Thursday, June 08, 2006

YAYS. i stayed at home TODAE. i shall begin a money saving plan. :] i shall update a LOOOOOOOOONG post. becus. i update a short post ytd due to my slpyness. n the dae before. i was lazy. x:

hmms. hmms. staying at home is not a bad thing afterall. i played sims. den. chatted with wonderful marissa n yanshan. den read my book. it rained for a lil while. shuang. :] eat n drink. xD i shall start doing SOME of my hmks. :]

HMM HMM HMM. i dont know wad to update. :'[ HOW HOW HOW. no. i wont publish my post like tat. :] i shall find things to talk about. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms. i saw so many orange men walking at de field opposite my house. o: *looks* AHHS. NVM. I SHALL UPDATE LATER. WHEN I FIND SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. >:[

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