Saturday, June 03, 2006

hmms. jus came back frm the MARKET. oh my. i think i ate too much chocolates. n i m scared of it now. dont worry chocomuffin. im not scared of u. xD i jus ate choco biscut jus now. den i went downstair. my aunt askedme to choose some chocolates. she knows i like chocolates. :] denns. i was looking and looking. i was imaginating the taste of the chocolates u know. n i feel llike puking. o: den i jus took 1 which i nv see before. AHHS. HOW COULD DIS HAPPEN TO ME. i think its tempory.

bought other stuffs as well. :]my lovely aunt. :] lalalas. she dotes me. i love her. maybe even more den my mother. :] lalalas. lifeis so wonderful during holidays. i stayed at home alomst for the whole dae. :] i went out for only 1 hour.? xDD

sighs. i was reading the books. n readn raed. SUDDENLY. i felt tat i am greedy. :[ take note. its SUDDENLY. chocomuffin's word flew across my brain. bout those vietnam thingies. i was thinking n thinking. n i realise i cant be contented at times. is this human nature. or. i dont know. :[ i start thinking even more n more n more. i realise i m never contented. why is this so. hmms. i cant answer this question. i m fortunate. i know. compared to the vietnams. or. indonesia earthquake victims. I KNOW. but. sighs. idont know why m i thinking like dis. :'[

belinda is a greedy girl.

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