Monday, June 05, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. wonderful computer. stoopid spacebar. -.- i was. oning de computer. n. came up some problems. n i anihow click. n it get to de destop. de userid was deleted. becus. of the spacebar. grrs. another 1 hour without internet. papa scold becus of my ITCHY hands. grrs. buy new keyboard for me la. :[

hmms. 2dae. went to library. saw aizat and syed. den waited for chiamin. borrowed some books. n read some. hmms. denns. yanshan came. went to eat de pancake thingy. dens walk around. went to courts n see mp3 thingy. den to bus interchange. took 65 to habourfront. grrs. worst bus trip i ever had.? >:[ denns. hmms. went to habourfront n 3 of us shared a pathetic plate of rice. n vegetable. n meat thingy. xD sat lrt n mrt to tampines. shared 1 macnugget meal. AGAIN. but still full laa. dens. went to take bus. waited for quite a short time. den reached home. :]

tml chinese project. wonderful. :]

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