Sunday, July 02, 2006

i didnt update my blog ytd. xDD let me thinkkkkkkkkkk. went out with chiamin shien n cheryl to buy swimming suit. lalalas. saw one and they bought. actually i wan to buy it todae. but de people there sae its not suitable. xD mama ask me not to gooooooooo. :]] *smiles* papa will write a letter.:] *double smiles* i dont have to go for de course. *triple smiles* hahahahhaas. wonderful. :] i will go if i've found a swimming suit. n if cheryl tat one can. i will go n buyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. n will goooooooo. xDD

reached home n played a while of computer. den i went to watch vcd. spring waltz. nice show. but but but. i dont know why i slpt at the sofa. dont slap me chiamin. :] slpt at de living room till 12++ den i went to off everything den go n slp. :]

hmmms. todaae. woke up freaking early. cus i m scared tat mama wont bring me out. :'[ she always give de reason as. SO LATE LIAO. GO DEN NO PLACE TO PARK CAR. ALOT PEOPLE DE LEH. GO THERE SQUEEZE WITH THEM FOR WAD. n i m always very pissed becus she sae tat. >:[ but todae i woke up early n she have nothing to sae. hahahhahas. i MUS go with her. becus if she dont go. i have to pay myself. :'[

went to bugis n loooooked. n bought nothing (not suitable). :] lallalalas. den on de way backk. i saw a secondary sch named. CHONG BOON SECONDARY SCHOOL. its weird. xD if i open a sch next time. i will name it BELINDA secondary school. or. SHI MEIN secondary sch. hmms. sounds weird. THE FOOs secondary school. onli surnamed FOOs can enroll. :] muahhahas.

i m bored. :'[ later i shallllllll. do hmk. :] bb. xD

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