Monday, June 26, 2006

YAWNS. I M TIRED. after the 2 hours tuition toture. :'[

sch is BADD. the stupidest timetable i ever seeeeeeen.for todae. 6 periods den get 2nd recess. i was HUNGRY. n if its NORMAL recess. its. 5 periods AWAY. :'[ n mostly all is double period. sian sian and SIAN. pe is going SWIMMING. o: sounds FUN. still thinking if i want to go or not. xDD

got NEW teachers. math teacher. mr ng. he looks. young. yes. its a nicer word to use. :] new art teacher is CUTE. like a dwarf. xDD new history teacher is the sliava man. how to spell. HMMS. forgotten. wonder if english teacher will change. we shall see tml. xDD home ecoooooooons. o:

sch will release us LATER. crycrycry. freaking sian. now i hate mondae n thursdays. i still love fridays. :] how i wish recess can be earlier. sighs. i m tiredy. tiredy. tiredy. i shall slp early todaeeeeeee.:] BYE BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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