Saturday, July 22, 2006

wooooooooos. i think i've got a FLU. wad am i going to DO.

blah blah blah. today. went out with chiamin n yanshan. i was late abit. was eating japanese potato or something. and its very very fulll. reached and bought lemon honey. xD becus i know i m going to be sick. i KNOW. xD

pei ed them go eat. den chiamin bought her present for wenqi. bought a top from the S&K. sam,e as yanshan. dens went to walk around. and went to de library. i maglin de library. i told de person in charge i returned my book but its still in my loan. xD i went hoime i found it peacefully on my wonderful table. i made a booboo out of myself.? sugu said tat to khim. xD

n u should haveread de bird and swan incident in chiamins blog. xD went to kfc and ate and ate and ate. hmms. haocheng gary and tiamkiat came. n sat a while. n went home with wonderful yanshan. :] she pei-ed me take 28. but when i went down de bus. i saw an EMPTY 293. blahs. life is like dis isnt it.? :"[

chiamin likes to eat went she is full.
she cant get ice from cups as well as i do.
yanshan likes to eat drumsicks like all of us do.
but only her chicken crips will get into her eyes and she went boo.

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