Thursday, July 06, 2006

AHHS. todae is a sarky day. half half. >:[ first got home econs. cooked mushroom soup. its DELICIOUS. :] finished de whole thing. n khim's garlic bread is nice too. :] lallaas. den got chinese followed by recesssssss.

after recess got ENGLISH. blah blah blah. sarky sugu. :'[ den assembly. den. sfl. sfl talked about blogs. blahs. went back to class n found out all de books are gone. >:[ i wonder wads de point of doing tat. scare us.? we shall see tml. :]

hmmsy. went for planet crush thingy. e-mentor. :]] lalalas. den walked with yanshan to tmart thinking tat they are there. but the rest all in sch. walked back. n wanted to find mr teo. :] can sit his car to anglican. but he went off. :'[ took cab there. dens watched other schools playing. i was starving. anglican is BIG. very BIG school. we cant find de canteen. :'[

was freaking exciting when east spring played. :]] but lost narhs. nvms. :] took mrt to tampines den bus home. :] told daddy about de books stuffs. he said: SERVE U RIGHT. SO LAZY. of course i sae de books are heavy n blah blah blah. sighs. calm dads are not tat wonderful. :'[ i shall tell mama about it. >:[ n see wads going to happen tml. xDD


sugu sucks. anti sugus.

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