Saturday, July 15, 2006

today is a long long day. :] let me update a long post.

hmms. morning woke up at 7 den change n stuffs. marissa came. :] den went to meet shien. took 293 n walked to sch n we saw a 28 go pass us. :'[ reached sch den start preparing de stall n stuffs. ran two sides i think. cca stall n class stall. xD den started helping marissa to promote stuffs.

slyvester n de. meesaki. dont know how to spell. came to uour sch. n everyone followed them. n me n shien followed khim. they left after a while. den waited a while den we can GO HOME. :] its freaking long time. why cant they jus call us to go at 8 or 9.?

walked towards jiamin house n walked back to tmart. marissa have chiense tution n pei-ed her. yanshan marissa n me walked back and ate mac. :] jiamin called n asked us to go tm when i have jus reached tmart. told her we want to eat mac. :] sat till 1++. walked marissa to her tuition place den i went home to get some money. :] rained. frm tm changed to prp to chiamin house den we ended up at chiamin house den to prp. :]

pasir ris park. hmms. cycled. chiamin complained tat i ride to slow. riding with shien is better. :] went to beach n jiamin n chiamin went to find roller COASTER shop. :] sat with yanshan. :] den jiamin n chiamin came back with FOOD. :] ate n ate. n den we went to dig a HOLE. xD there is a picture below. :] poured water in. xD went to return bike with chiamin n 7 den went to play at de seaaaa. :] when de sky is dark. :] went to wash leg n walked to take bus. :]

tooks bus to pasir ris inter and sat chiamin's eunt enclose area lorry "box" its dark inside. :'[ but fun. :] warm inside too. xD stoped at yasnhan's house n tooked 28 home. :] after jiamin got down de bus. she shouted. BYE BYE. i wonder if its her. if its u jiamin, i m sorry i dont have de courage to shout back. xD u make me paiseh. becus on de bus. i was trying very hard not to laugh. ;]

reached home at 9.30. i m hungry n there is no food. :'[



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in chiamin's aunt 's car. can u see me n yanshan:]

first is on de right den on de left. :'[

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