Wednesday, July 19, 2006

blah blah blahs. its WEDNESDAY. tml is thursday followed by FRIDAY. n den SATURDAY. SUNDAY den monday. :'[ sighs. how i wish its saturday everyday, wake up every morning n say. OH ITS SATURDAY I CAN SLP LONGER. xD

lalalas. sugu finally approved my poem. wonderful. n finally. she approved our design on the poem TOOOOOOOOO. hope de final product will be nice. xD had history test n math test today. blahs. i think i will be on de boarderline.? maybe fail. :'[

after sch waited for yasnhan n jiamin. they will caught by de monster. waited with gillian den went to tmart with others. went mac and ate. do math hmk. n valerie came n sat a while n left. jiamin n yanshan came back n gillian left. bouight magazineeee n went to void decky. jiamin ate her tomyam cup noodles. xD went home after tat.

chiamin is a nice and wonderful person. she likes to eat alot and she will never be full. she is superhuman. i think scientists in africa would like to bring her for a lab experiment. she also have a supernatural ability to convince me to eat with her. and i dont know why did i fall into her trap everytime. oh ya. its supernatural POWER. chiamin has potential like she told me ytd. i would agree with tat becus she said i m hardworking. :] HMMS. all of the sudden i cant think of any positive points of chiamin. i shall end dis by saying. chiamin is a superhuman. :]

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