Friday, June 23, 2006

i m sad. :'[ i was freaking freaking unlucky todae. i didnt bring jorene's photo. i have to go hoem n get it. ok. tats not counted. :'[ den. at de mrt station. wanted to top up card. budden remembered have to buy de pass. so walk to de thingy there la. i forgotten to take my ez link card. at de machine. >:'[ panicked la. me n jorene walked back. n saw a indian guy at de machine we used. den stare at him. he walked awae. went to see de machine. dont have. :'[ den. went to see tat indian guy. gone. told de person in purple. the people there. den she sae help us seeeeeee. den a girl took it. :] yay yay. i was like. HENG AH. wonderful person. xDD

tat is pure careless-ness. went to bugis. bought tat zinc bag. saw something nicer later. regret a lil bit. but nvm. :] den walked around. jorene bought her bag. den went to it de crispy crepes. ncie nice. xDD den got cramp. frm bugis. to tampines mrt. frm there. to tm n cs. den on 293. :'[ cry cry cry. 3 things onli. but i still feel. dam. blah. maybe i m not in a good mood. :] but looking at de bag i bought. makes me feel happy. :] *smiles at bag*

when we are on de mrt going to bugis. saw a women and a man. i dont think they know each other. but. their slping posture is same. crossed leg. folded arms. head tilted to de right and left. hugging their bag. -.- jorene noticed it. n we start laughing. :] den on de way back to tampines. a lady was slping. and she SNORED very LOUDLY. its very paiseh la. den alot people looked at her. including me. :] den went the mrt is empty. she start digging her nose. grossssssssssssss. in the public. its WEird.

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