Thursday, June 22, 2006

AHHS. I HAVE SUFFERED FRM DE LONG-TERM MATH DISEASE. AHHHHHS. i m remember telling marissa dat i suffer dis disease before. -.- i have done math n math n MATHH. ytd do till 2++. todae TOOOOOOOOOO. 2 more questions. -.-

i shall complete ALL de hmks todae. all. all. all. i can i can., xDD i shall do english later on. xDD buah buah buah. i didnt fully concentrate while doing. i played sometime. :]] jiamin came jus now. i think she took my correction tape. -.- SIGHS. dear correction tape. i miss u. come back to me. :'[

i shall eat my wonderful dinner. to cure my long term math disease. :]

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