Saturday, June 10, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. went out with wonderful marissa. :] when i was waiting for the bus. the wind BLOW n BLOW. my contacts went DRY. n my hair is MESSY. i was msging with marissa. :] she said tat de wind is yummy. den. frm FAR. a bus came. i tot i saw 29. i cant even see de colour. my contacts are DRY. ;] den. i was thinking. hmms. there is no 29 here. i think n think n think n i assumed its 28. den i continue msging with marissa. den de bus came. its 293. >:[ i went helter skelter towards de bus. i dropped my wonderful 10 cents coin. being a honest person. i wont give de person 45 cents. i picked it up n went up de bus. :'[

de bus went SLOWLY. very SLOWLY. marissa called 3 times. o: den met marissa. :] went to this fashion. den to the library. den walked n walked around. went to mac. ate. marissa is WE-ird. xDD dens went to wallet shop and marissa bought father;s dae present. i shall cook for my papa. :] when is father's dae. o:

hmms. walk to century sqaure. to the toilet. den went to take neoprints. :] wonderful. den. walked around. went to challanger den went homeeeeeeeeeeee. xDDDDDD at last. i have something to update. :]

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