Friday, June 02, 2006

i went out AGAIN. why why why. i cant stop myself frm going out. i said the same thing everydae. continuosly for 3 days. i said. i shall stay at home tml/ i shall not go out tml. >:[ nothing shall stop me frm staying at home tml. :]

went outwif chiamin todae. went to pasirris and made her ezlink. now den i realise how IN singaopore is. the card is ready made. ez link n the library card. so COOOOOOL. i tot it will be sent to her house after a few weeks. xD lalalas. went to walk around. bought a handphone thingy wif chiamin. denns. hmms. hmms. we went back to tampines. bought wallet. denns. went to the library. make de card. clear the debts. borrow books. read books. denns. went to eat. chiamin loves to eat. xD lalalas. den went to challenger. den bought some stuffs. den WENT HOMEEEEE. :]

i SHALL stae at home tml. i mus. >:[

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