Monday, July 31, 2006

i am tired. :[ marissa asked me if i am hungry during lessons. she asked me 4 times.she wont be hungry. becus she had sotong ball with rice. :] was not slpy during lesson. :] told sugu tat i didnt got de compo but she sae she will deal with me later. but she didnt. she will deal with me tml. :'[

swimming. swimmed 4 times accrossss. always go out of air. den i will catch someone's hand. and go up. :] legs are tired. :'[ went to eat. and went home. do a lil of tuition hmk and went to take a short nap. :] woke up and complete tuition hmk. AHHHHHHHS. i wonder why is there so many things waiting for me to complete it. i collected them. :]

yawns. i am still tired. <:{

Saturday, July 29, 2006

mauahhas. i realise i didnt update my wonderful blog for 4 days. i m busy. busy me. :]

wednesday. hmms. i dont know. :] normal sch day i guess. xD oh ya. i made my ezlink card. and de picture sarks like hell. blahs. didnt go for cca and accompanied shien. with cheryl. :]

thursday. super duper upset. >:[

friday. didnt go sch. :] terrible headache. and. cough. i have been coughing since last saturday. why wouldnt it stop. sad me. :'[ spent my day. in the hospital accompanying aunt. :] den went to meet chiamin. marissa. jairius. changed and went to meet. hmms. de rest.:] plus chiamin's cousin. went to pasir ris. and went back to hospital to accompany aunt.

saturday. spent my day in hospital to accompany aunt again. woke up at 7 and went to her house and took some clothings for her. :'[ spent. very very long hours there. 6 or 7 hours there. marissa is wandering alone around tmart. went to find her and ate mac. went home after tat. :] i m alone at home. :'[ tml shall be another day with aunt. i shall finish my undone hmks today. :]

blahs. life is so. messy. messy belinda. eating lemons belinda. its sour. :'[

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i m dam freaking unlucky dis few weeks. i am afraid tat tml i will step on dog shit once i go out. :"[

i've got shity fever and sore throat last last week or soemthing. followed by english project. which i am very stress of. but it turn out well today.? i dont know. dens. last week is peaceful.? hmms. thinkso. but till saturday. i got flu and cough. no. its on friday. den monday got swimming. i WANT to swim. but i m sick. and. :] but i still swam. nothing happen. :]

jus today. i lost my ezlink card. i foolishly think tat i swing n swing until it dropped out. de card holder thingy tat marissa gave is still there. and i wanted to take bus home. and i shook my wallet. and found 70 cents. and i was thinking heng ah. still got coins. :] BUT. i found my money is GONE. i am not sure how much i bought to sch today. but i know my emergency use $5 which i always hide in my wallet is GONE. chiamin know i like to hide money. :] i left de movie money on de table dis morning as i tot i have tuition and wont be going. i had around 15 and left with 70 cents. blahs. nvm. i gave it to de needys.

went i came home. i got scoldings by my mother. :'[ in front of my tuition teacher. its my fault to leave de wallet in de classroom. if i took it with me nothing like dis would happen blah blah blah. >:[ later i will have scoldings by papa. den things about their daughter losing things will spread to myu aunts. and spread to uncles. cousins. AHHS. den the whole generation will know about it. o:

i relate all the things together. ALL. :] i shall go and get money frm papa. and make my new card tml. hope he will be back home LATE. den i shall jus leave a note. and go to slp. save those scoldings. for the future. :]

ahhs. hope u get std. >:{

Monday, July 24, 2006

BLAHS. my internet didnt work ytd. :'[ i tot i was going to rot at home. but wonderful jiamin came n pei-ed me. she roller bladed to my house. :]

she came and we ate kfc chicken thingy. i was having cough. :] nvms. den talked on de phone n blah blah blahs. daddy told me the singnet wadever people can onli come on tuesday. i was thiniking. how m i going to survive. :'[ den i made alot of lies. saying tat there is prokect to rush on. BLAH BLAH BLAH. daddy called again. but sitll cannot. :"[ but NEVERMIND. let bygones be bygones. i m happily sitting in front of the computer updating now. :]

todae. still coughing. den got health check. dens. got SWIMMING. its fun fun fun. i know how to float. n i will learn how to swim and nobody can call me a duck. >:{ swimmed till 3 i think. or 2++ went shower. den waited for the rest. xD ate mac. dens went to find chiamin's fren. and went home with chiamin's hp. *evil smile*

wiggle wiggle wiggle hope ur legs will go wobble.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

wooooooooos. i think i've got a FLU. wad am i going to DO.

blah blah blah. today. went out with chiamin n yanshan. i was late abit. was eating japanese potato or something. and its very very fulll. reached and bought lemon honey. xD becus i know i m going to be sick. i KNOW. xD

pei ed them go eat. den chiamin bought her present for wenqi. bought a top from the S&K. sam,e as yanshan. dens went to walk around. and went to de library. i maglin de library. i told de person in charge i returned my book but its still in my loan. xD i went hoime i found it peacefully on my wonderful table. i made a booboo out of myself.? sugu said tat to khim. xD

n u should haveread de bird and swan incident in chiamins blog. xD went to kfc and ate and ate and ate. hmms. haocheng gary and tiamkiat came. n sat a while. n went home with wonderful yanshan. :] she pei-ed me take 28. but when i went down de bus. i saw an EMPTY 293. blahs. life is like dis isnt it.? :"[

chiamin likes to eat went she is full.
she cant get ice from cups as well as i do.
yanshan likes to eat drumsicks like all of us do.
but only her chicken crips will get into her eyes and she went boo.

Friday, July 21, 2006

BLAHS. i have updated the photos up. but de captions looks weird to me. n i m lazy to adjust it. ok. belinda is a lazy girl. :'[

today. i m TIRED. tired of many things. i m mentally tired and physically tired. :] NORMALLY. i will be tired during geog. n awake becus after tat sch end. but todae i remained tired. so i went home. n saw mummy hanging her hair at the sofa n slping. its a weird posture. she is making her hair. drying her nail polish n slping. supermummy. oh ya. she is cooking red bean soup at tat time tooooooooooooo.

i waited for my hair to dry and went to take a "short' nap. frm 3 till 6.30 i think. den yanshan called. gave her de hmks. den went to on computer. chatted with jorene on de phone. n chiamin on de phone. xD i think i wont be able to slp well tonight. but i m still tired. blahs. i dreamt of chiamin. :'[ i remembered her saying WALAU EH. in my dream. :'[ sighs. let me stop here. xD

the onli problem is. acting like u know when u dont know.
let me complete my photo post. :]]

sea. :]

reclaimed land.

he ruin the whole scenary. <:[

joel's house. he booked it. if u wan to find him
20 or 30 years later. go to tat place. :] oh ya.
he sae he may have migrate by tat time. xD



the pirate's hideout.? i like its shape. :]

he allow me to put dis in my blog. :]

Thursday, July 20, 2006


normal lessons. during sfl. we went to de recyle island. i forget de name. pula sumankao or something. too picutres. i shall post it later. xD got sea sick went we are going to tat place.the boat was like going. RIGHT LEFT UP DOWN. took bus n learnt about de place.n de trip was BUMPY. n my hair went MESSY.

learnt about tat island. inceneration n blah blah. xDD sat de boat back. and. went back to sch n went to eat. :] i m going to rush my PROJECT. if i cant complete it by today. hmms. i dont know wad i will do.

let me post de pictures. :] (messy hairs alert.)





**more pictures later. i shall do de project. xD

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

blah blah blahs. its WEDNESDAY. tml is thursday followed by FRIDAY. n den SATURDAY. SUNDAY den monday. :'[ sighs. how i wish its saturday everyday, wake up every morning n say. OH ITS SATURDAY I CAN SLP LONGER. xD

lalalas. sugu finally approved my poem. wonderful. n finally. she approved our design on the poem TOOOOOOOOO. hope de final product will be nice. xD had history test n math test today. blahs. i think i will be on de boarderline.? maybe fail. :'[

after sch waited for yasnhan n jiamin. they will caught by de monster. waited with gillian den went to tmart with others. went mac and ate. do math hmk. n valerie came n sat a while n left. jiamin n yanshan came back n gillian left. bouight magazineeee n went to void decky. jiamin ate her tomyam cup noodles. xD went home after tat.

chiamin is a nice and wonderful person. she likes to eat alot and she will never be full. she is superhuman. i think scientists in africa would like to bring her for a lab experiment. she also have a supernatural ability to convince me to eat with her. and i dont know why did i fall into her trap everytime. oh ya. its supernatural POWER. chiamin has potential like she told me ytd. i would agree with tat becus she said i m hardworking. :] HMMS. all of the sudden i cant think of any positive points of chiamin. i shall end dis by saying. chiamin is a superhuman. :]

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BLAHS. today wrote chines composition. stgarting was not so sian. but it get sian-er and sian-er. in the end another how do den pass up. xDden got geog. do worksheet. xD den english. GRRS. SUGU SUGU SUGU. she dont understand how long did i spend to do on dat shity poem. keep on asking me to change my first stanza. grrrs.

got lite after recess. 2 lites. double sianess. den got science. marissa spread her slpyness to MEEEE. :"[ den one period of math. mr ng is weird. WEirdO. went to canteen after sch. still feeling tired. SOMEONE tried to scare me went i was buying fooooooooooooooooooooood. -.- den ate nuggets waited for marissa to complete her work. chatted with jiamin for a while. xDD

went to marissa's house. done de science proposal. den sat and walked around. den went home with jiamin. saw SOMEONE again. den walked home. ;=] i shall study history. xD


Monday, July 17, 2006

OH YEA. i made a skin. it looks weird. but nvm. :]] its 10.09 now. i m slpy. let me write de things tat i REMEMBER.

- marissa licked my arm
- went for swimming and its fun
- after sch went to eat with marissa and she bought present for charmaine.
- marissa owe me money
- had tuition till 6.45
- done english project poem.
- helped chiamin to do.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

blah blah blah. ACTUALLY i m going to sentosa with chiamin n yanshan. :'[ BUT. my brother came back for lunch and dont allow me to go. i was mad at him at first. but its ok after he gave me money. :]

i killed a cockroach today. wonderful me. i used a slipper n slap n slap n slap without looking. n i went run run run into the living room n told them i saw a cockroach. bro went out n saw a FLATTENED one. killed by me, belinda. :] its very disgusting n heng its not my slipper. :] muhahaas.

done all my homeworks. :] i m a good girl. it have been confirmed tat mama dont wan to find anymore work for dis year. n next year she is going to open a flower shop or something related to flower. hope it will be at orchard again. i can go shopping and get money frm her. like de past. :] but for now. i cant go home late without valid reasons. i cannot use computer for a LONG LONG period of time. sighs.

swimming tml. :] fun fun. art tml. xDD blah blah blaahs. :]


Saturday, July 15, 2006

today is a long long day. :] let me update a long post.

hmms. morning woke up at 7 den change n stuffs. marissa came. :] den went to meet shien. took 293 n walked to sch n we saw a 28 go pass us. :'[ reached sch den start preparing de stall n stuffs. ran two sides i think. cca stall n class stall. xD den started helping marissa to promote stuffs.

slyvester n de. meesaki. dont know how to spell. came to uour sch. n everyone followed them. n me n shien followed khim. they left after a while. den waited a while den we can GO HOME. :] its freaking long time. why cant they jus call us to go at 8 or 9.?

walked towards jiamin house n walked back to tmart. marissa have chiense tution n pei-ed her. yanshan marissa n me walked back and ate mac. :] jiamin called n asked us to go tm when i have jus reached tmart. told her we want to eat mac. :] sat till 1++. walked marissa to her tuition place den i went home to get some money. :] rained. frm tm changed to prp to chiamin house den we ended up at chiamin house den to prp. :]

pasir ris park. hmms. cycled. chiamin complained tat i ride to slow. riding with shien is better. :] went to beach n jiamin n chiamin went to find roller COASTER shop. :] sat with yanshan. :] den jiamin n chiamin came back with FOOD. :] ate n ate. n den we went to dig a HOLE. xD there is a picture below. :] poured water in. xD went to return bike with chiamin n 7 den went to play at de seaaaa. :] when de sky is dark. :] went to wash leg n walked to take bus. :]

tooks bus to pasir ris inter and sat chiamin's eunt enclose area lorry "box" its dark inside. :'[ but fun. :] warm inside too. xD stoped at yasnhan's house n tooked 28 home. :] after jiamin got down de bus. she shouted. BYE BYE. i wonder if its her. if its u jiamin, i m sorry i dont have de courage to shout back. xD u make me paiseh. becus on de bus. i was trying very hard not to laugh. ;]

reached home at 9.30. i m hungry n there is no food. :'[



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

in chiamin's aunt 's car. can u see me n yanshan:]

first is on de right den on de left. :'[

Friday, July 14, 2006

BOOOOLIBIBABA. hmms. ITS FRIDAY. big sighs. i always love friday. but i dont love it today. becus. tml have to go to sch for bazzar. there is 2 pccg and 2 english today. sugu is a freak. in de poem. my grp wrote. FIERCER. there is de word fiercer isnt there.? asked mrs sng. she sae there is. and she even went to check de dictionary. but it didnt state there. :'[ weird sugu.

den mother tongue den 2 period of geog. marissa is tired. :] after sch went to meet yanshan den went to bought stuffs. crazy chiamin bought 4 notebooks. xD dens. went back to sch to find jiamin. saw ms goh. :] she is on braces. den went to food court and ate. i ate bread. :] ms goh n ms sim came after tat.

sat for quite long den head to library. borrowed few books. :] n its the end of today. xD blah blah blah. oh ya. gillian n jiamin fought on de bus today. how they fight is VERY funny. if u are there u will laugh till u cry. :]

AHHS. MUMMY QUIT HER JOB. because her boss is bad bad. AHHS. THERE WILL BE A PAIR OF EYES STARING AT ME WADEVER I DO WHENEVER IT IS WHEREVER I M. oh my. i m sure i cant get use to it. hope she find a new job. n i bet its about flowers again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

BLAH BLAH. normal sch day. chiamin didnt come to sch. :'[ had homeecons. drank lemon juice and lemonade. :] nice nice. oen is natural and another is artificial. xD natural is nice. got chinese after tat. den recesssssss. got english. freaking susu. she pointed at mazlina n i was trembling cus i m scared she will call me. :'[

i realise she onli call de people on her left side. >:[ bad bad. den had assembly. watched dramas. some quite nice. followed by sfl. do mask. de mask is freaky. done sun wu kong. which is ugly. :"[ big sighs. i m not good in art.

after sch went to computer lab n do de bazarre thingy. den went at 3++ went to food court n ate longan ice and i went home. :]


i forgot to write about how me n shien stand under de hot sun, tearing leaves and smelling horrible stinking smell for a long period of time. seeing chiamin walking towards us is like seeing CAI SHENG YE walking. we happily turn our backs and headed back sch with chiaminy walking behind. :] so we are happy because we dont need to stand under de hot sun, tearing leaves and smelling horrible stinking smell for a longER period of time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NORMAL day. HMMSy. went to sch. had CHINESE CHINESE. den got geography. followed by. english english. AHHS. english. suguu. :'[ sighs. had to clip up hair tuck in blah blah blah. bad teacher. :'[ den recess. lite. science and math. science was horrible. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. de electirc circuits. onli 2 out of 5 work. :'[ yuting wants to help. i can see tat. but she dont know how to help. :'[ big sighs.

after sch went to eat kfc. hot wings are hot. :"[ SHIEN told me it was not and sae it is when i took my first bite. :'[ its hot. :'[ den went to tampines mall and bought swimming costume. $50 is jus right. :] although i can buy more stuffs with it.? blahs.

walked around and went home with chiamin shien and gillian. :] i bought lemon honey. its yummy. :]

Monday, July 10, 2006

HMMSY. i m having flu and cough. :'[ went to sch. missed de early bus. cus i was deciding if i should go to sch. but i went. :] i m a good lil girl. but if i stay at home. i cant slp and enjoy de wonderful weather. xD

after art went to tampines swimming complex. blah blah blah. didnt swim. :] went to mac with marissa n yanshan. ate some fries. :] drank some milo. :] how i wish de sickness will be gone tml. :]

i dont care. :]

Sunday, July 09, 2006

woke up with a MAN voice AGAIN. <:{ hope it gets better tml. de weather is freaking good for slping. but i cant slp. >:[ headache. cries. talked with yanshan on de phone a while. n watched a lil while of vcd den i went to slp for 2 hours. hope i can get into slp tonight. :] i can. :]

Saturday, July 08, 2006

daddy jus broke a mirror when i asked him to buy me a keyboard as he is going to sim lim square tml. :'[ its an accident. he diao-ed me when i sae UNLUCKY. :'[ cries. i m sure he is going to buy one. xD forgotten to say a new mouse. hmmsy.

todae is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. hmmsy. woke up with a very MAN voice. xD den papa was using de com. so i called chiamin. :] she tot i was crying. xD blah. den asked mama if i can go out or not. she say cant. BUT she n papa n sis is going out later. i m alone at home. i hate being alone at home when i m sick. she insisted tat i should stay at home. :'[ but i still went out. :]

spent around 1 hour alone at void deck n tmart becus chiamin dont have de key to go out. yanshan came n find meeee after tat. n after meeting her. chiamin came. :] went to eat. n den. marissa came. den went to tm. bought lemon honey. my throat got better. :] thankew de MINs for introducing. xD

went to marissa housey. dens. her parents bought me n chiamin for dinner as it was marissa's mother's birthday. :] thank you wonderful marissa. xD ate icecream cake tooo. den marissa's papa send us homee. :]] reached home at 10++. so its a long day. :]]

Friday, July 07, 2006

blahs. i wont be like others writing a long essay dedicated to sugu. i am lazy. i m trying not to be bothered. blahs.

today. normal day. got back our books. waste of time. but i dont really mind. wad i mind is. my books are. torn and tattered.? ok. not torn. jus. so. untidy. makes me dont feel like writing on de book. touching the book. de most fortunate thing is. i bought home my math textbook as i tot there is hmk tat day. IF my math tb is being placed with those STACKS of books. it will be DESTROYED. becus. its coverpage is alrdy ruin by MEEEEEEEEE. :]

went home with a heavy bag today. AHHS. wad if i forget bring books to sch. like wad i have told marissa today. I FEEL INSECURE WITHOUT MY BOOKS UNDER THE TABLE and wonderful handphone WITH ME TODAY. :'[ big sighs. i m sure tat i will forget to bring alot of books. :'[

after schooooooools. jiamin n yanshan came over to my housey. followed by shien den we went to tmart de mac. jiamin added chilli into my coke. -.- i will remmeber it jiamin. *evil smile* took bus home and reached home. n my throat is itchy. *cough*

i shall drink more water. it WILL be ok tml. like other days. :]

Thursday, July 06, 2006

AHHS. todae is a sarky day. half half. >:[ first got home econs. cooked mushroom soup. its DELICIOUS. :] finished de whole thing. n khim's garlic bread is nice too. :] lallaas. den got chinese followed by recesssssss.

after recess got ENGLISH. blah blah blah. sarky sugu. :'[ den assembly. den. sfl. sfl talked about blogs. blahs. went back to class n found out all de books are gone. >:[ i wonder wads de point of doing tat. scare us.? we shall see tml. :]

hmmsy. went for planet crush thingy. e-mentor. :]] lalalas. den walked with yanshan to tmart thinking tat they are there. but the rest all in sch. walked back. n wanted to find mr teo. :] can sit his car to anglican. but he went off. :'[ took cab there. dens watched other schools playing. i was starving. anglican is BIG. very BIG school. we cant find de canteen. :'[

was freaking exciting when east spring played. :]] but lost narhs. nvms. :] took mrt to tampines den bus home. :] told daddy about de books stuffs. he said: SERVE U RIGHT. SO LAZY. of course i sae de books are heavy n blah blah blah. sighs. calm dads are not tat wonderful. :'[ i shall tell mama about it. >:[ n see wads going to happen tml. xDD


sugu sucks. anti sugus.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

blah blah blahs. boring day. i wan to slp. have cca tml. :'[ BIG sigh. mdm sugu came into our class todae. :'[ freaking fierce. sighs. why mus mao mao lai leave. :'[ mr mazli tooooooooo. de monster will eat us up. :'[

bro bro came back home todae. *tremble* i got scolded for eating in de living room. sighs. i shall slp early todae. xD

Monday, July 03, 2006

woooooooooooooos. youth dae. went out with jorene. xD HMMSY. i've got wad i wanted. n i feel HAPPY. i dont know why. whenever i spent alot of money. i feel feel contented n HAPPY. xDD lalalas. i m in goody mood. xD

hmmsy. walked at bugis village for a LOOOONG time. bought a coat. dens. a. thingy. i dont know wads tat. xDD went to icon. realise tat. its abit COLD there. as in. nobody one. :'[ den walked around. me n jorene climbed de stairs. -.- we tot there is no lift. n found out there is one. beside de staircase. xD went to the shopping mall. bought de cute notebook. xD lallaas. den went back to bugis village. jorene want to buy her STUFFS.

hmmsy. den we felt tired. n went back to de shopping mallll. n i spent my last $2 on a. cute thingy. xD hmmsy. made a lil promise with jorene. :] den went back to tampines n jorene bought her voodoo doll. n we went home :]

i m tired. but happily tired. :]]

Sunday, July 02, 2006

i didnt update my blog ytd. xDD let me thinkkkkkkkkkk. went out with chiamin shien n cheryl to buy swimming suit. lalalas. saw one and they bought. actually i wan to buy it todae. but de people there sae its not suitable. xD mama ask me not to gooooooooo. :]] *smiles* papa will write a letter.:] *double smiles* i dont have to go for de course. *triple smiles* hahahahhaas. wonderful. :] i will go if i've found a swimming suit. n if cheryl tat one can. i will go n buyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. n will goooooooo. xDD

reached home n played a while of computer. den i went to watch vcd. spring waltz. nice show. but but but. i dont know why i slpt at the sofa. dont slap me chiamin. :] slpt at de living room till 12++ den i went to off everything den go n slp. :]

hmmms. todaae. woke up freaking early. cus i m scared tat mama wont bring me out. :'[ she always give de reason as. SO LATE LIAO. GO DEN NO PLACE TO PARK CAR. ALOT PEOPLE DE LEH. GO THERE SQUEEZE WITH THEM FOR WAD. n i m always very pissed becus she sae tat. >:[ but todae i woke up early n she have nothing to sae. hahahhahas. i MUS go with her. becus if she dont go. i have to pay myself. :'[

went to bugis n loooooked. n bought nothing (not suitable). :] lallalalas. den on de way backk. i saw a secondary sch named. CHONG BOON SECONDARY SCHOOL. its weird. xD if i open a sch next time. i will name it BELINDA secondary school. or. SHI MEIN secondary sch. hmms. sounds weird. THE FOOs secondary school. onli surnamed FOOs can enroll. :] muahhahas.

i m bored. :'[ later i shallllllll. do hmk. :] bb. xD