderful me. saw a cockroach todae. >:[ it ruined my lovely dae. meet shien and head to marissa's house. at changi. we went there to do HMK.

lovely house. den. did my lite. n 2 newspaper articles. still got 6 more to go. i shall do it later. n complete de homeworks by todae. :] took cab home as i had TUITION. :'[ reached home. n rest. cockroach flew out again. GRRRS. irritating thingy. i didnt manage to kill it. mama teached me tat cockraoch must be killed. or they will lay their eggs in the house. i was SCARED. one blardie egg has 10++ of baby cockroach.? even more.? imagine the house is filled with tat. -.-

tuition-ed. continued with graph. cant draw a SMOOTH curve graph. >:[ my drawing sarks. :] learnt pythagoras' theorem. fun fun. triangles. xD watched tv and ate dinner. i shall find new songs. :] BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

Monday, June 19, 2006

i woke up at 12 todae. wonderful weather for slping. guess wad. i DREAMT tat i woke up n set my alarm at 11.30. -.- blah blah. it was raining in the morning. n i didnt want to leave my wonderful blankie. woked. got ready to meet jiamin to go to SHIEN's house.

didnt go her house in the end. her papa went home. end up. MY HOUSE. :'[ patheitic room. i was thinking that shien is so dead. 10 people. in the end. its myself. :'[ saw shien sitting on my pillows. n i decided to protect them frm smelly butts by putting them in other room. :] wonderful. in the end. i onli had to cahnge my bedsheet. sorry wonderful bedsheet. i cant protect u frm smelly legs. xD took piggy for a wash. wonderful. :]

remember eating soft noodles. becus its overcooked i guess. but its cooked by my wonderful yanshan hu spilled 3 eggs. xD eat n eat. start doing some of the project. in the end. i dont think we accomplish anithing. nvm. we have time. WE HAVE. ALOT. ALOT. REALLLY. i m NOT lying to myself. :'[ shall rush.

hmms. slowly everybody left. :] left with wonderful marissa n jiamin. she left after tat. jiamin left at. 8.30. i shall start doing my tuition hmk. *BIG SIGH* having tuition tml. :'[ bbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

WOOOOOS. its FATHER'S DAY todae. wonderful. xD hmms. SUPPOSED to cook in the afternoon. but i woke up late. xD AHHS. I CANT SLP AT NIGHT. ITS DE 3RD DAE. i dont know why. :'[

dustered my room todae. :] fun fun. den cooked. its nice. :] of course its nice. its cooked by meeeee. :] forgetten to take a picture of de final thingy. its YUMMMMMMMMMMY. but it dont look yummy. :'[ lalalas. wonderful dae. xDD

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my cunning, stingy, petty, kind, loving, handsome dad. :] (it took me a LOOOONG time to take this picture. daddy dont take pictures when he wears spec. like father like daughter. he is shy. xD) i love my daddy. maybe it will nv change. :] someone can cahnge it. someone. :]

as the hatred increases.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMS. its JIAMIN's BDAE todae. lallaas.xD hmms. went to bugis. walked aruond n around and around. let me see wad have i bought. a bag. printer ink. teens. ate chocolate frappe or something. ate spagatti and long johns. sweet corn thingy. i m full. -.-

lalalas. went back to tampines. bought a small doll thingy. dens. took photo frm shop. dens. hmms. i think nothing else. my legs hurts. walking frm 12 till 7.? reached home at 7. :] papa fixed de old keyboard. wonder how he did tat. tml is FATHER's DAE. WOOOOOOOS. shall wake up early tml n take a visit to de market. :]

home is the best. :]

Friday, June 16, 2006

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMS. went out with jorene todae. HMMS HMMS. bought jiamin's bdae present. i dont know why. my slping time. is WEIRD. AHHHHHHHHHHS. no. i mus change it. i shall slp early todae. its jiamin;s bdae tml. WOOOOOOOS. *happy early bdae* xDD lalalaas. xD nothing much to update, xD

Thursday, June 15, 2006

LALLALAA. i woke up at 3pm todae. MUAHHAHAHAS. NEW RECORD. hmmmmmmmmmms. hmmmmmmmms. chat with da sao until very late last nite. remmeber playing mindsweeper with yanshan. i lost. 2 rounds. cry cry cry. xD

hmms. ate meepok todae. den watched magical schoolbus or something. den chat n chat at msn. dens. took a SHORT nap. realli short. xD read boooooks. den. here i m. :] look how time flies. :]

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOS. hmms. todae. not so wonderful dae. cus i have tuition. woke upat 11. dens. tution SUPPOSE to be at 11. teacher late. laas. i woke up at de right time. tuitioned for 2 hours. learnt curve graphs thingy. hmms. dens. sat for a while. walked a while. ate lunch. den marissa. jiamin yanshan n haocheng came. talked n talked n talked. xDD marissa played sims. :]

hmms. went for dinner with yanshan n haocheng. roti prataa. ate n ate n ate. hmms. den. WENT HOMEE. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex. all of the sudden. i miss jorene. -.- AHHS. MY LONG LOST FRIEND. WHEN ARE U GOING TO CONTACT ME. I HOPE SHE DONT SEE THIS. xD


Monday, June 12, 2006

woooooooooos. wonderful day at home. sore throat seems to get better. :] i drink LOTS of water. wonderful. :] keep visiting the TOILET. :[ hmms. wad did i do todae. i watch vcds. slammed the door. do 3 questions of science. appeared offline for the whole afternoon. chatted with yanshan for a while. watched tv. ate dinner. n update my blog. ;]

YAWNS. i m bored. xD

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Saturday, June 10, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. went out with wonderful marissa. :] when i was waiting for the bus. the wind BLOW n BLOW. my contacts went DRY. n my hair is MESSY. i was msging with marissa. :] she said tat de wind is yummy. den. frm FAR. a bus came. i tot i saw 29. i cant even see de colour. my contacts are DRY. ;] den. i was thinking. hmms. there is no 29 here. i think n think n think n i assumed its 28. den i continue msging with marissa. den de bus came. its 293. >:[ i went helter skelter towards de bus. i dropped my wonderful 10 cents coin. being a honest person. i wont give de person 45 cents. i picked it up n went up de bus. :'[

de bus went SLOWLY. very SLOWLY. marissa called 3 times. o: den met marissa. :] went to this fashion. den to the library. den walked n walked around. went to mac. ate. marissa is WE-ird. xDD dens went to wallet shop and marissa bought father;s dae present. i shall cook for my papa. :] when is father's dae. o:

hmms. walk to century sqaure. to the toilet. den went to take neoprints. :] wonderful. den. walked around. went to challanger den went homeeeeeeeeeeee. xDDDDDD at last. i have something to update. :]

Friday, June 09, 2006




*hands over cup*

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*splash magical potion at healthy person*


*healthy person disappear*


ok. i m bored. really bored. -.- tat greeny slimeyy thingy is jus......

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trust me. it sarks. xD

Thursday, June 08, 2006

YAYS. i stayed at home TODAE. i shall begin a money saving plan. :] i shall update a LOOOOOOOOONG post. becus. i update a short post ytd due to my slpyness. n the dae before. i was lazy. x:

hmms. hmms. staying at home is not a bad thing afterall. i played sims. den. chatted with wonderful marissa n yanshan. den read my book. it rained for a lil while. shuang. :] eat n drink. xD i shall start doing SOME of my hmks. :]

HMM HMM HMM. i dont know wad to update. :'[ HOW HOW HOW. no. i wont publish my post like tat. :] i shall find things to talk about. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms. i saw so many orange men walking at de field opposite my house. o: *looks* AHHS. NVM. I SHALL UPDATE LATER. WHEN I FIND SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. >:[

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

hmms. went to pasir ris park todae. cycled. wonderful weather. xD saw east sprinagians. :o blahblah blah. reached home at 6.30. xD i m TIRED. really tired. i slpt at 4 last nite. n wake at 10-11. yanshan called me at 10 n i slpt back. till 11. :] booboobaba. pathetic 7hours of slp. sighs. i think i couldnt cross 12 todae. xD i shall slp early. xD

Monday, June 05, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. wonderful computer. stoopid spacebar. -.- i was. oning de computer. n. came up some problems. n i anihow click. n it get to de destop. de userid was deleted. becus. of the spacebar. grrs. another 1 hour without internet. papa scold becus of my ITCHY hands. grrs. buy new keyboard for me la. :[

hmms. 2dae. went to library. saw aizat and syed. den waited for chiamin. borrowed some books. n read some. hmms. denns. yanshan came. went to eat de pancake thingy. dens walk around. went to courts n see mp3 thingy. den to bus interchange. took 65 to habourfront. grrs. worst bus trip i ever had.? >:[ denns. hmms. went to habourfront n 3 of us shared a pathetic plate of rice. n vegetable. n meat thingy. xD sat lrt n mrt to tampines. shared 1 macnugget meal. AGAIN. but still full laa. dens. went to take bus. waited for quite a short time. den reached home. :]

tml chinese project. wonderful. :]

Sunday, June 04, 2006

lalalas. 2dae went to chiamin house. :] watched the last episode of be shang lian ge. de ending was sad. why mus de male lead die. tellme why. does de director wans the story to be EXTRAORDINARY.? i prefer a normal happy ending. :]

dens. went home. hmms. with marissa. -.- dens. after a while. she went home. :] i continue chatting with yanshan. denns. dnens. denns. PAPA WANS TO USE INTERNET. i was very bu shuang. xD den lethim use. spent the one hour reading the book. :] wonderful book. i shall complete itby todae. :]

i shall go out tml. :]

Saturday, June 03, 2006

hmms. jus came back frm the MARKET. oh my. i think i ate too much chocolates. n i m scared of it now. dont worry chocomuffin. im not scared of u. xD i jus ate choco biscut jus now. den i went downstair. my aunt askedme to choose some chocolates. she knows i like chocolates. :] denns. i was looking and looking. i was imaginating the taste of the chocolates u know. n i feel llike puking. o: den i jus took 1 which i nv see before. AHHS. HOW COULD DIS HAPPEN TO ME. i think its tempory.

bought other stuffs as well. :]my lovely aunt. :] lalalas. she dotes me. i love her. maybe even more den my mother. :] lalalas. lifeis so wonderful during holidays. i stayed at home alomst for the whole dae. :] i went out for only 1 hour.? xDD

sighs. i was reading the books. n readn raed. SUDDENLY. i felt tat i am greedy. :[ take note. its SUDDENLY. chocomuffin's word flew across my brain. bout those vietnam thingies. i was thinking n thinking. n i realise i cant be contented at times. is this human nature. or. i dont know. :[ i start thinking even more n more n more. i realise i m never contented. why is this so. hmms. i cant answer this question. i m fortunate. i know. compared to the vietnams. or. indonesia earthquake victims. I KNOW. but. sighs. idont know why m i thinking like dis. :'[

belinda is a greedy girl.

Friday, June 02, 2006

i went out AGAIN. why why why. i cant stop myself frm going out. i said the same thing everydae. continuosly for 3 days. i said. i shall stay at home tml/ i shall not go out tml. >:[ nothing shall stop me frm staying at home tml. :]

went outwif chiamin todae. went to pasirris and made her ezlink. now den i realise how IN singaopore is. the card is ready made. ez link n the library card. so COOOOOOL. i tot it will be sent to her house after a few weeks. xD lalalas. went to walk around. bought a handphone thingy wif chiamin. denns. hmms. hmms. we went back to tampines. bought wallet. denns. went to the library. make de card. clear the debts. borrow books. read books. denns. went to eat. chiamin loves to eat. xD lalalas. den went to challenger. den bought some stuffs. den WENT HOMEEEEE. :]

i SHALL stae at home tml. i mus. >:[

Thursday, June 01, 2006

lalas. went out today. with marissa. chiamin and wonderful yanshan. :] hmms. bought. spent a lil todae. xD went to library.den walked around. nothing much actually. xDD not so tired todae. lalalaas. hope tml will be a better dae. i shall stae at home tml. tats wad i sae ytd. but i shall really stae at home tml. :]