Monday, June 19, 2006

i woke up at 12 todae. wonderful weather for slping. guess wad. i DREAMT tat i woke up n set my alarm at 11.30. -.- blah blah. it was raining in the morning. n i didnt want to leave my wonderful blankie. woked. got ready to meet jiamin to go to SHIEN's house.

didnt go her house in the end. her papa went home. end up. MY HOUSE. :'[ patheitic room. i was thinking that shien is so dead. 10 people. in the end. its myself. :'[ saw shien sitting on my pillows. n i decided to protect them frm smelly butts by putting them in other room. :] wonderful. in the end. i onli had to cahnge my bedsheet. sorry wonderful bedsheet. i cant protect u frm smelly legs. xD took piggy for a wash. wonderful. :]

remember eating soft noodles. becus its overcooked i guess. but its cooked by my wonderful yanshan hu spilled 3 eggs. xD eat n eat. start doing some of the project. in the end. i dont think we accomplish anithing. nvm. we have time. WE HAVE. ALOT. ALOT. REALLLY. i m NOT lying to myself. :'[ shall rush.

hmms. slowly everybody left. :] left with wonderful marissa n jiamin. she left after tat. jiamin left at. 8.30. i shall start doing my tuition hmk. *BIG SIGH* having tuition tml. :'[ bbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

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