Saturday, June 24, 2006

sch i s reopening. i wonder why i feel excited. maybe its becus i bought a new bag n new pencil case. xDthe bad thing is. NEED TO WAKE UP EARLY. i m sure i cant adjust. i shall slp very very late tonight. n wake up early tml. so tat i m tired. den at nite i will slp early. den tml i will be energentic.? hmms. i think there will be no difference. but maybe sch is GREAT. wonderful teachers smiling at u happily saying HELLO WELCOME BACK. xDD blahhhhhhhss. hope GOOD things will happen. not de BAD ones. bad bad feeling. scorpio's six sense very zhun one. :'[

went to marissa's house todae. fun fun. xDD played de baby stuffs with SHIEN. xDD blah blah blah. played till 3 or 4. den marissa's papa send us to tampines. bought de penil casey n new file. bought correction tape refiller tooooooooooooo. went to de market there n walked around. bought de eye thingy. which i suddenly feel its useless. got a new contact lense case for free. :]

tml shall be a cleaning up day. n i shall prepare the stuffs for de new term. :] i wont have much timey after sch reopens i guess. xDD i mus work hard. i MUS. xDD o: i found out tat my email is WEird. hmmsy. i m hungry. :'[

hope things wont change.

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